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St Patty’s Phone Sex Slut Party

by corkie on March 17, 2016

Things are getting WILD over here, I’d better get this kinky blog up before I’m too lit! I’ve been drinking all damn day and having a St Patty’s Phone Sex Slut Party with some of my girlfriends from the strip club! We’re all dancing, being kinky little whores and teasing all the men! Check us out…

Corkie in the middle phone sex

Have you ever seen three sluts more ready to get dicked down in all your life? I’ve got “Fuck Me I’m Irish” pinned on me… Fingers crossed I’ll get a holiday double team or even a gangbang! I love getting some bisexual phone sex with these sexy bitches. My pussy is tingling thinking about how wild we’re going to be tonight!

St. Patrick’s Day is here, you see.
We’ll pick some shamrocks, one, two, three.
We’ll count the leaves and look them over,
And maybe find a phone sex four-leafed clover.
I’ll sew green buttons on my vest,
Green for St. Patrick is the best.
I’ll wear a green hat, very high,
And dance a jig–at least I’ll try!

I’m so horny, you should call and hear me get my slut holes pounded! Or catch me on Saturday 9am-5pm CST, after I’ve had time to recover from tonight’s kinky mischief… and all the Jameson, of course!


Look me up in our Free Phone Sex Chatroom sometime! (Hint: I’m usually available daytimes and early evenings!! Also available for appointments by request.)


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make me your little sultry whore for phone sex

by Kellen on October 13, 2015

downloadI lust about fantasies of being totally ripped, forced to have multiple partners while you make me your little sultry whore for phone sex.  Holding me against the wall with your clinched fists, thrusting your cock in me while I’m moaning and waking up.  I scratch at your arms and pull out try to cut you with a small knife.  I get pummeled with your fist into my face knocking me out cold.  While I’m cold cocked you take advantage of my glory hole murmuring about me being a easy cheap whore. Stretching it out with what’s ever close by, beer bottle, glass or even your fist. If you feel so inclined, perhaps you can even slam two of your fat fists up my tiny little twat. You watch me squirm, but I’m still out. When I come two, you pump me up with drugs you have laying around. I feel all groggy and my mouth is not working. I hear you calling your buddies telling and them my legs are spread to exploit me.  Maybe I’ve been too atrocious and I need to be berated in front of people to make me honorable.  I’m so inexperienced looking for confirmations so I can show adoration after I’m berated into submission.  I have no limits and lust to service. Let’s have some fun, I’m game, don’t be shy call this exhilarating slut that can fuck for hours with no limits phone sex  don’t hesitate to see what I’m all about. Are you ready to make me your little sultry whore for phone sex.?

make me your little sultry whore for phone sex.

855 242 8111


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Drug Party phone sex

by Zoey on June 14, 2015


Weed, Blow and lots of alcohol what I have tonight with all of my friends and we’re here to party and have a Drug Party phone sex with anyone who wants to join in. I love my friends and I love all of my hookups that I can get some people in the bad part of town Love to party. These are the type of people that I consider amazing because after one phone call or even one text message I can have a large load of drugs and alcohol in my place before I know it. So since finals are done and school is out I am ready to go nuts and have a great vacation. I’m partying right now with some of my friends and I was looking for anyone who wanted to join me and have lots of fun. this summer is going to be amazing because of the hookups that I have and because of all of the different types of things I will put in my body that make me incredibly horny. Call me and let’s party!

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CALL Bad Baby Zoey ♥ 1-866-654-8836

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pathetic cucky phone sex!

by Kellen on June 13, 2015

kellen_picture_in_backgroundThe main reason why your wife is cuckolding you is because your dick is too small.  You have to accept that you are even lucky to be married to her and embrace your new sex life:  masturbating, porn, small penis humiliation and pathetic cucky phone sex!!  You will never get to have sex with your wife again except with your tongue.  Besides, your tiny penis drove your wife to sleep with well hung men to get the sexual satisfaction she needs.  So what if she’s cheating.  Have you seen the monster cocks she’s doing?  I don’t care if you licked her pussy and used massive black dildos to get her off.  It’s not the same as hot sex!  You probably need an attitude adjustment during a pathetic cucky phone sex! call.  And I’m just the cuckold phone humiliatrix to give it to you.

I will laugh about your tiny penis predicament.  I will humiliate you for having a dinky dong.  I might even make you put on a pair of your wife’s panties and turn you into a sissy cuck.  Did you clean the house while she was out last night getting fucked by her black bull?  Well, you should have, loser!  And you should clean his place, too.  Aside from housecleaning, expect to be ordered to fluff big cocks, lick out delicious creampies. The only concern your wife should have is offering her hot pussy to well hung Alpha males.  There’s so much kinky stuff to do when you’re a pathetic cucky phone sex! toy!

pathetic cucky phone sex!

