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by Roni on November 14, 2015

extreme roni

I can remember the day mom and dad decided they wanted me in a full time after school program instead of the babysitter they hired to watch me, from monday to friday. I go home from school early because it was only a half day and I was looking forward to seeing my awesome babysitter Cindy, we had made plans to meet up with her boyfriend at the movie theater that I rarely ever visited.
when I opened the front door and called for CINDY it was mom and dad that responded telling me cindy wasn’t there and they needed me in the living room.
Disappointed I stomped my foot then made my way over to where my parents were, and then politely asked if they knew when Cindy would get here because we had a date.
But, they just shook their head and told me cindy was no longer my babysitter and they enrolled me in an after school program they called it, I called it day care.
UGH! Why do I have to go to daycare when I can come home and hangout with cindy and have fun. But, both parents said it would be so much better for me to attend this program.  

The following day I dreaded the thought of this new place. When daddy picked me up he told me it should be a lot of fun. They call it Kids play zone– hmm sounds lame I told him. But, On the way there I thought about it carefully and decided to give this new place a chance and find out why it was called that, would it really be like daddy said”fun“?.

Lets just say this place called Kids Play Zone, wasn’t all my parents believed it to be at all.
It was actually a pedo phonesex playground!

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Teen Gangbang Phone Sex

by terra on October 5, 2015

There’s nothing hotter than getting my holes stuffed all at once with hard cocks. I’m a major Teen Gangbang Phone Sex slut with no limits who just can’t get enough. I’m a cumslut and a creampie-craving tease who wants to help drain your balls today! I’ll get on my knees for you and your friends and you can all take turns shoving your dicks into my mouth. You’ll love feeling me stroking your shafts and bobbing my head back and forth between your eager cocks!

I can’t wait to be on my knees, getting my asshole stretched out and ready for the double or triple dose of hot cock I’ll have stuffing me tonight. Teen Gangbangs are just the best, aren’t they? I’m the little naughty babe who will spread her asscheeks and beg you to gape her ass wipe open! Then after my hole is really stretched out and ready, I’ll lower my pussy down onto a thick cock, leaning forward for another stiff erection to fuck my wide-gaping asshole… Of course I’ll suck and fuck all you guys at once, it feels so great!

K9 SLUT TERRAI love getting my ass spanked, my hair pulled and all the kinkiest dirty-talk while being a gangbanged slut for you. Nothing is off-limits… I can’t wait to drain all your cocks. Will you each cover me, spraying creamy jizz in my face and mouth, watching it drip off my chin to my perky tits? Or maybe you’ll all give me my hottest fantasy, a dripping double creampie?!!

::Kisses, Terra::

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Big Bad Phone Sex Wolf

by Shelby on November 7, 2014

Big Bad Phone Sex Wolf

I am so scared!!! I had to run off the main road from grandmas house because that big truck kept honking, but now I see the eyes watching me, and drawing me in for their master the Big Bad Phone Sex Wolf :: wide eyed::

All the howling and the snarls, but they never touched me just took me to a very dark cabin deep into the woods. My little dress of eyelet kept getting caught on briars and well, I had just started bleeding, you know…

When I walked into the building there was a big wolf smiling and licking his lips, “My pack has brought you to me girl, have you ever laid with man or woman”, he asked showing me his huge teeth and the wolves coming up behind me nipping me closer.. ::kisses:::

“No, no sir, I have never”, is all I was able to utter before he ran his clawed hand down my cheek, and bent me over in one swift motion. :: ohhh::::

“Who do you want to take you first girl, me or my pack”, he growled and something deep inside me started to churn, my adrenaline pumping as I whispered, ” yooou Mr.Wolf and felt the teeth in my shoulder as he grunted ……………..

Now I don’t know what will become of me, in this Big Bad Phone Sex Wolf pack!

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Kink Slut phone sex

by Katie on October 4, 2014

d5Kinky, deviant and extremely demanding is what I am whenever I have Kink Slut phone sex with a pervert. Perverts love to get nasty, and even though I can be a normal teen girl during the day, I can be an extremely nasty whore at night! And that’s when I love to play the most! I love to let it get dark and invite men over to show off my body. Daddy’s love teens, and I am a teen that can not only take control of daddies cock, but also give him orders on how to cum for me. This is because I also love to play in edging, cock control, and even extreme ageplay! My Kink Slut phone sex will have you begging to cum and wanting more control at the same time.

Call Nasty ♥ Katie!!! 1-866-984-2464

♥~Daddy’s Little Slut Phone Sex~♥

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Perverted Cock Tease Phone Sex

by Allie on September 17, 2014


ALLIE 1-877-903-2339

Went to the mall today and started spreading my legs at the food court while I took a carrot and rubbed it across my clit, yes *giggles* I was a total Perverted Cock Tease Phone Sex skank and everyone there got off on it!

So I like to tease guys, they love to look and I know being as sexy as I am.. No one is going to report me, EVER. My body is smoking so when I poured that ice cold water down my shirt and those guys caught sight of my tits in that wet white T shirt, most blew loads and some blatantly started jerking right there in the food court..

