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by Sparrow on April 27, 2015


Need a babysitter? I am your girl! Hide your dad! Hide your sons phone sex!

I am a shark for a silver fox, especially if your dad has a nice cock.  When I come around he can’t even talk.  Your dad stands there with that stupid little grin on his face.  Every time you turn your back, I am licking something off my finger…. or his.  Oooops, I just dropped the binky.  I make sure to bend over nice and slow so daddy gets a good look at my tight teenage ass. Then I pick the binky up,  stick it in my mouth, and suck it clean reeeeeeal slow. It’s the same way I suck off the head of his perfect mushroom tip when he drives me home. I am dad’s little cum slut.

I wouldn’t leave me home with your kids, HIDE YOUR DADS! HIDE YOUR SONS! PHONE SEX. During dinner, I gaurentee my foot will be slithering up between your son’s thighs. Tickling his teenage balls with my foot. Did you know your son loves trying on my panties and letting me fuck his tight sissy boy ass with my strap on?  He loves being my little bitch!

When you fall asleep I meet them both in the bathroom, because taking two cocks are always better than one.  Call me anytime for, Hide your dad! Hide your sons! phone sex.

Ask for Sparrow @  1-855-55-DADDY



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Bratty Teen Domination Phone Sex

by Naomi on July 24, 2014

 I will hand pick a barley ripe little peach who will be oh-so-sweet and innocent naomi (1) and become my new slave when we play bratty teen domination phone sex. I have what it takes to make you into my totally slutty little princess whore. I will make it nasty and enjoyable for us both with no limits to my games and no taboos to speak of! I may be younger but I have plenty of devious experience with my dirty little mind. hehe.  I love accomplice rape  sex as well. If i’m not young enough for you then I can find the perfect little girl for you to play with   Join me today and I will show you what this “bratty teen domination phone sex” girl can do behind closed doors!

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Cum Licker Phone Sex

by Avril on February 6, 2014

cum licker phone sexDaddy’s Friend is a cum Licker Phone Sex!  He’s been watching me since I was tiny and now I am so confident because now that I’m a little bit older, I see how they watch me.  I snuck to his house where he lives alone.  I was in my school girl outfit and I could see in his face that he was going to shit himself when I walked right in the door.  I walked right up stairs and he scuttled behind me, alarmed,  asking what I was doing.   I walked down the hall to his room and he ran in behind me, begging me to tell him what I was doing there.

I turned around defiantly and told him to take his clothes off.  He fell silent.  I told him again to take his clothes off.  I have a nasty little attitude when I want to.  I told him to take off all his clothes and get down on his knees.  As he kneeled there  a few feet in front of me, I told him to jerk his cock as I looked down at him. I reached up under my tiny school skirt and shimmied my panties down to me knees.  He let out a long groan when I told him to touch me.

He tried to move closer on his knees and I yelled, “NO – you dirty fucker! Stay there – you can touch me from there.”  He shook his head in agreement and all needy.  He reached out his hand and was shaking when it glanced across my bare pussy. His other hand was jerking and he totally lost it and came in his hand.  I told him to eat it.  He shook some more.

“EAT IT!” I barked at him and he began licking and sucking the cum off his fingers.

I kept telling him to clean it better, he’s so dirty.  “Are you a nasty cum licker?”

“Yesssss”  as he stared at my beautiful pussy while I leaned my ass back on his dresser and I rubbed my clit.  I had to yell at him to stay right there when he tried to get closer.  He backed off and just watched me have my fun and wiggled his spent and drippy cock a little.

I came, hard.  I pulled up my panties up and picked up my back pack and left him there.  Now he comes to my school and begs me to come over when I walk home.  Sometimes I go there and its always the same.  He can only touch me a little.   I touch myself and he becomes my nasty cum licker phone sex.

Xo Avril oX

Cum Licker Phone Sex 


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Pre-Teen Is A Natural Dominate Phone Sex

by Charity on May 7, 2011


I first started experimenting sexually when I was a pre-teen girl. I was always advanced in my ways of thinking when it came to what I wanted to do. Most girls were just starting to think about kissing a boy and I wanted to get into his pants, lol. Finally I found a boy that was at the same stage with me and it was wonderful. We started fooling around and god I was in heaven, the feelings were just unbelievable. I had always heard about men being the ones in charge so I was kind of surprised when I found myself naturally telling him what to do to me and how. The most erotic and sexual thing of the whole first encounter was the fact that when I told him what to do it did it, without questions! God was that fucking hot. Since then I have never looked back. No Taboo Phone Sex


1-855-55-DADDY (3-2339)

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