Potty Time Phone Sex

by shannon on August 22, 2015

Had a caller the other day tell me he was a closet human toilet and loved Potty Time Phone Sex. I asked him what about it he liked. He stated that he was into golden showers and brown showers. He loved Extreme Hardcore Phone Sex. When I asked what he meant, he said he was into Kidnapping, Rape, and Snuff.

I asked him what he had in mind. He said that he want to get down and have some Dirty Potty Play Phone Sex. Again I asked him what he meant. We went round and round with this. I finally set my foot down and said “Look, now I want a straight answer and I want it now!” I heard him moan, so this told me he loved women that were stern and cross with him. He asked me if I would Shit in his mouth, while degrading him.  So I told him I would Shit and Piss in his mouth, all the while calling him a filthy pig and a Cunt. When I called him a Cunt, he shuddered. So I repeatedly called him a filthy Cunt and a Whore. I asked him what else he would like to have done to him. He admitted to being a closet Cock Whore, who loved to have big black cocks stuffed in his ass. He wanted to take a Cum Bath from having several big black cocks jacked over him.

I don’t know how we started talking about potty tie and ended with him wanting me to take control of him, but I would love to have Potty TIme Phone Sex with him again. Look for more stories like these and more.

Don’t forget to call me and we can make up our own story. I can be found at

http://www.funtimewithdaddy.com/shannon and call me at 1-855-553-2339

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Big Phone Sex Trouble

by Roni on August 27, 2014

roni phone sex

I knew I was in big phone sex trouble when I decided to go against my father’s rules and Miss curfew. I took my time and entered the house as quietly as possible but it didn’t really matter daddy was wide awake and boy did he look angry, I bet if he could blow steam from his nostrils and ears he would have. I tried not to look directly at him and just go straight to my room but he requested I join him in his office. Now I was worried because that was where daddy gave his hardest spankings. I walked in and daddy locked the door behind me as he reached for his spanking tools. Then ordered me to get over by the video camera and bend over. Ok this was different, normally daddy just puts me over his knee and spanks me he has never taken a video of my spankings, or has he and I just wasn’t paying close enough attention to notice? Oh the questions I had running through my head.
I did as daddy requested and found a spot next to the camera daddy quickly snatched me by the hair and in a stern voice asked me what time my curfew was?….. big phone sex trouble.

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Slave Girl Phone Sex Part Six

by Avril on August 3, 2014

slave girl phone sex part sixOnce he administers the enema, as I am hanging helpless from shackles in the shower rooms ceiling, I am even more embarrassed and terrified in Slave Girl Phone Sex Part Six. He spent several hours hand washing me after I was cleared out from the enema bag.  He washed and washed me, using his fingers in every nook and cranny of my teen cunt.  He waxed me and made me shiny new.  My wrists were aching from hanging like that for so long.  I was exhausted and I fell asleep suspended.  I woke up to him carrying me to the room.  He laid me on the bed and watched me as I slept.  But only for a short time.

I woke up to his cock in my face and he told me to rise and shine and to suck out my breakfast.  This is all I was going to get to eat for a while. He reached between my naked legs and pinched my clit so hard between his fingers that I screamed and when I opened my mouth his dick went right in! He fucked my mouth so hard and only let up when I started to try to get him off.  I figured if I did it well he would cum and then I would be off the hook.

Soon enough, I realized that since I was starving and that the only thing for me to eat around here was going to be his hot load that I should try to give him the best blow jobs that I could.  I was thankful that he had thick creamy loads. I was so hungry.

Each day he dressed me in negligee like a little dolly, with matching shoes and thigh highs.  I had to put my make up on while he watched.  There was a full make up table stocked with all the best cosmetics.  I would cook for him.  And if I made him a really nice meal – rarely – I’m not a great cook – he would instruct me to sit on the floor and he would feed me from his fork maybe two or three bites.  But that was all.

