naughtiest phone sex slut

by Kellen on October 17, 2015

kellenpicI’m the naughtiest phone sex slut around! I crave cum eating phone sex all the time! I can’t get enough of rubbing on my pretty pink pussy and massively creaming my panties for horny men just like you! I tend to make a lot of mess! And a another awesome thing about my cum loads is that I can cum over and over in no time! I know just how to rub one out properly. *giggles* You can’t be afraid to pump that hard Cock with me! I know you crave to taste your cum for me! If you want to stroke with Naughty Nola you must follow the rules! You can’t cum until I say you can and you have to eat your man juices all up! That’s right you can’t leave a single drop behind. I must hear you eating it too! I’ll suck my creamy fingers clean for you also! I want to hear every detail of the creamy goodness you’ve made!

This perfect young body and my sexy young voice will have you ready to explode! Guided masturbation at its best when it comes to a phone call to Nola! I know you can’t stop looking at my pictures and I bet you dream every night of my bubble butt and perky tits! So go ahead and give me a try, let’s see how nasty and messy we can get together! I’m hungry and ready to cum and eat every last drop for you! Are you willing and ready to explode your load and eat it all for me?! Ready for me to be the naughtiest phone sex slut you ever met?

naughtiest phone sex slut

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Daddy’s Lil Slut Phone Sex

by Caydee on August 9, 2015

Phonesex caydee

Daddy calls me his good little slut every time I let him do some very naughty thing to my young body! Like this morning daddy got into bed with me and woke me up so nicely with his hands rubbing my bottom very gently as he whispered softly to his princess to wake up its morning and daddy has something special for you baby. I turned over rubbed my eyes and daddy quickly took my hands and put them on his morning woody and asked me to help make his achy balls feel better by stroking daddy’s shaft with my soft young girl hands.
This is pretty routine for daddy and me on the weekends and I don’t mind it at all since daddy barely has any free time during the week to give me. So I make sure to rub daddy just right with my baby soft hands up and down until I hear him let out his daddy bear grunts, that let me know he’s close to shooting that hot thick white cream.
Hmm do you need some soft hands or a cute extra sweet face to rub your cock on before you shoot into my tiny mouth like my daddy does? If you do your sweet little Caydee is here ready to help you  feel good daddy!

Luvs ya xo

Daddy’s little Princess Caydee

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Daddy Sissy Phone Sex

by Naomi on July 12, 2015

Daddy sissy phone sex you are such a little sissy faggot going through my hamper and smelling and licking my dirty panties and putting them on running around my room while Mommy naomi at work and yea I’m going to show Mommy the film I have secretly stuffed in my teddy bear that’s on top of my dresser.

Then I catch you again sissy boy Daddy being a slut once again with my panties and bra on dancing around my room, but what you don’t know I been snapping pictures of you for a while now. Yeah I’m going to show Mommy if you don’t do as I say turn your wallet over to me now! Right now I’m going to dress you in all pink and take you downstairs to suck off my nigger boy friends big hugh cocks you just paid to suck . Oh Daddy look at those big cock meats hanging between their legs now get down on your hand & knees and open wide. Fill that big black meat in your mouth oh so good right Daddy. Know show them how much of a sissy you are. Raise your ass up higher and swirl it around. Is it getting moist I bet it is you fucking little whore you beg that big cock for his cum. Beg them niggers for them to put their cocks inside your sissy pussy. Daddy your the best Daddy sissy boy phone sex slut ever!

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Big Cock Phone Sex

by Ferrah on January 15, 2015

Big Cock Phone SexI wouldn’t call myself a “Size Queen”, and I don’t really get off on humiliating some unfortunate Fuck, who was unfairly born with a less than average cock and balls set.  But, I do regularly indulge in Big Cock Phone Sex, because I prefer “large & in charge” as opposed to “weak & unseen… or worse still, invisible & uneventful.  I know I sound a bit harsh too, but how can a vibrant and cock worshiping Woman ever find pleasure, not to mention the most invigoratingly obscene orgasm, if she can’t lust after and locate a nice thick….. cum packed and rock hard erect cock, when her horny urges have her pussy in a bind, and she’s positively fiend-ing for a rough & tumble “roll in the hay”?  I just won’t stand for anything less than massive man meat.  It’s the only kind of cock that can service this wanton pussy, and make me scream for more.  And, in my pussy travels from man to man, I’ve found that once a slutty Whore, like me, has experienced “Big” thrusting deep in side my soft pussy walls, there can never BE any going back… Ya feel me?  Well, if you got what I want, and what I crave the most, give me a call for Big Cock Phone Sex.

