Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex

by Sparrow on June 9, 2015

I am walking through your campsite, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.



I see your beautiful wife and daughter through the trees.  Both are tall and thin with tight little dancer asses. Their bodies are so firm and healthy.  Hair pulled up in pony tails for the hot sunny day.  I decide to stir up a little family drama so I walk through the campsite in my shiny gold string bikini.  Walking straight over to you I immediately flirt and giggle.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see your wife instantly gets jealous. Your daughter appalled!   Immediately your wife comes over and introduces herself and stands between you and I, claiming her man and her cock.  I smirk because as she observes our chemistry she slightly acts turned on.  Deciding its the perfect moment, I take your daughter’s hand and lead her to the tent.  I shove her down onto the cot, take my bikini top off as I kneel on her; and tie her hands above her head.  Your wife comes in to see what is going on as I bend over and pull her shirt up. Her little B cup teardrop tits are so perky and firm. Perfect little tits! I get on my knees and begin to suck them.  Your wife, clearly turned on gets on her knees and starts sucking your daughter’s other nipple.
You walk up to the tent and watch us in disbelief as we pull down your daughter’s jean shorts.  Your wife shoves her young long legs up so she can lick your daughter’s cunt.  Your wife’s face deep between her thighs, licking her virgin bald pussy and you stand there amazed. You pull out your 9 inch cock out and begin to stroke while you watch your wife sucking your hot daughter and me biting and sucking her nipples. I stop and look up and put my hand out to you and bring you to your beautiful family.
What would you do if there were no limits, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.


Ask for Sparrow @ 1-855-55-DADDY


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Daddies have needs too phone sex

by Kellen on August 9, 2014

kellen_black_dildoDaddies have needs too phone sex  and sometimes mommies just don’t understand that. They are busy working and shopping
and bitching so that leaves lots of time for me to play with Daddy. I meet Daddy’s needs like mommy never has. I have all the things she used to have when Daddy first fell in love with her. Now, her looks are long gone (those boobies sag so bad and she has grey hair and is all wrinkly!) and Daddy’s little girl is Daddy’s biggest turn on. Let me do all those things for you that turn you on Daddy. Cum play with my tight little bald pussy. I promise I won’t tell mommy that you are in love with me now and not her. We should send mommy out to go get a facial, then daddy you can give me a REAL facial! Mommy will never hafta know will she!  I understand how to take care of you because I know Daddies have needs too phone sex ! ~Kellen~

Daddies have needs too phone sex 

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Tiny Teen Phone Sex

by Roni on May 18, 2014


Daddy can be so impatient when it comes to Cumming inside of his tiny teen phone sex. Today was the first time in a while.

Daddy was so excited to stick my bald peach with his very hard and veiny cock that he forgot about my little brother, and just as he was bending me over- Justin walked in!

Good thing I broke my little brother in a long time ago, he knew exactly what was going   on and what to do.

All daddy cared about was stretching and breaking me in again with his huge daddy cock. He didn’t even notice my younger brother putting his little weenie in my mouth.

Incest can be so hot!  If you haven’t tried it you should call your tiny teen phone sex girl and we can role-play!

Family Fun Phone Sex


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Decorate our Tree phone sex!!

by Kellen on December 12, 2013

kellen_pulling_down_pantiesDaddy, Call tonight so we can Decorate our Tree phone sex!! I know Daddy loves it when i do stuff around the house naked. I will strip bare down for you daddy just like you like! Daddy will help me them up on the tree. I will reach up as high as i can on my tippy toes but i will still need your help reaching the high branches. I am still to young and short. I love it when Daddy cums up behind me and lifts me up so i can reach the branches. I cant wait until Daddy puts the star on the tree. It always looks so pretty. When i get all big like you i will be able to do that too won’t i! We will have so much fun Daddy. Remember last year when you stuck the candy cane in me then licked me under the tree? That was my favorite present ever! We need to Decorate our Tree phone sex.


Decorate our Tree phone sex


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FUn ChaT!

