Dirty Old Man


by Bryn on November 23, 2015

Redneck Grandpa

My Grandfather is a big old beer drinking, car racing, fish catching, stinky old red neck man. He hates that his only grandson is what he calls a faggot. My Grandpa loves to have PUBLIC HUMILIATION PHONE SEX.

I put on a dress and get all pretty and fixed up and he loves to make fun of my long hair, my sexy girl legs, and my tits. He says I look like a freak show and he started introducing me as his granddaughter, which technically I prefer.

My daddy came into my room when I was crying and said for me not to worry. My grandpa is just being mean to hide the fact that he likes TRANNY PHONE SEX when my grandma goes out of town. The humiliation is a cover but grandpa really wants to see my pretty boy cock. So daddy sent me to Grandpa’s house when Grandma went out of town. I bravely went there and pulled up my skirt for him. He was delighted to see my silky white panties.

My Grandpa confessed to me that he thought I was very pretty and all he could think about was sucking my teen cock. Suddenly the tables were turned and Grandpa had my cock in his mouth and I was humiliating him telling him if he ever was verbally abusive again I would tell Grandma that he loved to drink mu cum. I made him suck it good and told him what a stupid old cock slut he was. I snapped a photo in GRANDPA SUCKED MY DICK PHONE SEX for the family picture album if he wasn’t nice. Grandpa begged me not to tell. Is it awful of me that now I dominate his elderly old ass? Looks like I will being enjoying my inheritance early
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Teasing Old Men Phone Sex

by Becky on July 16, 2015

I’m so hot and young and know I can get whatever I want from men. ::Giggles:: I just shake my ass a little and men get all crazy!! I’ve always been able to put men under my spell, and some are easier than others. I started manipulating my daddy and uncles for money and other things from a really young age. I’ve been having Teasing Old Men Phone Sex for as long as I can remember! Now I’ve got sugar daddies all over town and live the luxe life on their dime!

becky teases old menI have killer curves and a wicked agenda… Getting what I want is a way of life for me. Spoil me with clothes, money, shoes, travel… Financial Domination is my own little playground and I’m the bully pushing guys around into giving me whatever my heart desires. The trick to it is to make men think it’s their idea, so I tease and taunt them with my young, hot body until they can’t stand it anymore and give in to my every whim!

When they shell out the big bucks or become so intuitive in catering to me that I don’t have to ask for what I want, I know I’ve got to give it up every once in a while to keep the gravy train on the tracks! That’s when I really sink my claws in and make sure they’re not going anywhere… From teasing to pleasing, I rock their little old worlds! These old men haven’t truly lived until they’ve had Becky bouncing on their cocks and once they’ve had a taste they’ll do anything to get their dick inside me again!!


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Summer Lovin’ Phone Sex

by terra on July 15, 2015

This summer sure has been a hot one! After you saw me deepthroat that popsicle you knew I had to be your summer fling! Summer Lovin’ Phone Sex is the best with you babe! This time of year is amazing… All the hot young girls wearing their bikinis and barely-there shorts really make it hard to concentrate, don’t they? Gazing and sweet young things like me might get you in trouble…Don’t get caught with your hands in your shorts!!

kinky kitten terra

I knew when I caught you staring at me that I’d be having a lot of fun with you real soon… I use my sweet teen body to get whatever I want from older men. It was almost too easy, first slowly applying tanning lotion all over my long legs, working my way up to my tight stomach, rubbing the lotion on my perky tits and then finally giving you a wink before turning over and having my hot older sister apply the lotion to my back. I know that’s when you about lost it! Seeing her fine ass bent over, gently massaging the lotion onto my back while her tits bounced and swayed… it was a yummy sight!

When the ice cream truck came around I knew just what to do to thoroughly tease you and sure enough, the way I sucked the entire length of my bomb pop at once almost made you explode in your pants. I hooked me a sugar daddy at the beach, and have been loving all the hot summer dates we’ve been on since. I love how you’ll do anything and everything just to get next to my firm perfect body all summer long…

Terra ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Teen Lover Phonesex

by Terie on March 20, 2015

terie phonesex

I am a perfect lolita dolly that loves teen lover phonesex. I get off on lots of fun ageplay fantasies especially with kinky older men that want me as their tiny lover. Perhaps you are fed up with your wife and her saggy tits. She nags you all day and doesn’t pay bills. You can’t help lusting after me while I walk past your house for school every morning. You decide to offer me a lift one morning. You know that I have a crush on you too.I skip school and you take me shopping for new panties and sexy clothes that I want but my mom won’t get. I am so exited all the attention that you give me that I kiss you. We end up at a rough seedy hotel and we get a room at the back. You throw me on the bed and take my bald pussy. I offer nasty ageplay talk. Try me for teen lover phonesex.

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Take Out Your Dentures Phone Sex

by Avril on May 29, 2014

take out your dentures phone sexYes, that’s what I said – Take Out Your Dentures Phone Sex. I may be a teen, but I do finger myself thinking about an old needy hungry mouth gnawing away at my cunt with his gums and fat tongue and shaky disposition.

So there is this old guy in my apartment building.  He is frail and lonely.  He looks at me like I am food, but he is so polite when he speaks.  He may act all polite, but I know he is looking at my little tits and my tight ass in my skin tight dress. I see him in the reflection of the elevator looking at my body.  I am seemingly staring up a the floor indicator, but I am looking at his reflection.  I turn to him and press my body up to him.

“Do you want to lick my pussy? You have to pay me, but Ill let you do it.  I might even let you stick your dick in,” I say.  “Do you want to?  $40 bucks. Follow me.”

