Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex

by Kellen on October 12, 2013


I am curled up at your feet wearing my collar and leash, I am all ready for Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex. I am going to be a good little puppy for you I think as I keep your feet warm. You stand and tug on my leash pulling me into the bedroom. You are not happy with me at all for some reason. I crawl behind you as you pull the leash tight almost dragging me. I cannot keep up with how fast you are walking. I know I am in for it, but for what I do not know. Then as I crawl into the bedroom I see my problem. I left my toys out on the floor! There in the corner on my favorite big pillow is piled my squeaky duck, my flopsy turtle and my tug rope. I know the rules. When my toys are not being played with I have to keep them tidy in the basket next to my pillow bed. You scold me telling me I am a sad puppy. You advise me to put my head down and ass up in the air. Oh no! You are going to put in the huge puppy tail butt plug! That thing is evil and hurts so much! Before I have a chance to protest you slam the huge plug into my ass and I feel its plush black tail stroking the back of my thighs. I yelp loudly in pain but you do not seem to care. You are dragging my once again into the dining room. I feel the tail swishing behind me as I try to keep up with you. Then I see it! OH NO NOT THE CAGE!! I beg daddy no but he simply replies that a good puppy doesn’t use human words. With that he slips a ball gag into my mouth and puts a lock on the buckle. He then shoves me into the big wire cage that he uses for bad puppy time outs. I sit in here for what seems like hours! Daydreaming of our fun we have with  Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex.


Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex





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Doggie Style Phonesex

by Robyn on July 4, 2012

I love it really dirty and it doesn’t get much dirtier than doggie style phonesex. And when I say “doggie” style, I really DO mean with my dog because I can honestly say that I’ve had a lot of practice doing it! I used to do a lot really naughty things when I was growing up, like shoveing doggie treats inside my pussy and then letting our Labrador Retriever lick and dig his nose between my legs to get them out, or even jerking the dog off while my daddy watched me. I may look sweet and innocent on the outside, but believe me I’m NOT especially when it comes to pleasuring myself and having fun! So give me a call and let’s have some fun tonight and get REALLY dirty with some doggie style phonesex with Robyn phonesex phone sex k9 phone sex k9 k 9 phone sex



Canine Phonesex

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Doggie Phone Sex

by Naomi on April 7, 2012

Doggie Phone Sex is my favorite freaky fetish. My Mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw me riding Rover (our German Shepherd) slippery pink doggie cock. I’m not really sure what her problem was, Ino limit phonesex saw the look in her eyes when she watched my pussy slip and slide over his cock, I think she just wanted a piece of her Daughter too. After all the cum my doggie shot inside my tight little young pussy Mommy just loved to lick it out, yum. Come join Mommy and me for a hot Doggie Phone Sex call. 



Mommy/Daughter Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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KoryAnn’s Doggie Daddy Phone Sex

by Koryann on October 25, 2011

CUM IN MY PUSSY1 207x300 KoryAnn’s Doggie Daddy Phone SexMy father loves to be told what to do!  He loves to take orders, and help people, and sometimes be just as obedient as a dog.  Since I love good little dogs and playing with them, sometimes I love to play with daddy also.

So one day after I got home from school I made daddy get on his knees and bark for me like a dog after he gave me dinner.  I laughed harder than ever after I had my doggie daddy bark after each and every lick of my clit and wet little pussy

I even had my doggie daddy bark like a nasty pit bull on one of my nastiest k9 phone sex calls ever!  Good Daddy!

Call your Daddy’s Girl KORYANN


I LOVE: Family, Rough, Student / Teacher, Naughty Cheerleader, Kidnapping, Accomplice, Little / Big Sister, Submissive Little Coed, Extreme Ageplay, Little Girl Next Door, Sissification & Humiliation, spanking, dirty

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