Bratty Dom Phone Sex Submission

by Kylie on September 16, 2014


Down on your knees you bad man, not bringing me the credit card I requested from you last week. So what you bought me a car.. Hey I said down.. Wait are you trying to flip this into a Bratty Dom Phone Sex Submission call!!

Hey that’s my panties leave them alone I told you, your not good enough to taste my sweet phone sex pussy. Nor are you good enough, to make me suck your cock.. What in the hell your dick is huge, its making me choke, gag, and now your pulling my hair after I spent so much of your money to get extra sexy just to use you in a bratty dom phone sex session.

Well I guess you might spank ok, and your hands sure feel muscular when they toss me around. Fine just this once I will fall week to your Bratty Dom Phone Sex Submission. But after that the gloves are off and no more switch phone sex games for you bitch.

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I Love Being Used and Abused

by Naomi on September 2, 2011

Are you a sick pedo pervert? Does the thought of my little young pink slit harden your massive cock? The sight of an innocent phone sex girl playing in the sunlight make’s you want to shove your candy bar deep inside their petite mouths. Have you been admiring my body since I was a toddler. Everything extremely forbidden and taboo turn you on? I love being told what to do – being MADE what to do – I love being used, being abused, being humiliated, being treated like the worthless little teen cunt I am. When I get involved with strong, dominant men, they tend to push me farther and farther and try to find my limits. When it comes to complete submission to a man, I don’t have any limits whatsoever, at least that I’ve been able to find thus far.



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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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