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Phone Sex Safari

by Athena on April 21, 2015

Phone Sex SafariI’m so excited for next Saturday. One of my good girlfriends is getting married. I love any reason to get all dolled up but when it’s a wedding the champagne is flowing and the boys are horny. It’s like a Phone Sex Safari. This Sex kitten in on the prowl.

Groomsmen are too easy. Those are like scavenging someone else’s kill. They came here looking to get their dicks wet. No I need more of a challenge. Now I’m not saying that I won’t play with them all later tonight but I want to bag and tag that trophy first.

So that leaves the Happy couple’s parents, the happy couple themselves, and the King of the Jungle, the priest that officiated the ceremony. Oh yeah the parents are like those big burly water buffalo. Going to have to play my cards right to get them to drink enough to get nice and loose. Then find the weakest of the herd and separate them, then it’s time to strike.

Now the happy couple are all about themselves tonight. Now as a horny hunter I have no problem bating a trap. And nothing says good time like a little E at the bottom of your toasting glass. *wink wink. Anyone can separate the couple and do one or the other but I have higher standers, I’m going to take them out together.

But the king of the horny jungle, my forbidden fruit, the priest. He doesn’t drink. He’s a man of god. This is going to take some planning to take that prize kill on my Phone Sex Safari.

Phone Sex Safari

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Kinsley’s Forced Gang Bang Phone Sex

by Kinsley on January 6, 2015


Oh my gosh, I never should have snuck out of the house the other night and went to that Rave party!  I’ve got a bad girl streak but have never gotten myself into such a predicament!  You love pimping out hot little girls like me, so when you were feeding me drink after drink that’s  when Kinsley’s Forced Gang Bang Phone Sex started I was dazed and confused.

The next thing I knew my hands were bound and I was surrounded by six guys each making each one of my little holes their personal playground.  I tried to cry and get away but it was no use.  I was stuck being their little cum dumpster until they were done with me.  It started with six, but by the time I was left in a puddle of cum, who knows how many got in on the party. My little pussy so puffy and throbbing and my ass gaping wide, and my sweet little mouth covered with crusted cum from the many fillings.  I looked up and saw you smile and saying what a good girl I was and that next week I’d have to do it all over again playing Kinsley’s Forced Gang bang Phone Sex.

Kinsley’s Forced Gang bang Phone Sex

Call and ask for Kinsley: 855-553-2339

Extreme Age Play , Forced Sex, Gang Bang Slut

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Anything Daddy Wants Daddy Gets Phonesex

by Roni on December 7, 2014

roni phone sex

Anything Daddy wants Daddy Gets Phone sex especially when he comes home intoxicated. Which was the situation last night when he demanded I remove the long night gown I was wearing. I didn’t give into his drunken request as quickly as he would have liked. And he took it as if I was being a disobedient teen, and grabbed me by the chin roughly helping me to my feet. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I knew daddy was very displeased with me by his facial expression.
Then he started yelling saying I was wild and out of control, that I needed more structure. I needed to do what I was told whether I liked it or not and he demanded  I get naked once again.
This time I pretty much ripped my night gown off and did what he asked of me right away. Only because I know how hard daddy can spank an I would like to be able to sit on my bum this week.
I stood there naked in front of daddy for a couple of minutes feeling humiliated when daddy pulled me and asked me if I knew what happens to naughty girls , I looked at him and nodded. But that wasn’t enough daddy came up close to my face and I could smell the alcohol on his breath and placed one hand on the back of my head as he forced me to bend completely over. I turned my head to see what he was doing but he demanded I face forward and thats was just the beginning of my gaped ass punishment.
From now on anything daddy wants daddy gets phone sex!

Submissive Teen Phone Sex


The Phone Sex Chat Room

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Party Hard Tip: Red Wine Enema How To!

by Rainbow on May 4, 2014

Blond Slut Rainbow ready for her wine enema!1-855-553-2339

I decided I am going to start give y’all some tips on how to party like me.  And I was thinking, I have this john who always wants me to shoot red wine up his ass.  I have him do me first of course, cause he is not a hard core party-er like I am.  And he gets hella fucked up and I want him semi-straight when he is shooting it up my ass and able to hold the nozzle in.

So, here is how you do it.

Red Wine Enema aka Butt Chugging


  Get yourself a bottle of red wine and an enema bottle.  You can get them anywhere.  Get the red bag kind.  That’s all you need – but hey – you may want to get two bottles of wine.  You don’t want to half way sober up and want to do it again and be out.  And you WILL want to do it again, lol.


