daddy got me pregnant

Pregnancy Phone Sex With Irma

by Irma on May 3, 2016

Pregnancy Phone Sex With Irma

Pregnancy Phone Sex With Irma

One of my callers absolutely loves Pregnancy Phone Sex calls and talking about fucking women who are about to be a new mommy. I love telling him about how big my belly is getting. He tells me I’m his online girlfriend and wants to be my new offspring’s new daddy. And that he imagines fucking me bareback until I get knocked up with his baby, he loves to talk about his cum shooting deep up into my fertile womb and how his seed would take hold and our munchkin would begin to grow and my breasts start to fill up with milk.

He’s been with pregnant women before and loves the ideas of a big, swollen belly and large, darkening nipples that may start to leak some milk and lactate for him, He loved imagining the wetness of my leaking breasts as I’d ride him and the droplets of milk that would run down my skin for him to lap up as I’m riding him, his strong hands squeezing my tits and squirting even more of the milk out of them, and then his hungry mouth nursing on my tits and his cock gliding in and out of my pussy as I ride him, squeezing my pussy muscles up and down his throbbing shaft. He cradles my growing belly and loves to feel me heavy on top of him. And sometimes he wants to be my daddy! He makes me yell “Daddy got me pregnant!” when I am cumming for him. I love our calls!

He loves to talk about going down on my pregnant pussy, he says my secretions have more of a pungent taste and aroma and it drives him crazy. Teasing my swollen clit with his tongue and sliding a couple of fingers into my dripping wet pussy and slowly twisting them as they come out and then getting me on all fours to fuck me once again. Nothing like a pregnant woman to get my guy going, it’s a special type of turn on for him.



Pregnancy Phone Sex With Irma


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Your Dream Came True I’m Pregnant Phone Sex

by Sue Ann on October 17, 2015


You’ve always had the kinky fantasy of how hot it would be to knock up a dirty little white trash whore like me. And guess what you did it this time.  I guess when you told me you were going to come over and fuck me every morning and every night no matter how I was feeling until you got your dirty little wish, you sure weren’t kidding were you.  And those first twinges of tingles as my little young uterus started to grow was so amazing.  And when I told you I was going to have your baby and you fucked me anyway I think it was way more intense than it ever has been.  Your Dream Came True I’m Pregnant Phone Sex with the dirty little white trash girl SueAnn.

You’ve been watching my belly grow every day, feeling it and rubbing your cock all over it.  Then it dawned on me way you really wanted to get me knocked up. You love the idea of fucking a young teen girl, knocking her up and then fucking her again through the whole pregnancy hoping to feel that baby inside with you big daddy cock.  But I think there might be even more to it than that!  Is there?  I want to know!  Does it turn you on to think when that little one is born what gets to happen next?  I knew you were a naughty daddy, but oh my I think I just wet myself thinking of what you want next! Your Dream Came True I’m Pregnant Phone Sex, cum play with my preggo belly.

Your Dream Came True I’m Pregnant Phone Sex

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Hello Kitty Phone Sex

by Steffi on June 24, 2015


Wanna play Hello Kitty Phone Sex with me? My kitty wants to purr with pleasure. My biology professor was discussing animals today and their habits and I told him my kitty has a BAD BAD HABIT! After class he questioned me what I was talking about. I told him I could show him. Boy, did I ever! I bent over to show him my hot little Hello Kitty panties and his jaw about hit the floor.  Turns out he was ready to teach me a lesson I would never forget! He bent me over his knee, pulled up my skirt, and spanked my tight ass so hard that my ass was hot, pink, and sore for the next three days! Then he sat me on his desk and ate my bald pussy for lunch, he made me so wet…after I was good and wet he bent me over that desk and pounded me so hard but wouldn’t let me cum…he said I was a very bad girl and didn’t earn my A yet! The entire time he was eating me, stuffing me, and making me quiver, he had my panties stuck in his pocket. He told me he knew all about how to make my kitty purr and he wanted to give it a PROPER hello! He popped me up on his desk and shoved my catholic girl skirt around my waist. He pushed my knees up to my shoulders and began pile driving me, making me squeal, moan, and scratch his back! It’s been awhile since I have had someone say hello to my kitty like that again. Maybe it will be YOU!

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Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex

by Sparrow on June 9, 2015

I am walking through your campsite, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.



I see your beautiful wife and daughter through the trees.  Both are tall and thin with tight little dancer asses. Their bodies are so firm and healthy.  Hair pulled up in pony tails for the hot sunny day.  I decide to stir up a little family drama so I walk through the campsite in my shiny gold string bikini.  Walking straight over to you I immediately flirt and giggle.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see your wife instantly gets jealous. Your daughter appalled!   Immediately your wife comes over and introduces herself and stands between you and I, claiming her man and her cock.  I smirk because as she observes our chemistry she slightly acts turned on.  Deciding its the perfect moment, I take your daughter’s hand and lead her to the tent.  I shove her down onto the cot, take my bikini top off as I kneel on her; and tie her hands above her head.  Your wife comes in to see what is going on as I bend over and pull her shirt up. Her little B cup teardrop tits are so perky and firm. Perfect little tits! I get on my knees and begin to suck them.  Your wife, clearly turned on gets on her knees and starts sucking your daughter’s other nipple.
You walk up to the tent and watch us in disbelief as we pull down your daughter’s jean shorts.  Your wife shoves her young long legs up so she can lick your daughter’s cunt.  Your wife’s face deep between her thighs, licking her virgin bald pussy and you stand there amazed. You pull out your 9 inch cock out and begin to stroke while you watch your wife sucking your hot daughter and me biting and sucking her nipples. I stop and look up and put my hand out to you and bring you to your beautiful family.
What would you do if there were no limits, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.