Even girls was getting in on the action, and I don’t want to even know what was the extra cream on that sticky bun the pretty brunette from behind the counter gave me after I got everyone off being a total Perverted Cock Tease Phone Sex slut!

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ALLIE 1-877-903-2339
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Extreme Ageplay Phone Sex with Lola

by Lola on June 1, 2014

Looking for a little kiddie hole to fuck? *Giggles* I need extreme ageplay phone sex to soothe my little girl pussy tonight! I have a sweet young voice and I specialize in extremely young roleplays, extreme taboos and twisted pedo fantasies, and right now, I’m aching for the taboo. I’m a little girl who wants mindfuck you into cumming for me!

Extreme ageplay phone sex

I have a very taboo roleplay last night that left me playing with my pussy for hours. You may have noticed my tiny ‘assets.’ Daddy told me that with a little body like mine I could be a movie star! All I had to do was take off my clothes and spread wide open for the camera! The ‘director’ got so excited by my provocative child poses that he started stroking his cock. Daddy said if I really wanted to be a child star that I had to suck on the mans big cock and smile for the camera!

I’m definitely a child star now *Wink* Call me for extreme ageplay phone sex and tell me your underage secrets.

1 866 992 5652

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Roleplay Phone Sex

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    Pedophile Phone Sex Tales

    by Barbie on July 27, 2013

    We have several talented callers and one of his stories is being shared in pedophile phone sex tales. If you missed the first part of the tales, call me or look in the blog to grasp the whole story. Enjoy and get those pedo dicks ready to be stimulated!

    We will start with a few other girls and then you will notice how I guide him and stroke his ego which will help him tp produce more semen then ever and if all goes well he will willingly fuck her. Now lets approach him so you ladies can interview him and ask any questions you may have. So then you all head over to me where I have just woken up and am standing peacefully naked . You call to me. Calling me pedophile and then say good morning and you have brought some ladies with some questions. Have the Scientist and Mothers ask me a few questions pertaining to what u told them. They are very in approval still at this point  One of the questions should be are there any little girls u wont fuck? What are your limits.”

    “Then you demonstrate how I cant get hard for a woman by walking directly in front of me and disrobing and showing me your very sexy naked body, rubbing your tits, spreading your pussy open etc. Explain to the ladies how I am a mental pedophile as well as a true biological pedophile. You then say Pedophile now follow me and you lead me to a gorgeous 9 year old dressed in spiked heels, fishnet stocking, a tiny pink micro skirt, a pink leather tube top and a ton of make up. Blond hair and blue eyes cute. The camera zooms in so the observers can see a closeup on the huge screen as u tell her to flip up her skirt and when I see her bald child pussy my cock gets instantly hard.  Then you demonstrate how I cant get hard for a woman by walking directly in front of me and disrobing and showing me your very sexy naked body, rubbing your clit. There are some naked assistants who are 11 0r 12 years old and you have them measure my cock and weigh my balls. 9 inches and 2 ounces each .”  There are two more sections to this pedophile phone sex tales.

    Pedophile Phone Sex Tales


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    EXTREME Pedo Phone Sex

    by Zoey on June 8, 2013

    EXTREME Pedo Phone Sex

    There is really nothing like my EXTREME Pedo Phone Sex with daddy and mommy in the bedroom at night…  We can snuggle up in one bed together, as a family, and me and mommy can suck and play with daddy’s cock at the same time!  I can show daddy what a nasty little girl I am when I ride his dick, and maybe if mommy is ok with it, she can show me different ways to suck on daddy’s cock to make him explode together!  My EXTREME Pedo Phone Sex is not for just the average pedo, it’s for every daddy in the world that would love to do that with their little baby girl *Giggles*.

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    GILF/MILF Age Play Phone Sex With Ferrah

    by Ferrah on December 20, 2011

    039 GILF/MILF Age Play Phone Sex With FerrahIt is Christmas vacation here.  All the little heathens are running around the trailer like they have no kind of sense.  I have half a notion to tie them up and…………. ,You fill in the blanks!  You can tell me what you have in mind when you call me up for extreme age play phone sexGILF/MILF, with no restrictions…..  1-855-553-2339 www.funtimewithdaddy.com/ferrah  www.whitetrashphonesex.com/ferrrah/

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    Daddy’ s Sweet Little Princess Phone Sex

    by Naomi on December 15, 2011

    Since I was just a sweet little baby and even when I was just a little girl with little pigtails daddy would always tell me I was his “Sweet Little Princess” and I should never forget naomi22 207x300 Daddy s Sweet Little Princess Phone Sexthat. Daddy always treated me with tender loving care even when he started sneaking in my room at night and playing with my little pink pussy like I was his shiny little new toy. The nights before daddy took my virginity he would just come into my room and wake me up just to tell me about all of the fantasies he has always wanted to role play with me since I was born. He even told me  after I was born that he slid his pinky finger up inside of me while he was changing me just to see how it feels. My daddy has always had the deepest and darkest extreme phone sex age play urges that he could not wait to fulfill with his own little girl.

    Naomi http://funtimewithdaddy.com/naomi 1-855-55-DADDY

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