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Daddy’s Lil Slut Phone Sex

by Caydee on August 9, 2015

Phonesex caydee

Daddy calls me his good little slut every time I let him do some very naughty thing to my young body! Like this morning daddy got into bed with me and woke me up so nicely with his hands rubbing my bottom very gently as he whispered softly to his princess to wake up its morning and daddy has something special for you baby. I turned over rubbed my eyes and daddy quickly took my hands and put them on his morning woody and asked me to help make his achy balls feel better by stroking daddy’s shaft with my soft young girl hands.
This is pretty routine for daddy and me on the weekends and I don’t mind it at all since daddy barely has any free time during the week to give me. So I make sure to rub daddy just right with my baby soft hands up and down until I hear him let out his daddy bear grunts, that let me know he’s close to shooting that hot thick white cream.
Hmm do you need some soft hands or a cute extra sweet face to rub your cock on before you shoot into my tiny mouth like my daddy does? If you do your sweet little Caydee is here ready to help you  feel good daddy!

Luvs ya xo

Daddy’s little Princess Caydee

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Rainbow Seduce Daddy Phone Sex

by Rainbow on July 24, 2015

Seduce Daddy Phone Sex


Today my daddy got a really big surprise! Today I came home to Rainbows’ Seducing Daddy Phone Sex, and it was even better than I thought it would be. My daddy has always been my favorite play thing, but up until now I have always used daddy as a tease and denial phone sex toy.

Using my ass and pussy as a bait and switch because even though my daddy bought me for adoption phone sex all those years ago. Daddy couldn’t make little girls, but he had lots of sons to fill me up at family phone sex game night.

Daddy would bend me over and see which of my brothers could get their cock the deepest. Then when daddy had my phone sex ass hole stretched just right, he had my brothers get to work on fisting phone sex.. In my ass!

Daddy wanted me stretched so much he could slip a hand in my ass while he rammed my cunt for Impregnation phone sex.

Now I am a total Big Black Cock Phone Sex Slut and he can not figure out why! ūüôā !

Come and chase the rainbow of fun!!! Look for the ho of GOLD with the ginger phone sex hair and the little 34A tits! ¬†Well I am only 100 pounds and 5’4 kinda like I am a glittering bald pussy that needs to fuck and wreck everyone in her path. No Gold at the end of this Rainbow just lots of Cock, Coke, and taboo phone sex sodomy!

Make sure you Buy Rainbow flavored panties as your next Kinky Treat! Clean or dirty, even my hose if you want them worn I can hook you up with the set¬†that’s¬†right for you


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Public Pool Phone Sex

by demida on July 15, 2015

Its summer, and not all the parents can afford pools, so they open the public pool phone sex. My mommy goes to work and daddy brings me every day. He tells me how adorable I am and gives me his own special ¬†swimming lessons. He loves to put me in my bikini and parade me back and forth around the other daddies. He tells me that he thinks that my bikini from last year is sooo perfect. He doesnt mind that mommy says its wayyy too small. He ties it up behind my neck and my puffy little nipples poke out and if I lift my arms up, the little orange squares lift so high. my tiny tits are exposed.. Giggles. Thats ONE reason mommy said I couldnt wear it. The other reason is that the bottoms are so small and I grew taller so they pull up into the folds of my puffy mound. The cameltoe is amazing, but it sticks in my cunny and up my ass. Its like a thong. Daddy says she is just jealous because she is fat and sloppy now. He pulls me in the water and places his hands on my tits and cunt as he floats me around. Sometimes he slips and has to catch me with his fingers. ūüėõ


demida public poolI like it when he rubs my cunt with his cock head. Underwater noone can see. He takes his rock hard daddy cock and has an incest perverted time while all the families swim by. They splash and flip around, and it makes it so easy for him to cum. He always moves us really fast right after! He doesnt want anyone to know that its his load all the kiddies are swallowing in the water as he watches getting hard again! He swims on his back in the deep end, holding me tight and sliding his hands u and down my body tweaking my titties and then guiding my hand to his cock! What a bad daddy! ūüôā I jack him off underwater all day long . He loves to molest me while people are so close by. I have to go, its time to go to the public pool phone sex !

Dirty Little Demida

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Pathetic Little Kiddie Lover Phone Sex

by demida on July 12, 2015

Oh such a pathetic kiddie lover phone sex loser! I talked to a clit dicked pedo today who loves tiny little cotton panties for jacking his inchworm! *giggles* He told me he couldnt even pass the toilet paper roll test. I asked him what he liked to do with the tiny panties since he apparently didnt have a cock , and he just groaned and told me how he loved little single digit ageplay girls with brunette hair and dark eyes. I humiliated him about being suchhhh a dirty old man who jacked his little wee wee to underage puffy pussies. Then, he told me that his favorite hole was buttholes. Typical. I assured him he would be in contact with lots of assholes in his miserable useless life. *giggles* He liked me to call him all kinds of names as he yanked his three inch fucking pathetic excuse for a dickey!

demida little princess

I told him about how next time we will have to bring out my little girl strap on  and then he will be the real pedo faggot who gets fucked up the ass! He was shaking with excitement when he told me that his favorite lolita phone sex fantasy was with little ones with pigtails and braids especially! His breath was ragged as he jerked hs weenie. YUCK . He wanted to tell me how he wants to lick kiddie buttholes and plant their tiny little bums right on his tongue. He doesnt have a cock to fuck. I told him thats probably why he likes little girls. *LOL* Its the perfect size for little mounds of puffy pillowy deliciousness! He got excited for a second , until he realized I was setting him up for another jab. I told him the little girls would laugh and point at his bity baby cockie. He blew( well dripped and drizzled three drops ) as I giggled and taunted him. Come and be put in your place by a bratty little girl domination phone sex Princess.

