Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

by Drea on October 4, 2016

Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

drea2aUh oh…I caught you, daddy! You’re not supposed to be dressing up in mommy’s clothes. You look like a girl when you put on her pretty pink bra like that. You beg me to keep quiet saying you’ll do anything I want when I Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex. I’m going to get daddy’s credit card to go shopping and buy whatever I want because daddy wants me to keep his pretty little secret. Since you think putting on mommy’s bra was a good idea, maybe you’d look even better in this garter belt with back seam stockings. I make you lie down on the bed and point your toes while I slide the sexy nylons up over your knees and fasten them at the thigh. You protest when I bring some ruby red lipstick to you and make you pucker up. Don’t worry daddy, the pictures I take won’t be for mommy’s eyes…as long as I get what I want. Come on daddy, I want you to buy me some new shoes. I know you’ve got money, daddy and I want it, so give it to me! I know daddy will do what I want because he doesn’t want mommy to know what he’s up to. I reach under the mattress and pull out mommy’s favorite dildo. It is long and veiny. I love making daddy suck it and show off his cock sucking skills before daddy has to bend over. I want to stretch out that pretty sissy hole. Come on daddy, I want a new phone. Feel me spit on your tight little hole while I stretch you out with his big hard cock. Daddy’s going to buy me everything I want and let me fuck his tiny hole if he knows what’s good for him. Come on daddy, give me a call. It’s time for Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex.

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Daddy Wants to Fuck Me Phone Sex Part 2

by Jade D on January 23, 2016

You know you wanna read part 1 😉
His cock inflates immediately at the sight of my fingers rubbing my young clit, my perfect tits bouncing harder the faster I rub!
He’s speechless. I see a wet circle of premium start to shape on the crotch of his jeans. “Daddy, am I making you hard?!” I giggle at him. “It’s ok, Step-Daddy gets hard for me, like, all the time.”
Dad looks furiously jealous hearing this information. “Has he ever been inside of your pussy?” Dad asks me, trying to suppress his anger. His cock was getting even harder. Apparently, being jealous makes Daddy rock hard! I don’t answer and he starts undoing his pants. “Dad, what are you doing?”
He drops his pants, revealing his massive cock dripping with pre-cum. “Another man gets to fuck my daughter and I’ve never felt that tight little cunt?” he pushes me down on the bed and forces my legs to spread open wide. He’s angry, horny and doesn’t waste a second – he rams his cock in my pussy so hard I can feel my cervix vibrate! I squeal and he fucks me harder. Sweating and panting, he grunts “I’m gonna fill you up with Daddy’s cum so that jackass your mom married will know who you really belong to.” Daddy’s eyes roll back in his head and I feel the cum spurting into my tight hole. I can’t help but start to cum from the sheer pressure! Oh Daddy! Cum in me hard, Daddy!!

 Jade D. 

You know what to do 😉

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Wake up Daddy! Incest Phone Sex

by Amelia on October 18, 2015

Amelia 2

Good morning Daddy! Mommy has left for work early, and it’s just us today! Do you like my sexy baby doll PJ’s? You might be wondering why I am sitting on top of you, my pussy rubbing your crotch through your pants. Well, this sex kitten has been playing with her pussy all morning, waiting for mommy to leave. Now that it’s just you and me, your daughter is demanding play time. I know that you are always the horniest in the morning, and usually you have to fuck mommy. But not this morning, No this morning my young tight pussy is all yours. Let me pull down your pants and rub my wet pussy on the head of your cock. Let me glide my pussy down your shaft. I know you know it feels really good. My teen pussy is hot, wet, and a million times tighter then mommy’s. I know how to make your cum, I know how to tease your big cock in the right way. I will lean over, while I’m riding you and press my soft perky breasts in your face. You’ll be tempted to suck my perky nipples and rub my sexy tight ass. If I feel flushed and hot, don’t worry! I’m just really horny! Daddy always makes this teen pussy crazy! So what are you waiting for daddy? Use your hot teen daughter. I’m all yours. At least until Mommy comes back home! Call me now Daddy! Hehe!

