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Hot Blonde Forced Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 17, 2015

I don’t wanna suck it mister, please don’t make me! I don’t even know you! I want to go home, why you are making me do this! Your cock is just too big for my little whore mouth, I can’t possibly deep-throat it! Stop laughing at me, this isn’t funny. Your cock is hurting my mouth, my throat is filled with your hard dick I can’t stop myself from gagging. Do you actually like this? Do you like hurting a little girl? You’re such a pervert I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this…What, what are you doing? Don’t pull my panties down, please! My bald little pussy has never been touched or seen before. Get your dirty pervert hands away from my tight teen body. I know this is Forced Little Girl Phone Sex, but give me a break! Please don’t hurt me anymore. Your cock is pressing up against my pussy lips, I can feel the head forcing itself into my wet tight little opening. It is scary, I am begging you not to fuck my little cunt! It is too tight and your cock will never fit! It won’t! You’re pushing it inside my tight wet cunt, it is too much.. Be gentle please! Pull it out…please don’t force this cute blonde to fuck you! I feel your cock stealing my virginity. It’s pushing deep into my tight pussy, making me dizzy with strange new feelings. Can’t you see I’m crying, can’t you see I am a scared little girl?amelia3

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Extreme Taboo Phone Sex

by corkie on November 1, 2015

Lean in, look close into my eyes… Let me see the filthy part of you aching to be released. I will help you discover that road less traveled to pleasure, excitement and Extreme Taboo Phone Sex! When you pick up that phone and call to hear my sexy voice, think of the things you’ve always wanted to do but never experienced and let me curate a kinky fun time for you. You sit back with that throbbing hard on and listen to me whispering things in your ear that make it twitch and drip…

extreme taboo phone sexYou can tell me your deepest, darkest secret and I’ll give you something hot and wet to slide up and down that hard cock and make you feel so good. No topic is too taboo for me, I love sick and twisted things and deal with the most extreme roleplays and fantasies. One of my specialties is extreme ageplay… my voice can be so tiny and cute. Do you want to be my Daddy? Sneak into my room late at night and pull down my tiny little panties to see that bald baby cunny.

Sometimes things can get really hardcore and we go out to kidnap littles… I’m a great accomplice and the ultimate pedo pleaser for all your depraved needs. My pussy gets so wet thinking up naughty things we can do with our kidnapped fucktoys and I can’t wait to help you get that cock hard and those balls drained!


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Drugged Tranny Phone Sex

by Calypso on August 9, 2015

Getting fucked up is something I’ve been doing for a while, so you’d think that by now I’d know my limits. Maybe I know them and subconsciously love the out-of-control feelings that flood my brain when I am one toke over the line… Recently I was hanging out with some new guys I’d only met a few times. One thing led to another and I ended up being carried back to their place from the club. The liquor had never hit me that hard before, and even after the ecstasy wore off I wasn’t able to stop the room from spinning. One of the guys brought me some water and that was one of the last things I remembered…

drugged tranny phone sex

I woke up on their floor several hours later, confused, hazy… I didn’t know where the time had gone and couldn’t find my purse or cell phone. I heard what sounded like my voice moaning in the next room over and got so curious I went to check out what was going on. Those guys were watching a very naughty amateur porn and I was the star! Those assholes had drugged and gangbanged me. My ass was sore, my hair was a mess… It was evident that this Drugged Tranny Phone Sex had really happened.

Most people would be mortified if they realized they’d been gang raped by a bunch of frat boys after being drugged, but I’m such a naughty TS Slut that it was one of my fantasies! One of the guys noticed me standing in the doorway… he scrambled to shut off the video but knew I had already seen what was going on. I told him it was ok, and that I wanted every last detail of what happened! I leaned in and told one of the guys just how hard I was getting thinking about my fantasy coming true… how shocked were they!

We watched the flick together and wow, was it naughty…

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Drugged In The Men’s Bathroom

by hannah on April 24, 2014

I Got Gang Raped While I Was High

I was at this hot rave but I popped one too many ecstasy pills. It got so hot with all the lights flashing and the music blasting and I had so many shots I lost count. I stumbled my party girl ass over to the bathroom. I was sitting in the stall peeing when I heard some loud voices. I stumbled out and saw four guys standing at the urinals. Holy fuck, I was so high I didn’t even notice those urinals when I first came in. I tried to walk out but one of the guys grabbed me by the back of my shirt and pulled me right up against his body.

They started laughing and said since I was there they might as well have some fun with me. They yanked my leather mini up around my waist and pulled my white thong down to my ankles. All of a sudden they had all pulled their dicks out and started slapping me across the face with them. They fucked my throat till it was raw then they took turns fucking my ass and my pussy over and over till they all shot big loads of cum. It definitely wasn’t those assholes first forced gangbang and I’m sure I won’t be their last.

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Big Brother Forced Phone Sex

by Charlee on October 24, 2013

Forced Phone Sex

I had forced phone sex with my big brother while my mom and dad were away for the weekend. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong running around the house in my short little shorts and my bra and panties but it upset my big brother pretty badly. He got so pissed that he grabbed me, slung me over his shoulder and threw me down on his bed. He caught me so off guard that he started ripping my clothes off before I could even catch my breathe. He said he was tired of me walking around half naked and getting his dick hard all the time being such a cock tease. He forced his cock down my throat until I choked on it then he started pounding my little bald pussy. He was so rough that it turned me on having forced phone sex with my big brother.

Forced Phone Sex


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Babysitter Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 11, 2012

I’m the kind of  Babysitter Phone Sex slut, who made you look forward to when mommy and daddy would go out for the evening so that I could play with that little dick and take that tiny hard cock up my tight, sweet little pussy. Mmmm, little brother, doesn’t it feel good fucking your sister’s tiny teen cunt? Want me to suck it clean to cover my tracks afterwards? Really, I won’t mind. I love the taste of my own pussy. AS much as I love fucking little boys,I enjoy some extreme grownup games as well. Kidnapping fantasies whether I’m the victim or whether I’m your accomplice as we go out and find an innocent young piece of ass to snatch, use and abuse get me really fucking hot. I love kinky  Babysitter Phone Sex shit, come play with me.

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Accomplice Phone Sex



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Bondage Phone Sex

by Lotus on September 15, 2012

Bondage Phone SexMy dominant daddy finally called me again this weekend and we had a lot of fun tying me up, and doing nasty things to me for our Bondage Phone Sex playtime.  He always loves tuning me into the true little submissive teen girl I am by making me pick my form of torture for the night and hanging me out to get fucked!  I LOVE IT! I love having a daddy that knows what he wants and takes control over me and my little body on a regular basis.  Being your little girl and doing Bondage Phone Sex with me will be the best thing ever daddy!!!

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Forced Phone Sex

by Carmen on September 15, 2011


I must have wished up this guy that rang my doorbell (so to speak), this morning. He said he just moved in, down the street, and that he needed to use my phone. The minute the door was shut, he had me by the hair and told me that I was about to get fucked. He didn’t know that I don’t consider that a bad thing, so I played along. I struggled, as he yanked down my panties, and bent me over the couch. He pulled out his huge cock and shoved it up my pussy in one stroke. He thought I was moaning in pain and terror, but I was totally getting off. It got pretty rough and that’s just the way I like it! I had to stop myself from telling him to cum by anytime. Call Carmen for Forced Phone Sex. I am wet just thinking about it.

Perverted Kisses,






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