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Squirting phone sex

by Katie on September 27, 2015


When you have a tight and pretty little pussy like I do, you get to have amazing female orgasms and almost impossible Squirting phone sex sessions with a bunch of guys and even some girls. I’ve been bisexual all my life and I truly do enjoy the seal and the taste of another woman’s pussy, a nice warm cock, and also the taste of my own, that squirts from my tight little pink pussy and all over someone’s face or in their mouth. A tight little pussy like mine is not always easy to come by and I can be very horny at the drop of a hat. One drink inside of me or one night of partying on a lots of different kinds of candy can cause me to be super horny and looking to fuck anyone. Girls or boys doesn’t matter as long as you have a nice warm tongue for me to start squirting all over your cock or in your face. Most girls are surprised by me squirting for them and most girls also loves sucking up all that sweet and tasty cum that comes from my wet cunt. Guys think it’s hot when I squirt all over their cocks and they love having me lick myself off of them as well. So now that you know a little bit about me and one of my nasty abilities, I want you to think about yourself and your own cock deep inside of me and maybe another girl licking and sucking all over each other.

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Cheerleader Slut Phone Sex

by Kandi on June 15, 2015

How would  you like to join in on my fun I’d love to chat and hear what fun things you can think of for us to do using my skills with Cheerleader Slut Phone Sex. Let me do splits on your dick.kandi It’ll be fun! I’ll show you exactly what it means when they say “down now” I’ll be practicing my splits and taking my panties off with only my mouth as I wait for you to call.

We are all competitive in nature so we have competitions often. This week we had a spinner competition. I was the winner! I spun for hours on each cock! Of course, after the initial pain of their little pussy’s tearing open, they loved it! Help me punish those little twats and join me in a fucking gang bang. They are always screwing up.

The coach was more than impressed with my skills. I even was kind enough to give the other girls some pointers! We ended up having an amazingly fun orgy in the coach’s office. Id love to tell you more about our contest on a dirty call. Let me spin on your cock for as long as you can handle it.

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Complete Bondage Phone Sex

by Bella on January 6, 2015


I have learned that I also enjoy complete bondage phone sex.  He grabbed me from behind and held me down while his friends tied me with a very thick rough rope.  It hurt the way they pulled on the ropes making them tighter and tighter.  Binding my arms together behind me.  But then they twisted the ropes around my sweet little titties!  And then bent my legs and tied my ankles to my thighs!  I couldn’t move or resist even if I wanted to!

They toss me onto the bed like a rag doll and begin to take turns filling all three of my fucking holes.  Every time I try to scream a cock gets shoved into my  mouth, choking me!  But soon I begin to enjoy feeling them stretch me and use me as their little fuck toy!

I need one more cock to join us for complete bondage phone sex.  Will it be you?

Complete Bondage Phone Sex


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Warm Sticky Cum Facial Phone Sex

by Roni on December 22, 2014

roni teen phone sex

Daddy gave me  a warm sticky phone sex cum facial!

Daddy is always horny especially when mommy is out shopping like today. I walked in on him stroking his thick meat and my daddy being a big pervert invited me in to watch, I didn’t mind at all since daddy and I have a special relationship. It actually turned me on to watch daddy jerk himself off I ended up sitting on his lap and rubbing his throbbing meat against my bald cunny, until finally daddy asked me to suck him and make him cum all of all over my adorable braceface.
I love how good it feels to have a huge load of cum dripping down my cheeks and chin. Hey would you mind giving me another warm sticky phone sex cum facial ? I promise to lick it all up after.

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Control Me Phone Sex

by Drea on November 16, 2014

control me phone sexOccasionally I will get a man who wants to control me phone sex.  Making me crawl, making me dress as he says.  I have to cater to him and see to his every need. My pretty body bound and stretched.  Open mouth gag keeping y mouth open ready and wanting thick fat cock.  I take your dick and your cum where ever you want to put it.  Shall I hold your load in my mouth for you? Or will you spray it all over my face and make me into the whore that you want me to be. My BBW body is willing and needs you to take control this time.  Can you be in charge and teach my tight ass what it feels like to have your rod jammed up inside me?  I want you to control me phone sex.

