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Hot Phone Sex with The Boy Next Door

by shannon on August 29, 2015

This story was one of my favorites. It is all about me having hot phone sex with the boy next door. My neighbor next door always had a crush on me I always seemed to make his Cock hard. Every time he came near me he would have to readjust his Cock. I thought it was so very cute. I would purposely tease him with my bald pussy, by putting on short skirts and no panties.

He would always call me when he got home from school and tell me how hot I looked in school that day. We would quickly get into Talking Dirty. “Ohhh yes Bobby I want that hard thick cock deep in my cunt”  I would purr into his ear. “I want to get behind that tight ass and pound that sweet bald pussy till I am Cumming deep in that sweet snatch.” He would tell me back.

One night he decided he was going to get a little rough. “Bitch, get on the fucking floor and open your mouth, you fucking pig. I’m going to stick this thick dick of mine into your mouth you swine.” This took me by surprise at first, but then I did realize we were role playing.

“Like this Master!” I answered. “Shut up bitch you don’t talk. Just suck this cock and do it good.” He ordered. I liked that he was taking control. He and I played this up big time and I didn’t want it to end. I loved how forceful he got with me. I would love to Hot Phone Sex With The Boy Next Door again.

To read this and other great adventures, feel free to hit me up on my page at http://www.funtimewithdaddy.com/shannon or call me at 1-855-553-2339

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Potty Time Phone Sex

by shannon on August 22, 2015

Had a caller the other day tell me he was a closet human toilet and loved Potty Time Phone Sex. I asked him what about it he liked. He stated that he was into golden showers and brown showers. He loved Extreme Hardcore Phone Sex. When I asked what he meant, he said he was into Kidnapping, Rape, and Snuff.

I asked him what he had in mind. He said that he want to get down and have some Dirty Potty Play Phone Sex. Again I asked him what he meant. We went round and round with this. I finally set my foot down and said “Look, now I want a straight answer and I want it now!” I heard him moan, so this told me he loved women that were stern and cross with him. He asked me if I would Shit in his mouth, while degrading him.  So I told him I would Shit and Piss in his mouth, all the while calling him a filthy pig and a Cunt. When I called him a Cunt, he shuddered. So I repeatedly called him a filthy Cunt and a Whore. I asked him what else he would like to have done to him. He admitted to being a closet Cock Whore, who loved to have big black cocks stuffed in his ass. He wanted to take a Cum Bath from having several big black cocks jacked over him.

I don’t know how we started talking about potty tie and ended with him wanting me to take control of him, but I would love to have Potty TIme Phone Sex with him again. Look for more stories like these and more.

Don’t forget to call me and we can make up our own story. I can be found at

http://www.funtimewithdaddy.com/shannon and call me at 1-855-553-2339

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Age Play Phone Sex Fantasy

by Roni on November 10, 2014

roni phonesex

The next door neighbor has an Age Play Phone Sex Fantasy! I found out after he invited me over to hang out and watch movies only we didn’t watch any movies. Instead he brought me to his bedroom where he showed me his Lollipop, and well he wanted me wrap my tiny mouth around it and lick it. He was so big I wasn’t sure if I could suck on it like he wanted but I did. I took his hard candy in my mouth and sucked it just like he told me too. When he put his hand on the back of my head and slid his hard cock to the back of my throat I started to get all tingly between my legs and that’s when he pulled out and flipped me over onto my belly, and told me to poke my cute little ass out. I did as I was told and what happen  next was totally unexpected.
Do you have an Age Play Phone Sex Fantasy? call me and let’s do it No limits anything goes phone sex.

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The Phone Sex Chat Room

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Trailer park living has always been pretty fucked up.   This weekend it was out of control.  Totally off the chain.  The weather was nice, the sun shining, everyone was out, cleaning cars, mowing the yard, and just enjoying the day including myself.   I grabbed a cooler, filled it with beer, put on my bikini and laid out in the sun.  I was laying there smoking a fatty, drinking my beer, showing off  my tits and here comes these two young girls about 13 or 14.   They must of smelled my weed.  They weren’t shy about asking about it.  One thing led to the other,  and after sharing a little weed and  a couple of beers, these little bitches were getting loose.  I found out they were runaways I was eager to give them a place to stay for the night if they were willing to do me a little favor.   I will you the rest of the story of what happened when I turned them out when you call me for our no taboo phone sex session.



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