ZoeyPhoneSex15 220x300 Phone Sex Victims of Sexual Abuse Play with Zoey!Do you have a bizarre fetish that you’ve never told anyone about? My caller Nick sure does!!! He wanted me to be his phone sex accomplice, but not for little girls or boys! He has a sick fetish for dolls and mannequins… a fetish like this gets me so excited!!! He’s a therapist and works with child victims of sexual abuse, and the easiest way for little girls and boys to tell their traumatic stories are through their dolls, they dolls speak for them.

He likes it when his little girl (Naughty little Me!!!) is sitting on the floor playing with my dolls. He likes to watch me dress them up really slutty, and then after they’ve been bad bad dollies, I help Nick touch my dollies in bad places, just like he helps the other child victims do, it helps them express their rage and sexuality.

Do you want to play with my Dollies? or

BadBabyZoey – Yahoo **I also offer cyber sessions!**


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