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Orgasm Denial Phone sex

by Katie on August 12, 2014

my ballet 4

With me just simply using my seduction, my voice and my hands I can give you the Orgasm Denial Phone sex experience you have ever had. That’s because I love to dabble in edging and pure seduction. I’ve always believed the best way to bring a cock to the brink of cumming is when you have full control over your desires and your extremely erotic fantasies with someone. My sexy voice and erotic nature have made many men come to the brink of exploding from their cocks. But that is the opposite of my orgasm denial, my orgasm denial phone sex is what will give me the control over your dick, and bring you to your knees while you are begging for permission to cum. If you are ready to edge with me, play with me, and follow my every direction then call me for my sensual Orgasm Denial Phone sex.

Call Nasty Katie!!! 1-866-984-2464

♥~Daddy’s Little Slut Phone Sex~♥

EXTREME Teen Slut Phone Sex

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What A Boob Phone Sex

by Paprika on May 20, 2014


What A Boob Phone Sex!! One guy called and said he thought my tits were too big. I knew he was lying.
One, tits are never ever too big.
Two — the same number as my tits for you smart guys who can count — I also knew he was lying when he said he thought that because guys who are boobs don’t ever ever think.
Iron logic, right?
Do my huge boobs turn any part of you into iron?
I will be taking a vote, so at least call to register that you think my boobs are just right. The stupid boob guy has me down and I want to get you up to prove him wrong.
If you are not a boob like that other guy, then call, and me and my huge boobs can iron out your penis and see what comes out the other end. There will be no end to our laughs and our orgasms, and you will cheer up me and my tits, when you call for What A Boob Phone Sex.

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Dark Mistress Phone Sex Pt1

by AnnMarie on April 21, 2014

phone sexMy night with a Dark Mistress Phone Sex was hot! I knew I was in trouble when she made me kneel in the entry way naked to wait on her. She left me there with my head down, for what seemed like hours, and when she came back she lifted my head, slapped my face, and then slid her nails across my cheek, drawing blood!

She then had me stand and turn, as she appraised my body for her pleasure. She was cruel and hurt my teen body but in such a fucking awesome way! She then had me finger myself so she could see exactly what turns me on, but I wasn’t allowed to cum. In fact, she denied me my orgasm and told me not to masturbate for 3 days! I was spanked, led, and denied my orgasm and it was the best session ever! Tranny Dark Mistress Pryce can have my teen body whenever she wants! My night with Dark Mistress Phone Sex will continue.

Dark Mistress Phone Sex


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Edge Play Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 22, 2012

I like Edge Play Phone Sex, period play and pain, and I love to take it a bit further on our twisted phonesex calls. I am that naughty nasty accomplice or that girl in the mall. What would you do with me?

My favorite toys is my Strap On and I love fucking men up the ass with it. I will be laughing at you as I ream out that tight asshole. You want to take my big plastic dick doggie style or put your ankles up on my shoulders as I fuck the shit out of you. But I only ask you to return the favor Edge Play Phone Sex

Twisted Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Horny Aunt Phonesex By Calista

by Calista on May 8, 2011


If you ever wanted to get it on with an older whore who knows the score then be ready for the filthiest ride of your life with me.I am a femme fatale built for sex and fun.I just eat young boys and men for breakfast.I have an insatiable lust for young gals too that we can share.I am the ultimate cumslut and accomplice too. i love to explore all areas of roleplay phonesex.I offer no limits talk.You can email special ideas too.






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