I would lick his body, his balls and ass, his legs his cock, his neck his feet, several times a week.  That was called a tongue bath.  He would fuck me at night and cum in my pussy.  I was so hungry that once he left and locked me in my room I would scoop as much cum out of my pussy as I could because most nights there had been no dinner for me.  He would laugh at me in the morning because he could see me on the night vision cameras.

I became everything he wanted… all for scraps of food and wads of cum.  I had become Slave Girl Phone Sex Part Six and there was no escape.

Xo Avril oX

Slave Girl Phone sex Part Six


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Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex

by Kellen on October 12, 2013


I am curled up at your feet wearing my collar and leash, I am all ready for Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex. I am going to be a good little puppy for you I think as I keep your feet warm. You stand and tug on my leash pulling me into the bedroom. You are not happy with me at all for some reason. I crawl behind you as you pull the leash tight almost dragging me. I cannot keep up with how fast you are walking. I know I am in for it, but for what I do not know. Then as I crawl into the bedroom I see my problem. I left my toys out on the floor! There in the corner on my favorite big pillow is piled my squeaky duck, my flopsy turtle and my tug rope. I know the rules. When my toys are not being played with I have to keep them tidy in the basket next to my pillow bed. You scold me telling me I am a sad puppy. You advise me to put my head down and ass up in the air. Oh no! You are going to put in the huge puppy tail butt plug! That thing is evil and hurts so much! Before I have a chance to protest you slam the huge plug into my ass and I feel its plush black tail stroking the back of my thighs. I yelp loudly in pain but you do not seem to care. You are dragging my once again into the dining room. I feel the tail swishing behind me as I try to keep up with you. Then I see it! OH NO NOT THE CAGE!! I beg daddy no but he simply replies that a good puppy doesn’t use human words. With that he slips a ball gag into my mouth and puts a lock on the buckle. He then shoves me into the big wire cage that he uses for bad puppy time outs. I sit in here for what seems like hours! Daydreaming of our fun we have with  Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex.


Sexy Little Pet Phone Sex





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Spanking Phonesex

by Calista on October 6, 2012


I love kinky sex and really into spanking phonesex. I have always liked being treated rough and spanked hard before I get fucked. I do also like to spank girls so we can have double the fun! I have huge boobies and a body built for sin. I go to lots of fetish clubs  and dress up in lingerie and high heels to meet men or couples that I can have an orgy. Bdsm play is really so hot and I like being tied up and gagged. I consider myself a switch bitch and can certainly be in charge if you want to switch roles and ask me to use a strap on.I am ready to be your hardcore slut and play kinky sex games with. I offer zero limits talk and spanking phonesex.

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Phone Sex GILF Carmen Trains Her Pet

by Carmen on October 15, 2011


Be here precisely at eight. You know what is expected. I want you to stand naked, in the middle of the room. Keep your head down. Open your legs. The only sound are my heals, as I walk around you. Inspecting you. Running my crop up and down your thighs. Taking time to slap your hanging balls. Little slaps on your nipples. Now, bend over. A sharp slap on that tight ass hole. MMM…you please me…Call Carmen for GILF Domme Phone Sex. You know you need it.

Carmen http://whitetrashphonesex.com/carmen 1-866-848-7274


http://funtimewithdaddy.com/carmen 1-855-553-2339

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Bad Girl Phone Sex Wendy

by Wendy on September 9, 2011

pain slut

I was sitting in class, today, and got called to the office. I was surprised to see Daddy sitting there. Daddy said that he was informed, by the principal, that I have been a little slut around school. I didn’t deny it, secretly looking forward to my punishment. I just kept my head down, as Daddy put his hand down my panties and roughly shoved a couple of fingers up my cunt. I was so wet, and when he pulled his fingers out, he showed them to the principal to prove what a slut I am. Daddy told him that he was going to show him how to discipline such a little whore. What happened, next? Call Wendy for Submissive Slut Phone Sex and let me tell you all about it.

Perverted Kisses,




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Teen Accomplice

Teen Prostitute

Bestiality Lover

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