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Slutty GFE Phone Sex

by terra on February 28, 2016

Goddess Terra Owns You


I have basically fallen madly in love with one of my callers and I know he feels the same way about me. We talk every day about how much we want to get rid of that cunt wife of his so he can be all mine. We have some of the filthiest fantasies… like letting her walk in on him balls deep in my slutty gfe phone sex pussy and finding out face to face who the woman is who stole her man! HAHA! We just have so much more in common than they ever did. She’s a boring bitch who doesn’t take care of my baby’s cock like I can. Plus we share a bond that is like none other! You see, I’m a gangbang slut who can’t get enough of having my holes gaped and fucked by tons of guys at once… we share an affliction: the two of us are hopelessly addicted to thoughts of corrupting young boys and turning them into ferocious ageplay dick beaters! One of these days we will get together and finally have that dirty phone sex orgy with all those underage guys… I can’t wait to have one of them slide his fist in my ass and then his cock, and jerk his cock inside my booty! That’s the best way to blow that asshole out like Jeff likes! Giggles! Not to mention, he is a filthy man who loves my roast beef sandwich pussy! That meaty stretched pussy makes his cock hard in an instant…

MUAH! Love you babe, talk to you tomorrow! Cheating phone sex is my very favorite…

:Kisses, ADULTEROUS SLUT Terra::

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Crime Phone Sex

by Blythe on November 28, 2015

Crime Phone Sex


Daddy sometimes talks about his partner in Crime Phone Sex past, he told me she was a lady, an accomplice phone sex hooker. Yes, my family had told me I was raised and loved and never known want. But they never told me I was going to be in over my head with Adopted Phone Sex fantasies. Every night when I would sleep in the small 4 x 4 mini room that held my belongings, I dreamed of a family to need to love me, now that I see my dad I know when he eats my cunt phone sex slippery beads drop on his mustache and I get to smell his face to get it off.

When I suck his cock I get my mouth ful of phone sex nut and share with my half sister. Even though we are related my pussy looks way different than hers.. Mine has always been a small pussy, her clit is longer because the men phone sex fuck her all day while daddy watches.


Daddy is so much more different with me than with her, he never wants to let me go. When he slips his cock inside my ass hole, or when I am kissing his cock for being so kind to me, I always make sure I suck it the best. My daddy means everything to me, I never want to be away from him again. Daddy holds me all night and places his cock across my barely fucked cunt and thinks about committing more Crime Phone Sex.

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Adoption Services Phone Sex


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Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

by Becky on November 16, 2015

Some of the girls here are such sluts! Giggles, ok I’m guilty… Yes, I’ve been having so much nasty phone sex and cumming so much that there’s no denying I’m a total whore. I honestly just crave cock so much, so whether I’m having kinky roleplays on the phone, masturbating with teen gangbang porn or actually getting dicked down, I just can’t get enough cock! I have been on a mission lately to have as many raunchy threesomes as possible. I’m a cum slut big time. I can’t get enough of the creamy white jizz! I want it in all my holes, and all over me!

Last night I had two guys come over and give it to me real good. I first got their cocks nice and hard by sucking them, and oh my gosh do I love having two cocks in my hands, going back and forth between them. My pussy got so wet, and soon I was begging for those big dicks inside me. One guy laid down on his back and I slid my pussy down on him and started fucking him hard and fast, getting myself off and squirting my pussy juice all over him! Then I leaned forward and had the other guy slide his dick in my ass! I love Cum Dumpster Phone Sex so much! I told them both to fuck me real hard and fill both my holes up with their spunk! I love how it feels when it shoots inside me…

Becky ~ 855-553-2339

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Lachelle Your Naughty Neighbor Of Phone Sex

by Lachelle on May 3, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.58.38 AM











I tease all the men in my neighborhood everyday all day long. I always do my gardening in my tiny short shorts so all the men can see my hot ass sticking out of the bottom. Lechelle Your Naughty Neighbor Of Phone Sex is always on the prowl and looking for trouble. I need dick around the clock. As soon as I send my kids off to school in the morning I start looking. I go shopping at the grocery store and flirt with the clerks and bad boys.

My eyes have been on my sexy single father neighbor lately. I want his sexy ass so bad. I came up with a plan though and today is the day. I am going over there for his big fat cock as soon as he drops his little girl off for school. I am going to tell him my dishwasher is on the fritz, and ask if he wouldn’t mind taking a look. Of course he will, and when he is inside my trap I lay he will be all mine.

So I go next door and tell my hot neighbor my dilemma and sure enough he comes right over. We get up nice and close to the dishwasher and he asks where the problem is. I bend over super far so my ass is like right in his face and I say that its somewhere way in the back. One of my favorite cumslut fantasies is about to come true!

To Be Continued

 Lady Lachelle


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Nursing Phone Sex

by Rainbow on April 30, 2015

Nursing Phone Sex

Making my rounds after I put on my dick sucking lipstick, and situating my Nursing Phone Sex cap on my head I grabbed my chart. Hmmm older, older, heart meads.. Hell he needs viagra and my big fat strap on phone sex cock.

