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Teen Phone Sex

by Caydee on May 13, 2016

Kinky Caydee Teen phonesex

Hey there its Caydee again the Teen Phone Sex girl you have been thinking about all day long! I want to tell you about a naughty sex experiment I thought we could enjoy together. One I thought would blow your mind from one end to another. It has to do with a lot of cock a lot of cum and a lot of sex! I was thinking a friend invited me to s sex party one day so I thought I would go there were no clothes allowed so I wore the bare minimal. I was so excited my juices ran down my leg and into my shoe. I could smell my heat in the air as I walked closer to the house. It was only a few blocks so I walked there I opened the door there was nothing really in the front room other than I heard music.
I walked in and closed the door and a girl stepped from behind the door naked! I got really excited at that point she was the same age as me with red hair. She told me to take everything off I did and I walked to the next room! There was Gang Bang Phone Sex everywhere! It was so hot! You could smell the sex in the air the music was on and these guys were fucking girls like there was no tomorrow!
I could really get used to these kinds of parties as a Big Black guy grabbed me and threw me on the couch spread my legs and started fucking me I was so hot with his Big Black Cock Phone Sex I couldn’t think straight he fucked me nice and hard and I couldn’t wait to see and feel other hot cocks in my tight little Teen Phone Sex pussy as the night went on!

Kinky Caydee

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Bratty Teen Slut Phonesex

by Cookie on February 20, 2016

cookie phonesex

I am a dirty little bitch into hot ageplay talk and bratty teen slut phonesex. I get off on teasing and playing games with older men especially my teachers. I was molested by my uncle and enjoyed it very much. He was gentle and told me that I was his secret incest princess. when my daddy found out he did not let me play with my uncle anymore. He punished me by spanking my ass red raw then forced me to suck his daddy cock and be his cum slut whore. I now enjoy all the attention that men give me. I tease and deny and flirt with my teachers at school. I am a sweet looking girl but a slut deep down. I seduce men and want to be punished with a big cock hard. I love my bald cunt licked and I can be a demanding teen diva needing to squirt on daddy’s eager face loads.I want to be a nasty lolita and have a sugar daddy that buys me gifts in exchange for sex with my tiny body.Men are powerless to resist my captivating teen spell.I know that my favorite seduction was my teacher because he was really shy and tried hard to resist me but I won him over with my smile and kiss! It is the perfect time to play taboo games with a wild at heart girl who loves mind fucks! Cum into my special and perverse world where ageplay games meets dark play grounds. I offer uncensored talk.


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Rough Phone Sex

by Calypso on September 14, 2015

Once a week or so I get together with my Fuck Buddy for a marathon of super-kinky sex. It’s no secret I like things rough… pulling hair, ass fisting, whips and toys, role play, you name it!! I’ve had him tied up, bent over, ridden like a wild bull…but he kept teasing me, telling me I wasn’t rough enough. I’d had a couple stiff drinks the other night and jumped in the shower before he got to my place. I answered the door in a sexy silky robe and nothing under, and asked him straight up if he really wanted me to let go and be really rough. He was so excited I saw his cock get hard in his pants!

I first forced him to his knees and shoved my hard cock so far down his throat that he began to gag loudly and choke on my fat dick! I pulled out a moment and he smiled and reached down for his own cock before I grabbed him by the hair and rammed my shecock right down his throat again! Each forceful blow was harder than the last as I slammed every inch of me in his mouth. “Is this what you wanted? Is this rough enough for you?” I shouted out… His eager response was accompanied by nodding and a wide smile.

calypso 3I fucked his face violently. Spit was running down his face mixing with the tears, and I was totally speechless. I bet next time he thinks I am going too easy on him he will remember gasping for a breath while I ram all 8 inches of my thick shecock down his slut throat!! I take Rough Phone Sex all the way…

Calypso ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Nasty secrets make good fuck friends Phone Sex

by Vanity on August 19, 2015

I always have hid my big thick dick in my panties, and I was told to never share my shemale secrets. Mommy always had me dressed in skirts and dresses, but with cute girl clothes I had to hide my cock very good. Mommy would tuck my meat into lace and tied my balls up pretty.  Mommy would reward her little girl by letting me fuck her mouth right before school. My mom had a lot of secrets and daddy was never to ever know, unless daddy could get it out of me that is.

Do you have a naughty little secret you want to share? We all have secrets, some bigger than others. We get to the point that we have to speak to someone, anyone about our secrets or they will eat us alive. Well, I’m that listening ear that you need. You will be able to expel all of your demons once you reveal your secrets to me, no matter what secret may be. You can tell me how you secretly long for cock and you have all of your life. You can even tell me about the dreams of fucking a shemale whore who has a gaping ass hole.

One secret of mine I can share with you, I have a hard dick right now and it needs to be slurped up. I won’t share your secrets this time, but I can’t promise to keep them forever. Sometimes blackmailing your cock cums in handy. Especially when you won’t give me my way..

Share you nasty secrets and fantasies with Vanity.. We could become nasty phone sex friends!

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Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.25.17 AM

I’ve been a bad little girl today, and I need to be punished. Spank Wicked Little Darla Phone Sex Daddy, I crave your discipline. I got caught again with my hands down my pants in church.  Sister Pussylicious gave me a few good hard swats, but nothing beats my bottom like the back of Daddy’s hand. You warned me the last time I was a bratty princess that there would be serious consequences, but I didn’t listen so now I have to pay. I know you really won’t scold your precious little girl, Daddy. I have you wrapped around my manicured little smelly finger.