Heres some braids for you pedo pansy!!

demida braids

Drop your dick and dial…

Dirty Lil Demida

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Raped Phone Sex

by Avril on February 27, 2015

raped phone sex

I was sleeping in the guest room at my grammas and I was raped phone sex and I don’t know who it was! ¬†I am the littlest one and I was all alone in the dark guest room all the way down the end of the hall away from the party. ¬†I was so sleepy after I drank that soda and a strange man and woman, neighbors of my grans I guess, helped me to bed down the hallway. ¬†But they left. I heard the door squeak open a little while later and I saw someone come in, but it was so dark I couldn’t see them. ¬†I heard the lock click and footsteps… but I was sooo tired. ¬†I couldn’t really figure out who it was who came to check on me. ¬†But then he pulled up my party dress and he was really rough. ¬†I heard hi grunt and moan when his fingers pulled my panties aside and then I heard his zipper. ¬†He put a pillow on top of my face and started nailing my little tight cunt! ¬†It was so big and it made my pussy feel like it was being ripped apart. ¬†He kept the pillow crushed to my head and I started passing out as he fucked me harder and faster and it burned!! ¬†Then, the next morning I woke up ¬†and gramma was making pancakes. ¬†she said I was such a good girl and I slept all night through that party. ¬†Such a good girl I was! ¬†I couldn’t tell he I was raped phone sex!

Xo Avril oX

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Mommy’s Boyfriend Phone Sex

by Avril on November 12, 2014

mommy's boyfriend Phone Sex Mommy’s Boyfriend Phone Sex stayed up late smoking pot in the living room after mommy went to bed. ¬†I have such a little crush on him because he plays dolly’s with me. ¬† ¬†He likes the tickle game too – which I never get enough of. ¬†I like the smell of that smokey pipe ¬†thing and he tells me to breathe it in and hold it when he blows mini smoke rings into my mouth. ¬†I catch them like little cheerioooos and hold my breath. ¬†Makes me feel funny and he starts giving me little raspberries on my tummy and he pulls up my night gown and does them right on my skin. ¬†Then they turn to kisses and he kisses his way down and it feels nice…to my panties… and that feels nice too. ¬†His lips pluck at my cotton panties and then his tongues slips a little under the edge, digging in and he moans… I know that’s a good sound. ¬†His big hands slip under my hiney and he starts to pull my panties down and I let him because I feel so nice inside. So good …and, while he starts kissing my little girl spots, ¬†Mommy’s Boyfriend Phone Sex tells me that I am way prettier than mommy, but I shouldn’t ever tell….

Xo Avril oX

Mommy’s Boyfriend Phone Sex¬†


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Daddies have needs too phone sex

by Kellen on August 9, 2014

kellen_black_dildoDaddies have needs too phone sex  and sometimes mommies just don’t understand that. They are busy working and shopping
and bitching so that leaves lots of time for me to play with Daddy. I meet Daddy’s needs like mommy never has. I have all the things she used to have when Daddy first fell in love with her. Now, her looks are long gone (those boobies sag so bad and she has grey hair and is all wrinkly!) and Daddy’s little girl is Daddy’s biggest turn on. Let me do all those things for you that turn you on Daddy. Cum play with my tight little bald pussy. I promise I won’t tell mommy that you are in love with me now and not her. We should send mommy out to go get a facial, then daddy you can give me a REAL facial! Mommy will never hafta know will she!  I understand how to take care of you because I know Daddies have needs too phone sex ! ~Kellen~

Daddies have needs too phone sex 

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Little Nipples Phone Sex

by Steffi on August 8, 2014


Now seriously, I know you are my daddies bestest friend, but you can still admit you want to see my naked body for some smoking hot Little Nipples Phone Sex fun. I promise I will never ever tell daddy, I mean after all you have always been like a phone sex uncle, and I know I can always call on you to help me out.

But lately I keep catching you looking at my little phone sex nipples in this thin bikini. Lets not pretend you don’t know what I am talking about, because when I just walked into this bathroom, I saw you jerking your cock looking out at the pool.

Well now that I am standing here dripping wet, my top down and these small sexy nipples rock hard, I think I may have your cocks attention. Just let me slip to my knees for a suck then I will pose these  little tits for you, so you can enjoy me for some one on one Little Nipples Phone Sex.

Tiny Nipples Phone Sex
Uncensored Phone Sex
Steffi 1-877-906-2789


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roni phone sex

I want to be your special little cock sucker and make you cum Phone Sex!

Quit acting like my hot young bod doesn’t turn you on,I see that bulge forming and know exactly what you need. All you have to do is sit back ¬†relax and let me relieve ¬†you of all that pent up tension with a hot, slow, wet suck. It will be our little secret and no one has to ever know my daddy is a¬†dirty pervert.
So whats it going to be daddy are you going to let me suck your cock like I am sipping a sweet creamy Milkshake through a straw?
Call me soon daddy I want to be your special little cock sucker and make you cum Phone Sex!

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Cute Young Girl Phonesex

by Cookie on May 31, 2014

cookie phonesex

I love kinky taboo ageplay and into cute young girl phonesex. I am that sexy teen next door that you can’t stop staring at. You watch me in my garden exercising and getting rays of sun. You want to have me and you feel that I like to tease and deny you. I come over your house and you ask me what I need.I tell you that i am locked out for the night because my mom went over to see her new boyfriend. My mom is a slut and likes a drink so she turns off her cellphone when shes getting laid. You are super exited and a little nervous to have me all to yourself an entire night. You offer me some smokes and drinks. Before you know it you are kissing me knowing that it is so wrong but feels so perfect. I offer no limits talk. Try me for cute young girl phonesex.

Ageplay Teen Phonesex


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