He stammers and ties to say something, but in defeat just shuts up and watches me leave the elevator.  Then I hear him shuffling his feet behind me.  He is OLD.  Like Jesus old.  Wringing his hands and starting to talk to him self as he follows me to my apartment.   When we get there,  I tell him to come back to the bedroom with me.  I drop my purse and go into my room.  He stands at the doorway almost afraid to come in.   “Put the money there,” I point to the dresser.  He scrambles and pulls the money out of his wallet.  I should let him eat me for free, because I bet this is going to be a great pussy licking because he WANTS it so bad.  But for part of my fantasy, he needs to pay.  I want to feel like a desperate dirty whore while he slobbers all over me.

I strip sexy for him, but fast – I don’t want the guy to have a heart attack. I pull a chair up next to the bed for him, so he can sit in comfort as he munches away. And then I lay on the bed, on my back, with my knees up and my pussy spread wide open and my ass hanging off the bed.  He is still standing there in disbelief with his hat in his hands.

He doesn’t take off his coat.  He starts to walk to the chair.  I give him a little show, to distract him from his nerves.  Slow and sweet, I finger myself as I wait for him to settle into his chair.  He can’t take his eyes off my pussy. He traces his gnarly fingers up and down my cunt, following my fingers.  I move my hand away so he can touch it the way he wants to.  He goes to lean in to lick it and I tell him…”Wait. Take out your dentures Phone Sex.  And lick me as long as you like.  Just take them out and really  make a mess for me.”  He shakes his head a resounding yes and he prys them from his mouth….  call me and let me tell you how it went.

xo Avril ox

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Dirty Old Man Phone Sex

by Lotus on January 31, 2014

Dirty Old Man Phone SexI was playing at the park today when I noticed this strange dirty old man phone sex staring at me over the newspaper he was pretending to read.  I brushed it off as just an old perv that likes to look at little girls and just kept on playing.  Then I noticed as I started to walk home he started to follow me.  I tried to lose him by taking the short cut through the woods but he caught up with me and pushed me to the ground.  Now I was in trouble because I was in the middle of the woods and there was no one around to hear me screaming.  He was a very strong man and I couldn’t fight him off so I just had to lay there until he finished.  When he was done he got up zipped his up his pants and walked away.  He was such a dirty old man phone sex.

Dirty Old Man Phone Sex


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Dirty Old Pervert Phone Sex

by Shelby on July 12, 2013

You should see this horny old man staring at me raising his eyebrows and blowing me kisses begging for Dirty Old Pervert Phone Sex. Well all be darned!!::snickers::

 He keeps dropping his keys trying to look up my skirt, and I am not even wearing panties!!

The dog !!! ::giggles:: He could at least ask me nicely or offer to buy my lunch or something! You know how much I just cant get enough of that older cock in my sweet girlie snatch, just picturing him bending me over and ass raping me in the ladies room has my pussy dripping right down the inside of my thigh.

You know come to think of it, I am totally going to flash my bald pussy at him, and I know he will take me up on the offer ::giggles:: Cause what sexy old man doesn’t like Dirty Old Pervert Phone Sex? ::kisses::

Dirty Old Man Phone Sex
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Granddaughter Phone Sex

by Dasha on May 27, 2013

I loved bouncing on my grandpa’s leg when I was little, and I love it even more now with Granddaughter Phone Sex, except now instead of his leg, it’s his cock! *giggles*  Grandpa, remember how cute and little I was a few years back, My, Haven’t I grow? I see your hungry old man eyes looking at my full nice round titties. Here, let me show you just how BIG they have gotten. Give me your hands grandpa and I’ll let you touch and rub and play with those perky breasts, and they aren’t the only thing that has grown on me. Let me show you just how grown up I am, and how good my tight pussy feels around that old cock of yours. I am definitely grandpa’s favorite with Granddaughter Phone Sex



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Dirty Old Man Phone Sex

by Penny on June 18, 2011

Elderly Teen Sex

I went to visit grandfather at the nursing home the other day, but he was asleep.  They said he might wake up in an hour or so, and I decided to look for something to take my mind of waiting.  In the room next to grandfather’s was one of his best friends, he saw me and asked me to come spend time with him until he woke up.  Of course not wanting to be rude I did, and when I walked in he asked me to shut the door.  He unzipped his pants and pulled out his wrinkly old cock.  Even stranger than what he did, it actually turned me on, I could feel a wetness in my panties that confused me so much.  I walked over to him and he asked me to sit down and he started kissing me, feeling up my shirt to my cute perky tits.  I could taste his denture cream, and smell it, and yet I wanted more.  Grandfathers friend was a dirty old man, but I didn’t mind at all he was so much fun.  Want to hear more?  Call me for age play phone sex.




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Daddy Blackmail Phone Sex

by Logan on May 1, 2011

Daddy gives it to me!

Oh Daddy and I get into some really fun things!  I have these little cameras in my room where Daddy can watch me fuck all the neighbors!  I did the new neighbor the other day and he is very rich!  He gave me lots of money to suck his cock and fuck him in my princess bed.   This big man was so big and his cock made my little pussy scream with pleasure.  Daddy came home and watched the cameras with me and he saw this man.  He knew who he was and was very proud of his lil Princess getting him in her bed!  Daddy told me that we would be living the good life in no time!  Just let Daddy get to work on a few things and This big man will give Daddy’s Princess everything she wants for a very long time!  I guess I landed the big fish as Daddy said.  All I know is I got his big cock and wanted more!!  Teen Phone sex is so much fun!





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