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Gape Me Phone Sex

by Caydee on November 13, 2015

Phonesex caydee

Daddy, look at my butt-hole it is perfectly fine, nice and tight ready for you to push your cock in and gape me phone sex. You know how much I like it when you spit on my dirty ass hole tonguing it, especially at the same time as you take your thick fingers and ram them into my young ass hole so hard and deep.  It  makes me moan so loud the way you wiggle your  long tongue in and out of my  winking dark shitter, because I know you are getting me ready for those thick fingers!
I know how much you like hearing me scream out for more as you jam your thick fingers into the dark hole opening me up even more until you  see i’m ready for you to pull your hard daddy cock out,  and fuck me  my ass.

It feels so good the way you give it to me daddy, that I can’t help but push my body back forcing your big daddy dick deeper and deeper.

Call me  soon daddy,  I want you to fuck me in all my naughty holes especially brown ass hole, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about our little get together, but you better hurry my brown eye is winking at you!

Kinky Caydee


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Bath Time with Daddy Phone Sex!

by Amelia on October 15, 2015


Its bath time, Daddy! This teen whore filled the tube with warm water and bubbles! Won’t you please get in the water with me? I know the thought of your sexy daughter’s naked body covered in bubbles is perhaps too much too bear. But I promise, I won’t tell mommy. It’ll be our little secret. We can start by washing my hair. Don’t you want to run your fingers through my long golden locks? Then my breasts. I’ll rest with my back against your chest. You’ll reach over and rub my cute little breasts with scented bubbles and warm water. Perhaps, you’ll tease me at times; pulling and twisting my perky nipples. Then you’ll wash the rest of my body, up my legs and down my waist. I want you to leave my pussy for last, Daddy. I am, a horny slut, and at this point I will be nothing more than a puddle of desire. You must wait, and the moment your hand cups my pussy I want you to be gentle. I know you love the look of my pussy, and you dream about how it would feel around your hard cock. I know your first instinct is going to be to finger my tight pussy until I cry in orgasm. Your naughty daughter wants to fuck you and feel your fingers inside her. But not today, today we are just taking a nice long bath. If you’re lucky, I’ll rub my sexy ass against your cock. But only if you’re a good daddy, and you come join me.

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Hello Kitty Phone Sex

by Steffi on June 24, 2015


Wanna play Hello Kitty Phone Sex with me? My kitty wants to purr with pleasure. My biology professor was discussing animals today and their habits and I told him my kitty has a BAD BAD HABIT! After class he questioned me what I was talking about. I told him I could show him. Boy, did I ever! I bent over to show him my hot little Hello Kitty panties and his jaw about hit the floor.  Turns out he was ready to teach me a lesson I would never forget! He bent me over his knee, pulled up my skirt, and spanked my tight ass so hard that my ass was hot, pink, and sore for the next three days! Then he sat me on his desk and ate my bald pussy for lunch, he made me so wet…after I was good and wet he bent me over that desk and pounded me so hard but wouldn’t let me cum…he said I was a very bad girl and didn’t earn my A yet! The entire time he was eating me, stuffing me, and making me quiver, he had my panties stuck in his pocket. He told me he knew all about how to make my kitty purr and he wanted to give it a PROPER hello! He popped me up on his desk and shoved my catholic girl skirt around my waist. He pushed my knees up to my shoulders and began pile driving me, making me squeal, moan, and scratch his back! It’s been awhile since I have had someone say hello to my kitty like that again. Maybe it will be YOU!

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Ass Fucking Phone Sex with Daddy

by laurell on May 15, 2015

laurell3I snuck down the hall to Mommy’s and Daddy’s room last night! Their door was slightly open – I peeked in and saw Daddy stroking his big cock while begging Mommy to let him fuck her in the ass. Mommy told him no over and over again and said that it would never happen. Daddy got frustrated and rolled over, still stroking his long, hard cock. While Daddy was rolling over, he glanced towards the door and caught me standing there staring with my hand between my phone sex legs. I ran away as quickly and as I quietly as I could – back to my room and into my bed.
It wasn’t long before I heard Daddy’s footsteps getting closer and closer. Daddy came into my room and caught me with my hand between my legs again. He walked over to my bed, ripped my blankets off, and stroked his cock as he watched me roll my little clit under my fingers.
“Do you want to be Daddy’s good girl, baby doll?” Daddy asked as he pumped his cock in his hand.
“Oh, yes, Daddy! I always want to be your good little girl!” I exclaimed.
Daddy pulled me up out of bed and helped me undress. Once Daddy had me completely naked, he spun me around and bent me over my bed. Daddy spread my ass cheeks open, wet his finger down, and started to circle it around my tight, pink ass hole. Daddy bent down behind me and started to lick my tight ring – Daddy’s warm, wet tongue felt so good against my puckering hole!
Daddy stood up and pushed the swollen head of his cock against my ass hole. “Daddy, it’s too big! It won’t fit!” I yelped as he pushed his long, hard cock against me.
“Don’t worry, baby, Daddy will make it fit.” Daddy assured me.
Daddy wet his fingers again and rubbed his sloppy moisture around the head of his cock and my tiny ass hole. Then, Daddy rammed his big cock deep inside my tiny, tight ass. Daddy put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him every time he thrust his hard, thick cock into me.
Daddy was moaning and groaning as he fucked me. Daddy pulled his cock out of me as he throbbed and aimed his cock at the small of my back. Daddy shot his creamy load all over my ass and lower back. Mmm – I’m so glad Mommy is such an uptight bitch!