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sueann 1

I’m getting closer to my due date and I’ve noticed I’m starting my big pregnant tits are starting to leak. You are turned on that I’m a slutty knocked up teen with a growing belly, and now you’re going to love me even more. Lusting For Lactation Phone Sex With Knocked Up SueAnn, got milk?

These breasts filling with milk look so appetizing that you just want to hold them in your hands and wraps your lips around them.  Heavy tits filled with milk is your dream come true.  A kinky lactating teen letting you milk me into a cup and take a nice big sips gets your perverted cock so hard.  But I don’t care drink up.  Just think that once the baby comes, they will be so full they will be overflowing!! Like a fountain of milk for you to have any time you please.  Come get some Lusting For Lactation Phone Sex With Knocked Up SueAnn.

Lusting For Lactation Phone Sex With Knocked Up SueAnn

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Knocked Up SueAnn

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Sweet And Innocent Little Girl Phone Sex

by demida on February 26, 2015

Demida  come pop my cherry phonesex, virgin phone sex, little girl phone sexI am such a little baby girl. So petite and shy. I am your sweet and innocent little girl phone sex.Everything about me is pink and puffy. I just love dressing up in my little ballet shoes and tights and tutu and sticky leotard for you. What a little Princess you think to yourself. I love twirling in my baby doll dresses with lace and my shiny little strawberry shortcake lipgloss is so cute on my very pouty little lips. My little cunny  has never been touched. Even by me. My virgin pussy is so bald and small. You just ache to be my first, dont you daddy? As I climb up on your lap, I wiggle around and you start to grow. I dont know what it is…its so hard and pokey! My eyes get so wide as you ask me if I want to see it. I have never seen a cock and dont know what to do with it. I try to wrap my hands around it, but they are small. I have the cutest pink nails though. You laugh to yourself as you see me try to lick it like a lollipop. What a sweet little thing. You cant help but notice how innocent I look , and when you explain to me what we are going to play, your rock hard cock gets even harder! Come play little girl virgin phone sex with exotic little Demida tonight!

Sweet And Innocent Little Girl Phone Sex

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Pregnant Teen Phonesex

by Cookie on February 20, 2015

cookie phonesex

I am naughty and into pregnant teen phonesex. My daddy gott me knocked up and wants me to tell mommy that I am a slut and have no idea who the daddy is. My father and I have been having sex a lot and without protection, He is a sick man and likes to control me. I knew that it would happen sooner or later because daddy is so horny and we have sex several times a day. I am his release. He treats me rough and expects me to suck his cock and tease him before we have sex.I secretly like being abused and gotten so used to squirting for daddy that he gets wild with me.I get used like a dirty teen fuck toy. I know that there is no turning back now. I want daddy all to myself. I am having daddy’s baby and we will run away together. I offer tabo ageplay talk. Call me for pregnant teen phonesex.

Knock Up Daughter Phonesex


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Sweet Kisses 4 Daddy Phone Sex

by Clinton on September 1, 2014

clintonkisses4daddyI have always been a daddies girl I love my daddy so much that’s why I always have Sweet Kisses 4 Daddy Phone Sex .

To be honest my father is the one who taught me how to kiss .(lol)

He showed me everything that I would need to know to wrap any man around my Barely Legal fingers *giggles*

My daddy loves me very much too ,he didn’t want me to learn about sex the hard way so he taught me . He would have me look up sex terms and then he would show me what they were we had so much fun trying all kinds of kinky things together .

I would just look up a sex term like Face Sitting and then daddy would show me what it was.

My favorite thing that he showed me was Kidnapping Roleplays  I really loved being blind folded and tied up.

I guess you can say that I like it rough that’s why I will always have Sweet Kisses 4 Daddy Phone Sex .


Sweet Kisses 4 Daddy Phone Sex 

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Age Play Ass Fucking Phone Sex

by Clinton on August 14, 2014

clintonlegsMy daddy loves to lube me up and have Age Play Ass Fucking  Phone Sex.

My ass was the first thing he opened when he first started to play with me. He told me that he had to use my ass because my baby cunt couldn’t handle his big man cock but my ass would stretch.

So when we first started to play he would only use my back door. He waited a long time because he wanted to wait until my Preteen cunt was ready so he could Impregnate Me.  My daddy has lots of Incest Fantasies , and his cock only gets hard for Tender Young Girls .

He doesn’t care if he has to Rape And Torture them he is wiling to do anything to feed his Pedophile Cocks needs.

He will even stoop to Abduction if he has to. He has made me and my mother both be his accomplice and find him fresh meat .

But no matter what Young Girl he takes in to Abuse and Devirginate  he always only uses me —-his  Dirty Little Girl for Age Play Ass Fucking  Phone Sex.


Age Play Ass Fucking  Phone Sex

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Pregnant Lil Phone Sex Slut Julie

by Julie on October 25, 2011

Daddy loves fucking his baby girl Julie. He comes into my room every night before bed and makes sure he gives me a nice big load of baby making cum. He knows he wants to get me pregnant. Well the other day, i couldn’t buckle my size 2 jeans. I snuck into the local pharmacy and found a pregnancy test. I hid it under my shirt and went home with it. While mommy and daddy were gone, i took the test. I cant believe it… My daddy got me PREGNANT!!!!!

If you want to get your girl pregnant with phone sex then call me now…

10 week pregnancy belly picture 725x800 Pregnant Lil Phone Sex Slut Julie

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