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Mommy’s Good Little Hooker Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 7, 2015



I am a complete Daddy’s girl! Sure, most of my favorite orgasms came from my Daddy’s hard cock, but that doesn’t mean that Mommy didn’t like to play too! Mommy was just…more sinister in regards to her baby girl’s cunt…On weekends when Daddy worked double shifts, mommy would dress me up in super sexy outfits and take me with her on dates. Many times, we’d meet older men at fancy restaurants where they would discuss all the nasty things they planned to do to him in snickering whispers. I remember I was told to sit quietly and never say a word to the man unless asked a direct question. Even then I was usually only allowed to answer “Yes”, or “No”. At first, when I didn’t understand what was going on I would be creeped out by the gentlemen. I could feel their eyes glazing over my hot little body. I could only imagine the naughty thoughts they were having about me. At first, it made me want my Daddy! But Mommy never let me take my cellphone with me on our dates so I had to be a good girl. Sometimes, after dinner we’d drive with the gentlemen to a fancy hotel and be lead to a fancy suite where I could take a bubble bath and clean up before “Playtime”. Other times, the man would lead us to his house or worse a smelly ruin-down motel. Wherever I was taken, the same thing usually ended up happening; my sweet little pussy and asshole would be rammed by a big fat cock. My sweet mouth forced to suck cock after cock. I used to hate it at first, none of these perverts were ever nice to me like my Daddy. My mommy would watch her little girl get fucked from the sidelines; smoking a cigar and playing with her own pussy. Depending on how much money the men paid her they were allowed to do other things to me; BDSM, Orgasm control, even leave marks on my cute little body. I could go into more detail, but honestly the memories make my sweet little pussy drip and I need to

touch myself before I explode….maybe you can help me? Give me a call…my pussy can’t wait for you much longer!


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Call Me anytime: 1-855-553-2339

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Cuckold Daddy Phone Sex Part Two

by Avril on February 20, 2015

cuckold daddy phone sex part two

As we drove home during cuckold daddy phone sex part two, Daddy yelled and pitched a fit and asked me where I got those slutty clothes from. I calmly said I had just bought a whole bunch of clothes and they were in my closet.  When we got home, he was still yelling and spewing about how it was indecent and that a young lady should never do the things I had been doing and attempting lately. He was talking a mile a minute and walked into my room looking to rip open my closet and throw out all the new clothes I had told him about.

The room was dark, and he was yelling, so he didn’t hear anything to tip him off.  Two men that I had promised favors for after, came out of the dark, gripped Daddy by the arms and forced him down into a chair. Daddy was shocked and he was slammed down very, very hard.

He was thrashing around and then settled for just a moment when I stood in front of him, kissed his forehead and nose and then a little kiss on the lips.  Telling him I was older now and I have needs. When I started to unzip my dress, he lost it again and started struggling until he was exhausted.  I stripped for him, and put my little teen titties in his face.  He was moaning and I could see, that though he was saying no, his cock was saying yes.

“Don’t you think it’s a little odd to keep me separate from everyone else daddy?  Don’t you think it’s odd how jealous you get when other men touch me?  Were you thinking of saving me for yourself Daddy?  I can see you want me”, I say mischievously, as I lightly slap at his fully erect cock through his pants. I take his dick out and is rock hard standing at attention. The whimpers and moans he makes as I touch him make me giggle. I whisper in his ear as I jerk him off slowly, asking him if he wants to fuck his pretty little girl during Cuckold Daddy Phone Sex Part Two.


Xo Avril oX

Cuckold Daddy Phone Sex Part Two


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Ageplay Princess Phonesex

by Rae on January 25, 2015

rae phonesex

I am a kinky girl who loves ageplay princess phonesex. I know lots of men enjoy being my special daddy. I am submissive and will do all the sexy things you want like a good girl. I especially enjoy being spanked over your knee then made to suck your cock like a good little cum slut. I will make you smile and feel like I deserve to be your sex doll. I have an innocent face and will go to the beach or woods and then we can be outdoors and pretend to be playing but it is just our kinky foreplay before you take me to the car and we have sex and risk getting caught. That is what makes us feel alive. I do like being punished and forced to take it up my tight ass too.I am ready to be your sweet daughter and let daddy use and abuse my tiny body. I offer no limits talk. Try me for ageplay princess phonesex.