Don’t you wish you were my Daddy? You can be during some Daddy Daughter phone sex!

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Footsies Phone Sex Time

by Roni on December 29, 2014

roni phonesex

Growing up daddy and I had a little game we would play called footsies phone sex time. Every Time daddy would randomly call out footsies time he would chase me around the house and once he caught me. He would hold me down and tickle my feet while my soles were pressed up against his face and toes were on his nose so he could sniff them.
Now that I am older daddy has changed it a bit instead of just tickling me daddy likes to fuck his little footsie princess as he sniffs my sweet feet.
Do you have a foot fetish like daddy and want to have some footsies phone sex time with me and my pretty piggies too? Call me and you can have a turn with these cute tootsies of mine maybe  you can cover them in cum too!

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kellen_black_dildoDaddy told me that Ebola is nothing more than a punishment for being a phone sex whore. He told me we brought it all on ourselves being such damn dirty little sinners.  He told me that last night as he was lying in bed with me after we had finished making love. His sweaty naked body pressed up against mine. Thing is I don’t even mind his sermons after sex anymore. I kinda look forward to them. He preaches such hell fire and damnation. It is really moving. I have often though if I could just find a way to fuck him before his Sunday sermons so many sinners lives would be saved! He would preach the most moving sermon of his tenure as a pastor! I think this Sunday, while Momma is at her prayer meeting, I may have to go into Pastors office and give him some spiritual motivation, perhaps he will even preach to them about how Ebola is nothing more than a punishment for being a phone sex whore! ~Kellen~

Ebola is nothing more than a punishment for being a phone sex whore

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Latina Ageplay Phonesex

by Salena on September 28, 2014

salena phonesex

I am a sweet looking girl who is extremely naughty and into latina ageplay phonesex. I get off on talking to guys who like young latina girls like me. I play ageplay games and racial humiliation games. I can be your new step daughter who you lust after and can’t resist. I tease and flirt with you while mommy is at work. You decide to punish me for being a dirty tease and flirt. I go into your room and you undo your trousers. You take out your hard cock and yell at me to suck it. I am forced to gag and suck your cock like a cum whore. You tell me I deserve to be used and abused because I am a bad girl. my bald pussy is pounded by your desperate cock really hard. I will be your sex toy and make your fantasies feel really wild and nastier. I offer no limits talk. Try me for latina ageplay phonesex.

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Phone Sex Pedophile

by Caydee on April 19, 2014

phon e sex caydee

Daddy has been slacking on his duties leaving me with no choice but to expose him for being a dirty man a Phone Sex Pedophile to be exact!

It’s true. Daddy likes little girls and boys!  He always asks his favorite accomplice me, for help every time he gets that urge for a sweet innocent young child.

But we had a deal that I would always be his number one and lately he has been avoiding me and my needs.

So I plan on doing it tonight at our family dinner. I can already see the jaw dropping expressions on everyone’s face.

What do you think daddy is going to do? Lol!

If daddy decides to change his ways maybe I might give him a lil teen pussy to jerk his horny daddy dick off into, but if not then it is bah-bye daddy!  because everyone is going to hear about your dirty jerkin Phone Sex Pedophile ways.

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Daddys Girl Phone Sex

by Liberty on April 9, 2014

daddys slut phone sex

I want some dirty daddy’s girl phone sex fun with all you dirty pedo’s out there, how is game for some hot phone play ? Come get some of this hot little girl pussy that craves daddy’s hard cock, it’s hot, wet, tight, and pink.

Oh daddy please give me your nice hard cock deep and hard, my little kitty needs and desires your pedo cock so badly, mm daddy that feels so good when you push it really deep and hard inside of me.

Nothing like playing with my daddy’s big hard cock taking it deep in all my holes, oh yes you know how much i want you daddy oh please come and play some daddy’s girl phone sex fun.

daddy’s girl phone sex

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ballerina’s sweet nipples phone sex 2

by Kellen on March 28, 2014

kellen_chairPart 2 ballerina’s sweet nipples phone sex

I pulled out his hard 9-inch cock. “Daddy’s making your sister feel really good,” I said to my mermaid, “help me make Daddy feel good, too.” I took her hand and placed it above mine and showed her how to rub the head of Daddy’s cock while I jerked his shaft… up and down while she made little circles around his fat mushroom cock-head. I leaned forward and spit on his cock, making it easier for her to really work Daddy good.
We played with Daddy’s cock while he played with our special ballerina’s pussy for ten minutes, until I got a call from their mommy, telling us she’d be there any minute. I put Daddy’s dick back in his pants, giving it little goodbye kisses, and we waited for their mother, “reminding them that this was our special secret.”
Soon they were huddled into their car and on their way home (flush-faced but otherwise looking normal) and I was alone with my Daddy. I rubbed my hand over his jeans, feeling his barely-softened cock returning to life.
“Daddy, I’m so horny… I love you so much, you dirty perverted old man… let’s get back in the van, Daddy… I want you to play with me now!“  ballerina’s sweet nipples phone sex……


ballerina’s sweet nipples phone sex


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