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Welcome Home! Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

by Amelia on October 15, 2015


Welcome home Daddy! Your sweet Daughter has been waiting for you all day. I’m so excited you here! I am your perfect little princess! I made sure I did everything you asked; the house is clean, your dinner is made, and I put on a sexy little outfit for you. Do you like it? Won’t you come sit with me? Maybe I can suck your cock while you pet my hair and tell me all about your day? Or perhaps, you’d like to take your stress out on my perfect little body. I will happily bend over, so you can smack my bottom. All day I have been touching my young pussy, thinking of my hot tight body pressed against yours. This Daddy’s girl wants to cum on Daddy’s cock.

She wants to hop on top of you and grind her pussy on daddy’s cock! Oh jeez daddy, why are you just standing there! Why are you looking at me with those hungry eyes, yet not making a move. Don’t you want me? Come look at my sweet pussy? Isn’t it pink and wet? I bet you’ve been day dreaming about my pussy all day, huh? Well you’re home now, so why don’t you get on your knees and put your face in your daughter’s sweet cunt. That’s right…..that’s right Daddy…I love when you lick my tight pussy. I want to cum in daddy’s mouth. I’m going to cum in daddy’s mouth. You love the taste of your daughter’s cum don’t you daddy? If you do, give me a call

                                                                                              Amelia 2

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Daddy’s Naughty Girl Phone Sex

by Becky on October 4, 2015

Sometimes, I’m a really bad little girl. My Daddy has to spank me, punish me for being so bad! I can’t help it, I’m addicted to Daddy’s Naughty Girl Phone Sex! When my Daddy pulls down my little panties and spanks me, I love the way it feels. I’m the kinky ageplay no limits baby fucktoy that makes you want to fuck her little holes so badly. I go all the way because extreme phone sex really turns me on.

@BUSTYBABEBECKYYou can be my Daddy… what kinky things will you do with your precious baby girl? I always sit on your lap, tease you and give you extreme hard-ons… That’s why I’m in trouble, isn’t it Daddy? Because I grabbed your cock under the table while Mommy was right beside you? You nearly choked on your peas when you felt my tiny hand squeezing your cock and stroking you while she wasn’t looking!

I had to get Daddy’s attention somehow… I can hear him fucking Mommy and sometimes her friends but now it’s my turn and I want it right now! I long to suck your hard cock and feel your hands on the back of my head, forcing yourself down my throat. I will suck all the hot cum, Daddy, draining your balls and asking for a hot creamy load in my tiny pussy too… You make me so horny and I want to be naughty with you Daddy!


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Daddy got me pregnant

by Mickie on February 20, 2015

mickie3I just had  impregnation phone sex with my daddy.   I had noticed my daddy had been eying me the last couple of months. I had been growing up. And, I really liked the attention and knew I was the only thing my daddy couldn’t get. He had money, cars, houses on both coasts. But, he couldn’t get his daughters sweet virgin pussy. Then, one night daddy and I were alone and he told me about his fantasies of being my first. We started to make out a little. He kissed me and kept going further, first taking off my shirt and playing with my nipples to eventually putting his fingers in my pussy. Oh, princess. You really are a virgin. It’s so tight for Daddy… you’re gonna have me cumming real soon, aren’t you, baby?”   I gritted my teeth. “Yes, Daddy!” I grunted, pushing my hips eagerly against his, trying to devour the whole of his cock in one go.   Though it stretched me to my limits, it worked. I impaled myself of Daddy’s big fat cock, scrabbling at the bedspread as I felt it swell inside my tense, tortured walls. I brayed and moaned, spreading my legs wider to ease the burden of taking his humongous cock.

“That’s Daddy’s girl!” Daddy growled, pulling back to pump hard into me. “Goddammit, Mickie. Daddy’s popping your cherry!”   I shivered, reaching between my legs to play with my clit as Daddy fucked me. He was like an unstoppable locomotive, pounding into my pussy with every ounce of strength he had, steadily pummeling me as his dick swelled and pulsed. Daddy was right. He was very close to cumming. I could feel it as he surged forward, almost pushing me off the bed with the intensity of his strokes.   “Daddy’s gonna get you pregnant, baby,” Daddy whispered. His breath was sweltering on my ear, issuing chills up and down my arched spine. “Would you like that? Does Daddy’s princess want him to give her a baby?”   “Yes, Daddy!” I moaned, pressing myself against his hips. I was so close, and every dirty word that dripped from his lips like the sweetest honey pushed me nearer to that edge. “Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum on your cock!”   “That’s it,” Daddy urged me. “Cum for Daddy, princess! Cum on Daddy’s dick! Milk Daddy for his cum! I love my daddy’s cum. Try impregnation phone sex with me!