Then maybe the man in 3B needs his balls sponge bathed phone sex style. Take some soap and make a good lather while I massage his nuts with my hands. Making sure to pay attention to his old sissy phone sex dirty hole.

There is just so much to do and whoa I am running low on my supply of feel good stuff, I am going to have to find that BBC phone sex doctor that likes to hook up strung out phone sex blondes like me. Think you can hook me up with some more Nursing Phone Sex?

Teen Phone Sex Nurse
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Eat My Cum Phone Sex

by Venicia on October 15, 2014


Fucking sissy boy! You will do anything I ask you to do, just so you can get me to use your ass as my little novelty toy.Eat My Cum Phone Sex just makes you want it even more doesn’t it.

You thirst for my yummy cock day and night, and you love when I encourage you to do filthy things with me and others. You are an obedient cum slut aren’t you. Begging me to stretch your ass with my cock, and gag your raunchy mouth with it as well. The other night I felt like giving you a little punishment so I went out and bought a new toy for you! A cock cage!! So now when I venture deep in your ass, stretching it like the grand canyon, that cock cage will do the trick and keep your cum locked inside until I am ready for you to release it. The only cum that get’s to escape tonight is mine! Pre-cum dripping out of your ass as I get worked up, then that big release all down your throat and spraying on your face. Dirty whore, Eat My Cum Phone Sex, let’s do it again tomorrow, and maybe i’ll let you cum.

Eat My Cum Phone Sex with Venicia……do you need to play?

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Perverted Cock Tease Phone Sex

by Allie on September 17, 2014


ALLIE 1-877-903-2339

Went to the mall today and started spreading my legs at the food court while I took a carrot and rubbed it across my clit, yes *giggles* I was a total Perverted Cock Tease Phone Sex skank and everyone there got off on it!

So I like to tease guys, they love to look and I know being as sexy as I am.. No one is going to report me, EVER. My body is smoking so when I poured that ice cold water down my shirt and those guys caught sight of my tits in that wet white T shirt, most blew loads and some blatantly started jerking right there in the food court..

Even girls was getting in on the action, and I don’t want to even know what was the extra cream on that sticky bun the pretty brunette from behind the counter gave me after I got everyone off being a total Perverted Cock Tease Phone Sex slut!

Cock Tease Phone Sex Teen
ALLIE 1-877-903-2339
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Blow a Facial on Me Phone Sex

by Avril on May 16, 2014

blow a facial on me phone sexShow me what a greedy little slut I am and Blow a Facial on Me Phone Sex.  Working my mouth up and down your cock, licking and sucking an making your toes curl.  Licking your balls and feeling them tighten up as I suckle lightly on them and you lose it and  pull my hair in big fistfuls and tell me what a slutty cock sucker I am makes me feel total success. I cater to you big man and I crave your thickness in every way I can get it.  You know, my skills put me in control, but y craving for cock takes me down a notch.  You decide to take advantage of my weakness as I am on my knees in front of your huge cock, slurping and worshiping it to get my treat and you Blow a facial on me phone sex.

Xo Avril oX

Blow a Facial On Me Phone Sex 


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Snow Ball Juice Phone Sex

by Diamond on June 8, 2013

Get on your knees for my lady cock and Snow Ball Juice Phone Sex. I had dreams all night last night about you sucking my lady cock all the way into the back of your throat. Reach up and grabs my tits, rub my nipples with your thumb while I ride your face, grinding slowly. Making sure I take my time getting your gag flex worked out nice and slow.

You need just the right amount of training to get you to being my perfect cock trimming slut. Now work your finger up my ass while you suck my lady balls dirty tramp. I want to listen to you suck as I stare into your eyes and smile.. Now I am ready to fill your long thick tongue full of my lady load, make sure you suck it until I go limp and then work your way up here with your mouth full of my special cream so we both can enjoy Snow Ball Juice Phone Sex.

TS Cum Swapping Phone Sex
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Cum Eating Phone Sex with Angel

by Juliett on February 14, 2011


When I’m on the phone chatting with all your nasty phone sex perverts, I just can’t help but think about gliding my delicate hands down the front of your pants and squeezing the warm shaft of your cock in my palm, jerking up and down, moving the soft pressure of my grasp down to the base of that big dick down into your balls and then back up till your cockhead bulges and swells on the side of my fist, squeezing out a pearl of precum that I can smear back down and lube that stiff dick up for the kind of hard handjob it takes to get your thick, creamy cum spurting on my hand and oozing between my fingers. But the treat doesn’t end there and I’m not finished with you just yet.  Your cock won’t even have time to go limp before the sight of me licking the spunk from my hand and sucking it off my fingers gets it throbbing again.  I know you want to see it dripping from the corner of my mouth, oozing down my chin as I slurp like an animal, eating every chunky drop of your semen like a fucking nasty whore should…





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