To my surprise you dig deep into your paternal principals, and put me right over your strong knee to teach me the lesson you promised. I know I’m such a wicked little girl Daddy, but my naughty parts can be so perfect for you to slip in and use up. You always taught me that I deserve to feel good inside, well now its time for you to feel good inside of me. This dirty girl needs to make Daddy feel like the disciplinary dynamo that commands the respect of his little cum slut.

Time and time again the nuns have found me with my sticky fingers down my panties, and they tell me what a naughty filthy brat I am. They say a sinner like me deserves some funtimewithdaddy.com which seems more like a reward to me. Your the only one that can straighten me out with you’re Spanking Phonesex Blogs. So I fall to your feet submitting to whatever Daddy wants with his babydoll.

xxx  Wicked Little Darla  xxx


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Tight Pussy Phone Sex

by Becky on July 1, 2015

You don’t just want any old average pussy; you want the best, the wettest, the tightest… There’s only one perfect tight pink hole that can quench your thirst! I adore having Tight Pussy Phone Sex with you and will be certain to rock your world!! Slide your finger inside and feel for yourself just how tight my precious pussy is…

Do you crave to slide your cock inside a hot Barely Legal Teen? My tight cunt will squeeze your cock in ways you’ve only wished your wife’s could… She’s all loose and dried up and never has the time or energy for you. It’s sad really… But don’t worry. You’re in luck because I love to have hot Cock Worship Phone Sex and I’ll make you feel like a stud again. I’ve got everything your wife is lacking… Let me help you drain your balls!

Barely Legal Teen Becky

You’ll beg for more when I climb on top of you and put my perky teen tits in your face as I lower my juicy pussy onto your hard throbbing cock. A little is never enough, I know you want more more more of the Cock Riding Phone Sex magic… and since I’m the horny teen slut who never grows bored of fucking we can go all night!

Will you pull out and cover me in your hot creamy cum or will you indulge my secret little fantasy of Creampie Phone Sex? I want to feel your hot load exploding inside me, filling me with all your cum. I won’t waste a drop!

Your naughty tight pussy teen…

Becky ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Brother & Sister Phone Sex

by Roni on February 27, 2015

roni phone sex

Naughty  brother & sister phone sex!

I think I’ve always had a crush on my older brother ever since that last time I walked in on him while he was busy stroking his cock to a home video of him and his latest skank. I can’t help how I feel! It was the first time I had ever seen a cock as big as his and it really turned me on.  I ended up playing with my sticky bald cunny lips standing right there watching.
So when he had his fuck toy over for the weekend, I listened and fucked myself to the two of them fucking all night long.  At first i’ll admit I was very jealous but my sweet young cunny was begging for me to fuck it good and hard.

I feel like role playing  naughty  brother & sister phone sex!

Dirty  Incest Phone Sex


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Butt Sex Phone Sex

by Roni on August 13, 2014

roni phone sex

OK So I’m not like a lot of my girlfriends, most of them have had butt sex phone sex or some type of anal fun. Except for me! I know what you are thinking, you think maybe I’ve been curious and used a toy but no I haven’t. This makes my tiny butt a virgin!!!! You can laugh at me if you want to but I just never was ready- until today. That’s right I am finally ready to get my tiny dark hole filled. And I want it to be you that takes my tight butt virginity!
What do you think about that could you do me that favor and rill my dark hole with your cock? Don’t worry about being too rough or too gentle I think I am a big enough girl now to handle what you want. Besides even if you are rough and nasty I might really enjoy it!
Call me and give me that butt sex phone sex I crave!

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Sweet Dirty Sweaty Ass Phone Sex

by Roni on March 18, 2014


Cum over here behind my sweet dirty sweaty ass phone sex.  You know you just can’t get enough of my soft flesh brushing up against your prickly face. It makes your cock so hard and my pussy soaking wet as I just watch it grow to the slight jiggle in my cheeks as they just barely graze your nose, lips and chin. I know you want it real bad!

So why not give in and bury your face deep between my perky butt cheeks, and take a deep breath before you dig in and lick me clean using that long pointy tongue.

I know how much you crave a young sweaty smelling ass on your face, especially if it has been a few days since my last steaming hot shower.

So In the meantime I am going to work out and make it even dirtier and creamier just for your nose and tongue.

Call me for my sweet dirty sweaty ass phone sex!

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Government Shutdown Phone Sex Special

by Barbie on October 15, 2013


Ready for some xxx action? Use the Government Shutdown Phone Sex Special to add five minutes to your paid fifteen or more minutes call. That is right we are giving five minutes FREE to contribute to the economy. LOL. Now lots of my callers are taking advantage of this special to share in their nasty erotic thoughts. Push the limits with Bad Bad Barbie, and make that cock dance the cum tango. Evil laugh.

The anarchy special does last as long as the government is closed. Once it opens, back to normal on prices for your taboo calls. Really it has been three weeks, and those power guys still cant play nice. Well, it is a reward for us! Maybe I need to send them a thank you note. Giggles.

Last night one of my callers actually pretend he was the President. OMG. It was so hot that big black dick. One of my favorites to play with and fuck. LOL. Why not enjoy your political dreams with our government shutdown phone sex special.

Government Shutdown Phone Sex Special


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