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Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

by Ferrah on August 8, 2014

Diaper Fetish Phone SexI’ve bred, raised and babysat a great many diaper wearing crumb-snatchers in my time.  So, it should be no surprise that I am overqualified to handle a little one-on-one session of Diaper Fetish Phone Sex, for my deviantly delinquent ABDL callers.  And, what’s one or a thousand more, right?!  Anyway, I love that there is a need for my Mommy/Baby fetish pleasuring skills.  Because, I’ll let you in on a little secret…. I indulgently get off on it too!  Hehehehehe!!  I mean, to know that my “large” bundle of joy needs me to not only make sure that he is always clean and dry, but, to also give his horny wiener all the maternal attention and lusting love that he expects and deserves from his caring Mommy, is all the vivacious validation I need, to go that extra “hundred miles”, leaving no sinfully shameless stone unturned, and no indecent arousing avenue not traveled down.  Any time my Baby wants anything, I will be on my P’s & Qs, ready to focus and perform.  And whatever he desires to do in the sweet confines of his trusty diaper, well, far be it from me to tell him he can’t.  Because I am not willing to deal with any further hissy fits.  Besides, that’s what I’m there for first.  To take care of his Diaper Fetish Phone Sex needs.

Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

(855) 553-2339

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ABDL Phone Sex

by Naomi on March 19, 2013

 I will be your ABDL Phone Sex mommy to you and dress you in those big white cloth diapers with cute large pins and plastic pants. Mommy will take time to wipe your pee-pee and widdle behind clean when you have gone potty in your pants. I will Powder you and make sur your all clean for mommy! After mommy diapers you I will put you in your favorite ruffled butt panties and lay you in your special built crib for nighty night time. Let your  ABDL Phone Sex  mommy sing you a song…Twinkle twinkle…shhhhh….



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Colleens Grannie Phonesex

by Colleen on December 18, 2011

colleen3 207x300 Colleens Grannie Phonesex

Do you need a release from your job? Or even your day to day life?  Do you wish that just for a little while you could be free? Grannie Colleen would love to take you back to the days when you were cared for and all your needs were met! –You want to be an Adult baby? Grandma will calm you…..let you suckle from my breasts. I’ll even powder your bottom and change your diaper! Then put you down for a nap. All your worries will disappear in one hot phone sex call. It’s a dream that can I can make come true. Just pick up the phone.




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Diaper Fetish Phonesex By Calista

by Calista on August 31, 2011

diapersI am a dirty and very horny old bitch who gets off on young girls in diapers and putting my men in them too.I have a wild imagination and adore being in charge.I will put you in a trance and spank your ass.You will have a little cbt fun and get to play with the girls I babysit.I can be hardcore and get into some toilet play and ass worship.I offer fetish phonesex and no limits talk.Release your perverted mind to me today.You can also email me ideas.






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