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Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex

by bliss on March 11, 2013

I really enjoy Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex.  When I get to be the cute innocent child that Daddy corrupts I have so much fun!  I play innocent and let him teach me how to be a big girl, like mommy.  I also love being a little seductress.  Flitting around in a cute little sundress, flashing tiny white panties to Daddy when no one is looking.  Jump on his lap and grind my young little cunt on his growing cock, then run off, leaving him wanting. Playing the scared little girl is fun too; when Daddy sneaks into my room in the middle of the night and just uses his little girl to make his cock happy.  I try to fight him off, but Daddy is always stronger and takes exactly what he needs.  There are so many fun ways to have Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex, why don’t you call me and let’s try a few out!

Family Fun Phone Sex

1-855-55-DADDY (1-855-553-2339)

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Phone Sex Stocking Stuffer

by Gaia on December 17, 2012

Tis the season to be the perfect little Phone Sex Stocking Stuffer. My Daddy and I play a long time traditional game that we just love, by seeing who can get stuffed the most during the holidays. Although my daddy loves when I use my toys on him, like my strap on and other odds and ends, I usually am the one who ends up winning being that everyone likes to take turns with me. My lil sister is learning the game this year and my brother has been helping me teach her to how to take his cock up her tiny hole stuffing it really good! Perhaps you would like to play the Phone Sex Stocking Stuffer game!


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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

by Eden on November 29, 2012

Daddy Daughter phone sex is so much fun.  Daddy would sneak into my room to play all kinds of nasty, deviant games with me.  Daddy wanted to teach me all the things I need to know.

I remember the first time Daddy played with me.  I was very young and Mommy was away.  Daddy came up to my room while I was asleep, pulled the covers back to see me in my nightgown and pulled it up to expose my flowered cotton panties.

He pulled down my cotton panties and started to play with my pink,tight bald pussy.  He made my tight pink bald pussy so wet it felt so good.

Daddy said that was the first part of the game he wanted to play with me.  He had so many others for another time

Call me for Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

No limits phone sex


NO Taboo Phone Sex chat room


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Daddys Girl Phone Sex

by Jordon on September 14, 2012

I really love daddy’s girl phone sex calls as I’ve always been attracted to the daddy type, growing up I was super close to daddy but he passed a few years ago and i’ve missed his touch.

I need daddy to come into my bedroom, slip into bed with me and fondle my tender young body like he use to, and of course end up having hot passionate sex with daddy !

Oh how daddy would fuck me so good or as he said, it was making love to his special little girl and that I was as we fucked all the time !

You see, mommy ran off when I was just a young girl leaving daddy with my sister and I so we had been the ones to take care of daddy like big girls. I’m so horny now writing about this, please call up for some daddys girl phone sex fun.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Jordon – 1-855-55-DADDY


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Bratty Teen Phone Sex

by Naomi on March 18, 2012

I’m a hot horny, bratty teen phone sex goddess who loves getting off, and the kinkier the better. I love extreme age play fantasies with men looking for naughty little girls to play with, and I am the teachers pet for a very good reason.naomi37 207x300 Daddy Pounds my ass Phone Sex My teacher gives me good grades, and I give him a nice tight, teen pussy to play with and fuck. I’ve had many interesting experiences, including fucking my next door neighbor, hot girl on girl action with my school mates, and of course you do know I’m Daddy’s girl, and Daddy just loves giving his little girl that hard cock. I can please him in ways that Mommy can’t. I have so many other interests that I simply can’t name them all here, but be sure to check out my blogs every week for all of my hottest, filthiest fantasies, and of course, make sure you call me! I have so many holes that need some pleasing so bring on the Bratty Teen Phone Sex.

Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY


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When I was very young daddy and I had our “special” time together and I loved it. He would always set the special time up, tell me what I was going to do, and what I could do to make Daddy happy. I was very happy to please Daddy and I have to be honest I have him to thank for teaching me how to give a great blow job along with a few other wonderful things. I was young, well under ten at this stage, so that is what every little girl wants to do is please Daddy but at some point that day end. No Taboo Phone Sex



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