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Teen Chronic Masturbation Phonesex

by Martina on January 17, 2016

martina phonesex

I am a dirty girl that loves ageplay and teen chronic masturbation phonesex. I just can’t keep my hands to myself and enjoy rubbing my pussy and watch myself squirt in a mirror.. I want constant sex and crave cock. I am constantly wet and a nympho lolita ready for pussy stretching action. I seduce my teachers and men that I get alone time with. I am an orgasm addict and a teen pussy whore who needs to squirt to relax. I can’t even sleep unless I am exhausted with a raw pussy.I am a sweet submissive teen slut that needs punishment especially forced cock sucking and forced anal sex. I can take lots of humiliation and verbal abuse and am that everlasting pain slut.I am a tease and a dirty girl that likes to flirt so deserve to be bent over and had really hard! I know men like to take my tiny body and get off knowing that I am so tiny.I like very taboo and rough sex so you can make me your lolita whore.I want my pussy licked and my clit sucked until I squirt into your eager mouth. I am insatiable and enjoy mutual masturbation so we can get to know each other real good! What more could any man want then a nympho pretty teen that loves playing with her juicy wet pussy?? I am ready to play deviant wicked games and be your fuck doll. Be my dirty daddy or strict teacher.I am ready to play nasty taboo games.I offer uncensored talk.


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Squirting phone sex

by Katie on September 27, 2015


When you have a tight and pretty little pussy like I do, you get to have amazing female orgasms and almost impossible Squirting phone sex sessions with a bunch of guys and even some girls. I’ve been bisexual all my life and I truly do enjoy the seal and the taste of another woman’s pussy, a nice warm cock, and also the taste of my own, that squirts from my tight little pink pussy and all over someone’s face or in their mouth. A tight little pussy like mine is not always easy to come by and I can be very horny at the drop of a hat. One drink inside of me or one night of partying on a lots of different kinds of candy can cause me to be super horny and looking to fuck anyone. Girls or boys doesn’t matter as long as you have a nice warm tongue for me to start squirting all over your cock or in your face. Most girls are surprised by me squirting for them and most girls also loves sucking up all that sweet and tasty cum that comes from my wet cunt. Guys think it’s hot when I squirt all over their cocks and they love having me lick myself off of them as well. So now that you know a little bit about me and one of my nasty abilities, I want you to think about yourself and your own cock deep inside of me and maybe another girl licking and sucking all over each other.

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Daddy Phone Sex

by janessa on April 14, 2015

janessa daddy 1The train conductor announces that we are twenty minutes outside of the city. I begin squirm in my seat like a twelve year old little girl. I smile to myself blushing, that was the first time my Daddy ever had me. Now seven years later, Daddy and I still have “our special time” together. I don’t get to come home often, now that I’m away at college. I miss my Daddy touching and filling me like only he can. Daddy Phone Sex takes the edge off some though, thank goodness. Three and a half hours later, I’m showered and dressed in my old room ready to take a nap before dinner. A  soft knock makes my heart race and cunt thump, it’s Daddy! “Come in”. Daddy! I run into his big strong arms and my daddy lifts me in the air as I wrap my legs around his waist. I kiss my  Daddy’s lips softly and offer him my tongue as he sucks on it and moans….Janessa I’ve missed my Princess. I’ve missed you too Daddy. He carries me to my daybed and my ass pinned against the window. Just a hint of sunlight peeps through the curtains and shines on my Daddy’s face….gosh he is so handsome. Daddy stands me up and pulls my sundress over my head. I’m not wearing a bra and Daddy kneads my breasts. Mmmm Janessa baby. Daddy then licks my wet slit through my yellow lace panties. Now I’m squirming and panting like a puppy. Ooohmmm. Janessa is there something you need to ask Daddy? Yes, I say. “What” Daddy responds. “Daddy lick my cunt and eat it now please. You want Daddy to make your little cunt cum with his mouth don’t you”? All I could do is shake my head yes. Daddy pulls my panties off with his teeth and slide his tongue up and down my slit lapping at my already swollen clit that’s peeking out. Then he spreads my lips with his fingers and start and begins to nibble and pull my clit while he jams two fingers inside my sopping wet tiny little cunt. Oooh Daddy yes Daddy I moan and whimper. Daddy then puts another finger in and does this funny thing with his fingers as moans load in my cunt. DADDY!!!!!I squirt my sweet  juices all in Daddy’s face and mouth. Daddy licks me clean while I’m still standing and squirming. My juices run down his chin he takes his hand to wipe it then puts his fingers in my mouth. Daddy lifts me off my daybed to the floor and kisses me gently on my forehead. Wash up, mom is on her way home, she’s going to need help with dinner. Yes Daddy. Daddy will see you later Janessa baby, you’ll be a good little slut and make Daddy cum right Princess. Cunt thumping again, I say “yes Daddy” I’m waiting to make you cum……

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Squirming while I wait…….. call me  1-855-553-2339

xoxo Janessa

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3Some Phone Sex

by Drew on November 19, 2014


3 some phone sex done right can really be the best experience. I had the best time with Sandra and our new friend. See Sandra is a bit more experienced than my young little cunt. She took control of me and the big cock that I wanted so bad. I started to get jealous of her, and right before I began to challenge her she stuffed her face in my pussy and made me forget why I had a problem in the first place. I had her dark hair wrapped in my hands and used it as leverage to stuff her face in my pussy until my nut filled her mouth.


