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Micro Penis Phone Sex

by Rainbow on July 10, 2015

Micro Penis Phone Sex

What is that little thing in your pants, eww its so gross it looks like I might need a microscope expert to recover your Micro Penis Phone Sex lint catcher.

Why have you just not went ahead and got rid of this little thing. No girl could ever enjoy being with you, you have the smallest phone sex cock I have ever seen you loser. Only a loser would WANT a girl to sit and laugh at his nub of a cock and be forced to watch a real man fuck deep, long, and hard.

This cock is so skinny and small the finger and the thumb run out of room so he just humps the pillow instead! Then on top of that you live with your mom and wet the bed because you are a bed wetting phone sex slime bag.

How many strikes you got again against you, oh yeah that’s right you are a pathetic phone sex cuckold who is really wanting to try his first fat phone sex cock when it slips out of my magical box of lucky charms.

What you thinking you was going to get fluff phone sex ? Maybe cream pie phone sex clean up, maybe if you put on these panties and beg like a sissy phone sex bitch to eat all the cum from inside my pleasure spot.

Cuckolds of all ages, races, and especially sph phone sex addicts need to call me up so I can give you the humiliation phone sex cock sucking fags need to get off when they are stuck with a WOMAN!!

Come on and chase the Rainbow with SPH Phone Sex !
Humiliation Junkie Phone Sex

But my panties sucker!!! Tell me White, Black, Mexican, or Asian? Hahaha

SPH Humiliation Phone Sex

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Kinky Jerk Off Instruction

by Leanne on December 13, 2014

Cute Teen Laughs At Little Dicks

You are so not my type. Did you really think that a hot young teen like me would let someone like you actually fuck me? What a joke, I needed a laugh though and you definitely give me plenty to laugh about where you’re concenred. Seriously have you looked in the mirror lately? You are so repulsive, especially that pathetic little tic tac dicklet of yours. You can’t even call that a dick, it’s more like a slightly enlarged clitoris lol. That pathetic itty bitty little thing isn’t coming anywhere near my tight perfect pussy. You couldn’t even pop a virgins cherry with that thing and you definitely won’t be fucking me with it that’s for sure. But if you’re prepared to open your wallet there are other things that we can do together.

I won’t touch that yucky little dicklet of yours but I’ll tell you exactly how to touch it for me. You’re getting hard already at the thought of a cute little brace faced girl like me giving you jerk off instruction aren’t you? I’m going to tease that little dick until your balls are full and you feel like you could just burst. Don’t you dare shoot that cum until and unless I give you permission though. I own that dick and you don’t touch it or cum unless I say so. I guess you better open that wallet up wide if you want to please me and put me in a good mood so I allow you to cum. Otherwise, you just might be heading to bed with blue balls! LOL

Call your dominant teen Leanne at: 1-855-553-2339

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Rates are $2 per minute within the U.S. and $2.50 per minute outside of the U.S.

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Dress Up Feminization Fun

by Charlee on July 7, 2014

Making You Wear My Panties

I asked you to take me shopping at Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s Of Hollywood for a very specific reason. You got so excited thinking that I was going to put on a very sexy fashion show for you. You’re in for a very big surprise though because I have a different type of fashion show in mind. We started going through all the racks of sexy hot lingerie and you picked out a few of your favorite styles. I picked a few out too but I was careful not to let you see the sizes of the lingerie and panties I was picking out. I asked you to follow me to the dressing room and of course you jumped at the chance.

Once we got into the dressing room I told you to strip down. I could tell from the look on your face and your instant hard on that you thought I was gonna suck your dick or fuck you. Once you were stripped down I told you that I didn’t really like the clothes that we picked out but that I really wanted to see how they would look on you. You started to protest but once I told you how hot it would make me you slipped those panties right on. I even convinced you to wear them around the mall while we were shopping. It’s only the first step in my plan to completely feminize and cuckold you.

Call your kinky teen Charlee at: 1-855-553-2339

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Rates are $2 per minute within the U.S. and $2.50 per minute outside of the U.S.

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Stripper Bar Phone Sex

by Bryn on February 25, 2014

Stripper Bar Phone SexI see you across the room staring at me while i sit at the Stripper Bar Phone Sex. You think I’m hot don’t you? Well come on over here and buy the teen a drink. Yes, a teen, but please don’t tell my daddy. Just sit next to me and let me surprise you with my shemale cock. Slide that hand under my skirt and find that cock just waiting to take you home. You can feel how long and smooth it is, but don’t run away. People are always afraid of things they have never experienced. Come on home with me and let me bring your fantasy to life. My parents are asleep and they won’t ever know your there 🙂  Stripping your clothes off and seeing that masculine body you have is making me hard. Pull my body against yours and feel its hardness poke at you. Sliding your hands along my hot body and sliding my skirt up, squatting to your knees. You are now face to face with a nice, she cock and I see your mouth salivating. Go ahead, lick it. Swallow every inch of it and taste how sweet it is. A sexy young teen shemale with a sexy cock is what you have been looking for. Well, you found me and now all you have to do is call me for some Stripper Bar Phone Sex.




Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom

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Bratty Phone Sex Babe

by Gaia on December 10, 2013

Gaia-Bratty Phone Sex Babe

Have you been naughty or nice this year I wonder, if you are uncertain why not let a Bratty Phone Sex Babe decide? I won’t hold back any punches hahaha in fact I will punch those balls good and hard just for existing regardless to whether you have been a good boy! You cannot fool me I know you have been bad and the coal you get this year from Santa won’t be in a box it will be shoved up deep inside that tight ass and it won’t be black coal either it will be red hot pre-soaked in Tabasco sauce hahaha. Tis the season for cock and ball torturing fun with a Bratty Phone Sex Babe!


1 855 553 2339

The Phone Sex Chat Room

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I may be young, but I was lucky enough to learn what my true fetishes were very early. I am a Domme and I love it. I was born to dominate men and women. I love making the little people of the world know that they really here to please me unless I tell them otherwise. But I do have a secret fantasy. I would like to find that one Domme (man or woman, doesn’t matter, I find them equally intriguing) who can bring out my secret inner sub bitch who begs to come out from time to time. It will be hard (maybe even impossible) to find this person, but I’m always looking. I believe that every person has a Domme for them, and I a really want to find mine, know the pleasure of serving that one person the way I’ve made so many sluts, male and female, serve me. Think you may be it? I doubt it, but you’re welcome to try. Call me. No Taboo Phone Sex.


1-855-55-DADDY (3-2339)

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