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Kinsley’s Play Time Phone Sex

by Kinsley on October 23, 2014



I love being daddy’s naughty little girl and having Kinsley’s Play Time Phone Sex with you! The other day daddy was very proud of the little treats I brought home for him to play with. I love having play time with him, so I knew my little friends would too.

Daddy has such sweet kisses, especially when he kisses me on my bald little pussy! My special friends are twins, and I know how much daddy LOVES twins. One boy and one girl, all for daddy’s pleasure. He sat us all on the couch with me in the middle, and gave us all sweet little kisses on our secret private places. He also loves me to watch those special movies with him, so we had our guests watch it too. Daddy gets so excited to see us watch while he plays, and soon he is jerking his cock in front of us and it squirts all over us! :GIGGLE: I love playing Kinsley’s Play Time Phone Sex!

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Dress Me Up In Mommies Clothes Phone Sex

by Clinton on August 30, 2014

dressupMy daddy likes to Dress Me Up In Mommies Clothes Phone Sex. It started a few years back when my mother left us alone she ran off with a younger man and left all her things behind including me and my brother.

My dad never talked about her but you could tell that he was very sad .He would go into his office after work and drink lots of whiskey until he passed out .

The first time I ever went in there to check on him he looked up at me and called me by my mommies name .I didn’t think anything of it I just put the covers on him and closed the door .

The second time I went to check on him he was very drunk and he had a pile of her clothes on his desk and he was sniffing them . He looked up at me and told me that I reminded him of her so much then he started to cry .

I felt so bad for my daddy that I just stood there watching him wishing there was something I could do . He looked over at me and told me that didn’t think he would ever get over her and asked me to try on some of her things I didn’t want to but I did .I took the nighties he handed me and went into the bathroom . I couldn’t believe that they fit me but they fit perfect. I came out to show him and he ran over to me spraying me with her perfume and kissing on my neck. Then  my daddy went into a trance and grabbed me and kissed me right in the mouth he pulled me to the ground and raped me .

After he was done he told me that from now on he would Dress Me Up In Mommies Clothes Phone Sex and I would do whatever he liked.


Dress Me Up In Mommies Clothes Phone Sex

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Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex

by Naomi on July 13, 2014

Want to be my step-naomi phone sexdaddy for today and play daddy/daughter phone sex? Maybe my step-daddy wants to greet me right as I get home from school and fuck me in my tight  little schoolgirl uniform before Mommy gets home. Being my daddy you will tell me to invite one of my little friends home for daddy to enjoy.  Daddy can even teach me and my friends  how to suck cock and take it in our tight little pink little slit with his big daddy dick. Today I’m a very naughty teen slut, ready for anything  and do mean anything. Now I’m just waiting for my naughty daddy to call and for a hot daddy/daughter phone sex. *giggle*

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Little Tits Phonesex

by Terie on December 11, 2013

terie phonesex


I am a very naughty girl and I love little tits phonesex. I am aware of the impact my tiny teen body has on men. I tease and flirt with my daddy and my teachers at school. I just love attention and look innocent but I am not. I asked daddy to take me shopping for a training bra. I asked him if he could measure my titties. He was nervous but said sure. I removed my tight top and he got the tape measure out. He could not resist to touch them and said he loved the size. My tits are small and perfectly formed. Daddy licked them and it made my small nipples quite hard. I got exited and my panties became really moist. I kissed daddy on the lips and he put his hard cock on my nipples and rubbed them. He came all over my chest. I made daddy lick off all the sperm off me. I offer taboo ageplay talk with no limits. Call me for little tits phonesex.

Small Tits Phonesex


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