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Babysitter Phone Sex

by Tamara on April 19, 2015

tamara 3 blog 1“Zach brush your teeth, bed in 5 minutes”, I say yelling over the video game he’s lost in. “Awe come on Tamara, give me a half hour, please? Those baby blue eyes staring at me. Fine I say smiling, thirty minutes then to bed you go! Zach jumps over the sofa and kisses me on the cheek. My face instantly grows warm. “Thanks Tamara you’re the best”! Yea Yea go and finish your game. One hour later, Zach is finally in bed and I get to put my feet up. It’s ten thirty and Zach’s parents wont be home till midnight. I send a few txts and web surf on my phone. A pornsite pops up, the last thing I search and the image instantly soaks my panties. Zach upstairs in bed, I decide to get myself off really quick. Pulling out my breast I tug my nipple and the sensation sends ripples through me. Easing my hand in my shorts, ready to cure my ache, Zach walks in. Tamara? His voice squeaky all of a sudden, he just stares. Babysitter phone Sex makes my pussy purr. Zach is a beautiful boy, tall and has most beautiful head of hair that I would love to just grab while shoving his face in my cunt. Mmmmm. What did you need love? Umm ahh umm. His cock is standing at attention and long for a thirteen year old’s. “Umm I could sleep, and came to get  a glass of water” You like what you see don’t you? Tell you what, it will be our little secret. I let you touch and play and you wont tell your mom and dad about me playing with my pussy on their couch. Besides would’nt you rather play with me than yourself? “Fuck yea”! Then come to me baby. Zach is on the sofa with me in less then five seconds as I feed him my pierced breast, fuck he’s good at this. He rub and plays with the other. Let me see that dick baby, I pull it out and wow! He’s long and hard just how I like them. Has anyone ever sucked your cock Zach? He shakes his head no and I look at him while licking the tip of his dick like a lolly pop. OMFG he screeches. Zach’s head falls back and five minutes later, his cum squirts all over. He’s breathing heavy and his eyes are glazed over. I kiss him softly on the lips, there baby that should help you sleep. Zach stares at me like he’s lovesick. Now I’m going to finish playing in my pussy, you want to watch? Of course unless you can go again?


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Mwah! Kiss from your Chocolate Princess Tamara







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CHARITY- Sissification phone sex

by Charity on February 10, 2015

charityHey there little boy! Are you looking for some Sissification Phone Sex? Oh,well baby you came to the right lady. I`m Charity, the hot Domme who loves to turn men into my little bitch, my little sissy boy. Its time my trainee to relieve the stress of being a man. I must say your making the right choice wanting to be more girly.

Now its time take that nasty man outfit off and put something on that is way more Sexy. Here are some of my silky and lacy panties, slide these on and stand up right for me! WOW, You look beautiful! I will add some blush and eyeliner, then the real fun can begin. Quick, Lets do this.

You better hold on tight, because now that you all nice and pretty im about to make you my little sissy FUCKDOLL! Tell me your a sissy FAG baby i want to hear you scream it from the top of your lungs while i have to starring at your cock, and dressed like a pretty lady!  I am just getting started, you want to be a BIG SISSY??? Call me and we will have a BLAST with Sissification Phone SEX.


1 855 553 2339

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Daddy’s Teen Twat Phonesex

by Scarlet on May 30, 2014

scarlet phonesex

I love kinky fantasy ageplay and daddy’s teen twat phonesex. My mom left herself go after my brother and I were born so daddy started to take a special interest in me. He used to always tuck me in at night. mom became more distant and eventually took a night job. I had lots of time with daddy alone as mommy was the one paying the bills. Daddy started drinking lots and smoking fun stuff. I soon joined in and became daddy’s secret incest princess. He told me that he was in love with me and not mommy. He laid me down and kissed me on the lips and worked his way down to my bald pussy. I felt so good to finally squirt in his eager mouth.We decided to get rid of mommy by making her life intolerable. she finally left and took my brother so daddy and I now live as man and future tiny wife. I offer taboo talk. Try me for daddy’s teen twat phonesex.

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Kinky Phone Sex Confessions

by Paprika on December 8, 2013


Kinky phone sex confessions, I want to hear about them especially if they are taboo! I am a nasty mother that likes playing with my younglings. I  Rub and touch all those hot pink naughty spots and watch as they squirm as the good feeling rushes over their tiny bodies. I know you have a nasty incest fantasy that is just aching to be let out!

I am an experienced phone sex operator who not only has real experience, but loves to fulfill all taboo phone sex fantasies. So don’t be shy I want to hear about the extreme fantasies that are taking over your thoughts when you’re horny and vigurously stroking your cock.

Grab the lube and pick up the phone if you are ready for hot no limits no taboos phonesex role- play with me. My pussy aches for some kinky action and I look forward to hearing your kinky phone sex confessions!

Taboo Phone sex with mommy


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Clothed Female Naked Male Phone Sex

by Drea on December 1, 2013

Clothed Female Naked Male Phone Sex

Go about your business you sexy thing  and we can play at Clothed Female Naked Male Phone Sex.  You tempt me with that thick and juicy dick you know.  But the less I give you what you want the more you show off for me and I like it like that.  A game of will where you flaunt in front of me and I am completely unphased by it.  

I might even have to bring some friends over to really frustrate you. Go on and prance around with your tight strong body.  We aren’t looking.  You try to make me jealous by trying to flirt with them, but you end up very frustrated again… because NOT ONE OF US is noticing you.  Do you feel worthless?  Unseen?  Emasculated?  Makes you want to try harder, huh?  

Well, why don’t get go get all the girls some drinks and then get on your knees for us.  I know that you are hoping that one of us will need your cunnilingus services, but I don’t foresee that happening. Keep trying through.  You look very sexy trying.  Clothed Female Naked male Phone Sex. 

Lose yourself inside…


Clothed Female Naked Male Phone Sex

1-855-229-3732   or 1-855-BBW-DREA

Meet me and the ladies in “THE Phone Sex Chat Room”

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Panty Fucking Phone Sex

by bliss on February 15, 2013

I have a huge collection of panties that I use for my Panty Fucking Phone Sex.  My favorite pair are these little pink ones with purple and yellow flowers on them that I kept from the little five year old I babysit.  Smelling and tasting her young child juices.  I love rubbing them against my pussy, mixing my wetness with hers.  Slip them on and wear them out, imagining that she was that close to me.  Take a pair of little child panties and slide them over your cock; let you smell them, taste them.  I have so many for you to choose from, all ages, all sizes.  Stroke your cock with one of those adorable little undies until you cover my collection with your hot cum.  If my extreme collection of tiny little undies makes your cock rock hard, give me a call for some Panty Fucking Phone Sex.

Age Play Phone Sex

1-855-55-DADDY (1-855-553-2339)

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Teeny Bopper Amanda and Her Cock Loving Daddy

by Amanda on January 9, 2012

My name is Amanda and I am a daddy loving teeny bopper. My daddy and I love to play around together, especially when it comes to daddy taking my teenage toy cock into his mouth. He loves my teenage toy cock so much, that he even takes it in the ass. amandad2 204x300 Teeny Bopper Amanda and Her Cock Loving Daddy
Can’t wait to share all of my dirty little daddy secrets with you.
Call Me at: 1-866-6-KITTEN and ask for Kitten Amanda
Some of My Favorite Phonesex Calls Include:
Teen, AgePlay, Gang Bangs, Oral Sex Family Fun, Accomplice, Nympho Anal Sex more!

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