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by Dasha on July 15, 2013

Goodness, my shoulders are aching, could you help me out with Massage Me Phone Sex? I’ll take off all my clothes and lay down for you, Mmm, Your fingers feel so good on my shoulders and back. Sliding so nicely with that lotion and oil, it really is making me relax, but you know what will make me relax more? if you rub lower…and lower..and lower, Ah right there, on my nice round ass. Make sure you get it all nice and oiled up, makes your ‘hands’ slide so much easier. I can feel your cock getting hard touching me, maybe I can stroke it for you while your push that finger in my tight asshole. Oh god, I want you to climb up here and fuck me HARD on this table, I want to cum all over that cock! Nothing says relaxing then a nice good fuck session, and what better place to start then with massage me phone sex



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I cum from a long line of whores.  I don’t remember ever not being in the sex industry one way or another.  I have been a porn star,  an escort, and a straight up whore for hire.  I have done erotic massage dressed in lingere and of I was a stipper for a long time..  Of course I have given it away for free more times than I care to talk about , especially when I am drinking.  Jack Daniels seems to be an instant panty remover for me….lol.  Now, I do the phone sex.  Out of all the naughty sexy jobs I have done.  Phone sex is the best.  It is so much fun to bring guys to orgasm just by living out their fantasys during a no taboo phone sex conversion.  I am a MILF/GILF that loves what I do, and you will love what I want to do with you!


866.944.9386  Fun Time Ferrah

866.848.7274  White Trash Ferrah

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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