Big Cock Phone Sex

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Cover Me With Your Cum Phone Sex

by Kandi on January 10, 2015

Cover Me With Your Cum Phone Sex, is Daddy’s favorite playtime with me. I crave it all the time. Daddy loves to shoot his Daddy load all over my face and cover my whole tiny body.  Daddy brings all his friends over for as he says “cum blast gang bang” Daddy likes it when his friends shoots their load over my face. With me is all about the mind fuck. I can’t physically stroke your cock, but I bet you can feel my soft, small hands kandistroking you with the sound of my voice. I can’t physically be your daughter, but when my young voice is begging daddy for more, you’ll never know the difference between me, and the prepubescent child you’re fantasy fucking. Want to play with a taboo teen slut? I’ll do anything to make my aching pussy squirt, and make your cock spasm with pleasure in the process!  Cover Me With Your Cum Phone Sex,  cum play with me!

Cum Slut Kandi

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Foot Fetish Phone Sex

by Roni on June 15, 2014

roni3 (1) Hi there! somebody told me you have a fetish a Foot Fetish Phone Sex! And right now I’ve got my cute soft tootsies out ready to rub and tease your crotch. Look you’re already getting hard and I haven’t told you what color my sweet and sexy little polished piggy’s are! Maybe I’ll just keep that to myself and surprise you when you call and get to feel me stroke you off with the soft soles of my bare feet. I always get so turned on when I feel you getting hard! I am here waiting to wrap my young polished toes around your shaft and stroke you off until my toes are covered in your thick layer of sticky white cum! Call me and let me help get you off with Foot Fetish Phone Sex! Age Play Phone Sex 1-877-558-9338 The Phone Sex Chat Room

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Horny Phone Sex MILF

by Paprika on May 30, 2014


I am Horny Phone sex MILF  with a very wet an aching pussy.  I need a real big cock to ram me hard until I orgasm, and not just one time -MULTIPLE TIMES!!

Can you feed my hungry MILF cunt your long hard rod and satisfy the fire burning deep down?

I am so wet right now thinking of your big throbbing member bouncing me up and down drilling me, hard and deep.

Call me and give your cock a real hot wet Horny Phone sex MILF treat- fuck me hard make us both cum!

Horny Phone sex Redhead


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Clean Up Cuckold Phone Sex

by Barbie on May 21, 2014

pedo phone sex

Clean up Cuckold phone sex gives you opportunity to show your inner desires. Black stockings with those see-through panties soaked with cum from another man’s body. Perfect situation for a cuckold slut to clean up my mess. Let me describe his scent as it fills up your nose. My panties are total soaked with cum since he had such a big load. As my cuckold slides his fingers into the cum explosion. ” I do need to be cleaned up,” as I request an order not a question.  My cuckold finger’ are so eager to pull down my panties to begin his duty.

My earlier explosions was that of a casual encounter or simple fuck. To gather a supply for my cuckold to enjoy as he cleans up what was left behind. Of course, there will be no pussy play action for my cuckold. Your only reward will be the service to his Princess. Do you want me to control you in clean up cuckold phone sex slut role play?

Clean Up Cuckold Phone Sex


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Cumtini Time!

by Rainbow on May 11, 2014

Cum Whipping Dare Phone Sex


So I have this guy I see who is way into cum play, and he had himself a ‘ho party’ (he’s LOADED with cash!) and got a bunch of us girls together.  So we got all drunk and high and he said whoever is the biggest cum slut would get $500.00.

I was all over it, lol.

His budding was there – a big black guy – so I sucked his cock and had him cum in my mouth.  And then I spit all of it in a blender, added ice, some vodka and drank that cumtini right down!

See, Cum Whipping works every time.  And if there is something creative to be done with cum play, I am your girl.   The Cumtini is just one weapon in my bag of slut tricks.  I got loads more.

And actually, a cumtini tastes damn good you know.  You should try it some time.  Call me and I will walk you through it and here you gulp!  Or, you can hear about how much I love cum and why I am the greatest cum slut of all – or at least at that party, lol!

Call me at 1-855-553-2339

And if you have a question, you know my partying bitch self will be at our uncensored phonesex chatroom late night into early morning.  This Party Bitch stays up all night!

 US:  $2.00 per minute/ 10 minute minimum

 Everywhere Else:  $2.50 per minute/10 minute minimum

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Peeping Tom Phone Sex Boy

by Ferrah on September 28, 2013

Peeping Tom Phone Sex BoyAre you being a Peeping Ton Phone Sex Boy, and looking around the corner at my GILF phone sex body as I step out of the shower? Is that cock in your hand being stroked harder and faster as I get closer and closer?  Do my mature curves and sagging tits excite your youthful horny senses?  Well, cum here boy… now, YOU cum a little closer.  Let me see how much you have grown, and just how much you need to feel a piece of velvety goodness wrapped around your throbbing rod.  You know, I have that and more.  And, I will give you what you want, and deliver what you need, because I can not wait until I feel you pumping deep inside me.  Mmmmm…  Just feeling your stud dick will have my pussy so wet and so very hot.  And watching your eyes roll blissfully to the back of your head, as you take your first stab at fucking, will delight and remind me, that it’s eager little pussy-pleasers like you that keeps me looking around the corner for that next Peeping Ton Phone Sex Boy… to play with.

Peeping Ton Phone Sex Boy


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