by EzEditor on October 28, 2011


We want to thank ALL the many of our loyal customers who have blown the whistle on those who would attempt to mimic us. Because we never want you to settle for less than the best, and we want you to be sure of who *WE* are, please check out our newly remodeled site and its fresh, new look! We will be updating and remodeling all of our sites one by one, so as not to be confused with those who have copied us, but can never BE us.  Please note that until and while this site by site remodeling is done, ALL THE LINKS on the front of Fetish Foxxx are OUR sites. If you don’t see the link there, its not the same girls you have known and loved for so long.

We do NOT bill as FSL LLC, KLW Productions, or KLW Services.  If you have been billed by any of these three  names, located in Stillwell, Kansas, we will assist you in getting your money back.

Don’t be taken in by imposters and all the rest,  stick with us, ’cause we’re the best.

Please continue forwarding us the emails you have received from them and calling us at our Whistle Blower hotline, 1-866-908-7772, to blow that whistle loudly. You will keep receiving a free call for every time you send us new info you’ve received.  It works both ways! You blow for us, and we blow your minds for free!

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