Lose yourself inside…


Control Me Phone Sex 


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Eat My Cum Phone Sex

by Venicia on October 15, 2014


Fucking sissy boy! You will do anything I ask you to do, just so you can get me to use your ass as my little novelty toy.Eat My Cum Phone Sex just makes you want it even more doesn’t it.

You thirst for my yummy cock day and night, and you love when I encourage you to do filthy things with me and others. You are an obedient cum slut aren’t you. Begging me to stretch your ass with my cock, and gag your raunchy mouth with it as well. The other night I felt like giving you a little punishment so I went out and bought a new toy for you! A cock cage!! So now when I venture deep in your ass, stretching it like the grand canyon, that cock cage will do the trick and keep your cum locked inside until I am ready for you to release it. The only cum that get’s to escape tonight is mine! Pre-cum dripping out of your ass as I get worked up, then that big release all down your throat and spraying on your face. Dirty whore, Eat My Cum Phone Sex, let’s do it again tomorrow, and maybe i’ll let you cum.

Eat My Cum Phone Sex with Venicia……do you need to play?

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Blow a Facial on Me Phone Sex

by Avril on May 16, 2014

blow a facial on me phone sexShow me what a greedy little slut I am and Blow a Facial on Me Phone Sex.  Working my mouth up and down your cock, licking and sucking an making your toes curl.  Licking your balls and feeling them tighten up as I suckle lightly on them and you lose it and  pull my hair in big fistfuls and tell me what a slutty cock sucker I am makes me feel total success. I cater to you big man and I crave your thickness in every way I can get it.  You know, my skills put me in control, but y craving for cock takes me down a notch.  You decide to take advantage of my weakness as I am on my knees in front of your huge cock, slurping and worshiping it to get my treat and you Blow a facial on me phone sex.

Xo Avril oX

Blow a Facial On Me Phone Sex 


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Adultery Phone Sex

by Leeha on November 5, 2013

You know you are tired of that old ugly fat wife! You want to commit adultery phone sex with a sweet young teen like me dont you?You want to touch and feel my soft young skin and feel my silky teen lips on your cock huh? i see you watching me from your house. You watch me wait for my dad to pick me up. im so sweet and young and innocent looking in my school girl uniform. Teen dream slut Leeha is here so you can cheat on your wife with me anytime baby! Tight young virgin pussy and ass for you to gape baby, you know you need it. Why do you fight it? I wont tell. And Ill always do what she wont. Call to have adultery phone sex with Leeha!

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Cum Swapping Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 25, 2012

Cum Swapping Phone Sex is nasty and yummy. Oh brother stop begging for a taste of your cum from my lips where you just blew a load around my mouth. Of course I loved every bit of your 10 inch cock slamming in and out of my tight wet pussy too. I am thinking me and my brother going to be fucking from now on! Cum Swapping Phone Sex is me and my brother’s favorite pass time.

Cumslut Phone Sex

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Cum Eating Phone Sex with Angel

by Juliett on February 14, 2011


When I’m on the phone chatting with all your nasty phone sex perverts, I just can’t help but think about gliding my delicate hands down the front of your pants and squeezing the warm shaft of your cock in my palm, jerking up and down, moving the soft pressure of my grasp down to the base of that big dick down into your balls and then back up till your cockhead bulges and swells on the side of my fist, squeezing out a pearl of precum that I can smear back down and lube that stiff dick up for the kind of hard handjob it takes to get your thick, creamy cum spurting on my hand and oozing between my fingers. But the treat doesn’t end there and I’m not finished with you just yet.  Your cock won’t even have time to go limp before the sight of me licking the spunk from my hand and sucking it off my fingers gets it throbbing again.  I know you want to see it dripping from the corner of my mouth, oozing down my chin as I slurp like an animal, eating every chunky drop of your semen like a fucking nasty whore should…





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