Give yourself an enema or two beforehand to get all the other stuff out.  Seriously, I know that sucks.  But you just wait, it’ll be SO worth it.  When I give myself one to get ready now, I am all giddy cause I know I am gonna have a great high coming on soon.

Doing it:

Party Time!  If it’s your first time – fill the enema bag with half wine and half water.  Super Duper Important:  Make sure the water is WARM.  Cold water makes cramping, and that just sucks.

But nice warm water – it opens you up too, so the wine can be absorbed quickly.

Once you have it done, then you just screw the top of the nozzle in.  Put the tip of the nozzle in the sink and release the valve on the nozzle so it starts to flow.  Do this for about 10 seconds to make sure their are no air bubbles up in it.

Then, lube the tip of the bottle, shove it up your ass, and release the valve and relax.  You can do it in any position you want really.  And then hold it as long as you can.

It hits fast, people, be ready!

Oh, and call me when you are doing it – I will do it with you or help you along!

Call me at 1-855-553-2339

And if you have a question, you know my partying bitch self will be at our uncensored phonesex chatroom late night into early morning.  This Party Bitch stays up all night!

 US:  $2.00 per minute/ 10 minute minimum

 Everywhere Else:  $2.50 per minute/10 minute minimum

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Daddies Little BBC Slut

by Rainbow on March 31, 2014

daddybbcslutrainbow1-855-553-2339 and ask for Rainbow!

If you read my blog post about last night’s drug fueled BBC gang bang party   then you remember I mentioned this white guy who showed up around 2am.  He was fucked up too, and hit that crack like a mofo.   Then he asked Jerome how much for a little fun with me, and Jerome quoted him high ’cause he knew it was going to get good and weird.  So did I, but between the weed, molly, crack and gin I was so into it.

I swear, insert drugs and I become the nastiest white fuckbitch to the Alpha BBC you have ever met.  I forget I ever had a fancy life and a big house.  All I know is I am a begging slave to the black cock.

So he pays Jerome a ton o’ money and then says what he wants.  He wants to ‘force’ me to do more drugs and then jack off while I suck and fuck all the BBC’s.  But he wants me act like he is my Daddy and I am his little BBC addicted slut daughter.  Told me to go wash my face and put on fresh makeup and put pigtails in.  Oh, and I did.  The other white whore was there and she helped me, cause I wasn’t seeing too straight.

I came out, and Daddy had the crack pipe all ready and tasty for me.  He sounded so sweet telling to do just a little, it’ll be ok.  And the next thing you know, I am begging for black cock, and Daddy is telling me what to do and how to do it.  Making me tell him what a nigger cock addicted little girl I am.  How I will need it so bad.

And it was so hot….I came so many times knowing Daddy wanted me to be such a bbc white bitch and daddies little bbc slut.  And when he degraded me, I got so hot it was unreal.

Want to hear all the details or maybe be my Daddy?  Call me at 1-855-553-2339

And if you have a question, you know my partying bitch self will be at our free phonesex chatroom late night into early morning.  This Party Bitch stays up all night!

 US:  $2.00 per minute/ 10 minute minimum

 Everywhere Else:  $2.50 per minute/10 minute minimum




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It’s Friday: Insert Crack, then Cock!

by Rainbow on March 22, 2014

blonde crackwhore phonesx

Insert Crack, then Cock!


It’s Friday, Party People!  And my boys already have hooked my white ass up – but the crack doesn’t smoke itself, and it sure doesn’t pay for itself.

But it does make me super horny.  And willing to do anything and up ALL NIGHT LONG.

Seriously, I did drug phone sex.   Just line up what you have, because I already have mine locked and loaded, handsome.

We can hang out, get more fucked up and get freaky!  I am going to be blogging about a bunch of drug and drink fueled things we can do and games we can play.  Go reread my bio and you can tell what kind of a girl I became and that I am proud of it.  I smoke the rock, I slut out, I do all kinds of nasty fuck things.

We can have party phone sex where you get me nice and high and take advantage of me.

We can have BBC slut phonesex where I tell you exactly how they got me high and turned me into their little fuckwhore.

We can high together and we can have some sick accomplice phonesex where we go hunting littles.

And if you have a question, you know my partying bitch self will be at our free phonesex chatroom.

Or you can just call me at 1-855-553-2339

US:  $2.00 per minute/ 10 minute minimum

Everywhere Else:  $2.50 per minute/10 minute minimum

Visa/MC/ Discover only

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