Nasty Ageplay Doll Phonesex


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Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 8, 2014

I am a total girly girl who is a innocent Daddy’s little girl phone sex slut. I love being used, being abused, being humiliated, being treated like the worthlessnaomi-12 little teen cunt I am. When I get involved with strong, dominant men, they tend to push me farther and farther and try to find my limits. When it comes to complete submission to a man, I don’t have any limits whatsoever, at least that I’ve been able to find thus far.  I enjoy being a cock tease, and I can tease relentlessly until I gain complete and total  control of your mind and your orgasms. I love when a man comes on my demand, thats fucking HOT! Older men have always fallen prey to my cute smile, but don’t let my innocent face fool you…I am definitely NOT an angel or the cute little domme teen seductress, I can go mild to wild depending on my mood. I like that I can use my innocent Daddy’s little girl phone sex look to get what I want and if I want to-to take control.


Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)






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Daddy Fantasies Of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

by Clinton on August 18, 2014

clintoncreepyneiborblog1My daddy is a big time party animal and he always has all of the guys over to our house . He would always let me hang around them and he would always make me drink . He told me that he has always had Daddy Fantasies Of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex.

He would do really Dirty things to me in front of his friends like make me show them my Teen tits or my Young cunt .

All his friends know that I am off limits and that I’m Daddy’S Sweet Little Princess , that only he can touch.

He is very Dominate and makes me be Dirty Little Girl whenever he wants me to.

I have had to do some very naughty things for my daddy , but his favorite thing he likes to have me doing is Eating Cum.

And he has made me do it at a poker gave in front of his friends . I have no choice I have to do whatever his tells me too and  he likes me to drink . I never question his Daddy Fantasies Of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex.


Daddy Fantasies Of Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

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Jerk Your Cock For Me Sex

by Clinton on July 8, 2014

clinton ageplayprincessI know that you wanna Jerk Your Cock For Me Sex. I notice you watching me and you always have a bulge .

Are you thinking about me in ways your not suppose to daddy?

You can tell me I won’t tell anyone I promise , really I have a secret to tell you .

I came home from cheer practice the other day early because our coach was out of town and when I walked down the hallway I noticed that my room door was open and there you were with my panties around your cock just jerking away.

I couldn’t believe my eyes daddy and  I knew that you would just stop if you noticed me so I backed away and started to record you with my cell cam.

Once you were done I put up my phone and pretended to just now be coming down the hall.

Then I went into my room and shut the door so I could watch you jerk off in my panties while I touched myself.

Would you like to Jerk Your Cock For Me Sex?

Call Me


Jerk Your Cock For Me Sex

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Babysitter Phone Sex with lil KiNsLeY.

by Kinsley on February 17, 2013

Babysitter Phone SexBabysitter Phone Sex with lil KiNsLeY.

Have you ever wanted to have fun with a babysitter? I love having Babysitter Phone Sex, wanting you to be the husband getting home early and seeing me laid on the sofa half asleep. Young and hot, needing a mature hard cock inside me, imagine you wanking  your hard cock over me while I sleep, then waking up and giving me a hard fast fuck before you wife gets home. I get off on the thought of taking your spunk leaving your wife missing out, and on Babysitter Phone Sex you can be that guy.

Taboo Teen Kinsley  1-855-33-CANDY (22639)
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Princess Phone sex

by Logan on June 8, 2011

I love being a PrincessDon’t you wanna fuck me hard?  You know I’m a little Princess and get what I want when I want it!  You gonna give it to me?  Cuz if you don’t I’m gonna tell Daddy and he will make you fuck me hard!  He loves to pimp me out and make men do things for me.  See Daddy knows how to blackmail men so his princess gets what she wants!  Yeah he can get things on you, he has your IP address already with you just reading my blog.  He knows how to find where you live and get me what I want.  What do I want?  A good hard fucking and wild sex!  Something your prude ass wife knows nothing about!  Little girls like me love to play roles with old dudes like you.  Now cum and play with me!  Or Daddy will make you cum to me!  Bratty Princess Phone sex!




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