Sandra made me forget we had a new friend on the line, he was busy stroking his cock to the sounds of Sandra’s tongue sucking up all my cum. He begged me and Sandra to suck his cock and give him some attention. I just couldn’t let go of Sandra, she made me want to harder every time she touched me!

I’ve fantasized about Sandra’s tongue every since the night she sucked all the cum out my pussy. She fucked me good and in the proccess we found a new friend with our 3 some phone sex.


3 Some Phone Sex


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Cum Squirting Orgasm Phone Sex

by Lotus on August 11, 2014

Cum Squirting Orgasm Phone SexSometimes when I cum I have the most amazing cum squirting orgasm phone sex.  If you hit my special spot when you finger or fuck me I will spout like a geyser.  But no one can make me squirt like I can.  I can make myself squirt clear across the room.   I use two fingers to fuck my pussy while I play with my clit and holy shit is it the most amazing orgasm.  Just think about how hot it would be so sit on the phone with me and listen to me cum over and over again.  I love to know someone is listening to me get off.  It only makes it that much hotter.  So call me up and I will play with dripping wet cunt for you to listen to and jerk that rock hard cock you’ve got there in your hand.  My pussy is already wet waiting for you all you have to do is pick up the phone for some cum squirting orgasm phone sex.

Cum Squirting Orgasm Phone Sex


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Cum Swapping Phone Sex

by Naomi on January 5, 2013

Cum Swapping Phone Sex is nasty and yummy. Oh brother stop begging for a taste of your cum from my lips where you just blew a load around my mouth. Of course I loved every bit of your 10 inchkinky phone sex cumslut no taboo cumslut cums on my face cum facial cum eating phone sex cock slamming in and out of my tight wet pussy too. I am thinking me and my brother going to be fucking from now on! Cum Swapping Phone Sex is me and my brother’s favorite pass time.

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Fuck My Pussy Phone Sex

by Caydee on October 5, 2012

Fuck my pussy phone sex;Hey there! do you have some morning wood to share with my hungry pussy? I know you do! But what are you going to do about it? I’m young and extremely horny.

I like it rough so please don’t hold back. Give me all you have and make me scream in orgasmic pleasure on your cock.

I can’t wait till you Cum fuck my pussy Phone sex!

Horny Phone sex!


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Conjoined Twins Fucking Phone Sex

by Gaia on October 1, 2012

So I had a delightful time with my brother the other day, you see we are conjoined twins fucking phone sex whores. We find it immensely gratifying having sex together so much so that my pussy and his cock conjoin us, gripping us in a deadlock hold. We have mad passionate phone sex with one another, driving us both to ecstasy in our orgasmic role-plays. My bed sheets were so drenched by the time my brother finished with me, my sweet clit squirted so much cum it was hard to function afterwards. I was dressed in nothing but my stiletto red heels that I dug into his ass leaving studded imprints that attested the wild fervor we share for one another. He pleasured me with his long lizard like tongue and pounded my sweet tight bald cunt till it bleed my sexy love potion all over his man machine. We made use of his hot tub, his master bedroom then on the kitchen table, which plummeted to the ground while we were immersed in our conjoined twins fucking phone sex escapade.


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phone sex

I am cum lovin’, trashy, down to fuck, MILF/GILF available to guide your cock to orgasm.  You will grab your cock in one hand, your balls in the other, following every enticing instruction, your no taboo phone sex experience will be intense and deeply satisfying.  I will become your secret pleasure.  The cries and moans of my cum squirting orgasm still echo in your  subconscious.  Your cock twitches at the very thought of dialing my number again.  You resist, until you see my name in chat.  Faithfully, you call for some more of the pleasure you’re known, and want to resist…..but you can’t resist.  Your cock is now begging to hear my voice, my instruction, my surrender to the your fantasy.  Your dark secrets safe and feed by my own need for deviant pleasure, age play fantasy, and pedo dreams.  Feverishly, we reach another climax, another spent kinky phone sex session.  Until the next time.


866.8487274  White Trash Ferrah

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Forced Bi Phonesex By Calista

by Calista on March 18, 2011


I can be a wicked old bitch and I certainly enjoy corrupting young girls and men.I get a kick out of forcing guys to suck cock.I blindfold them and get another guy to suck them off.When they are about to explode I remove the blindfold to let them see the other guy on their cock.I am a mindfuck phonesex whore. I offer no taboo play and ageplay fun too.You can email me ideas for a filthy time.


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