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Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

by Becky on November 16, 2015

Some of the girls here are such sluts! Giggles, ok I’m guilty… Yes, I’ve been having so much nasty phone sex and cumming so much that there’s no denying I’m a total whore. I honestly just crave cock so much, so whether I’m having kinky roleplays on the phone, masturbating with teen gangbang porn or actually getting dicked down, I just can’t get enough cock! I have been on a mission lately to have as many raunchy threesomes as possible. I’m a cum slut big time. I can’t get enough of the creamy white jizz! I want it in all my holes, and all over me!

Last night I had two guys come over and give it to me real good. I first got their cocks nice and hard by sucking them, and oh my gosh do I love having two cocks in my hands, going back and forth between them. My pussy got so wet, and soon I was begging for those big dicks inside me. One guy laid down on his back and I slid my pussy down on him and started fucking him hard and fast, getting myself off and squirting my pussy juice all over him! Then I leaned forward and had the other guy slide his dick in my ass! I love Cum Dumpster Phone Sex so much! I told them both to fuck me real hard and fill both my holes up with their spunk! I love how it feels when it shoots inside me…

Becky ~ 855-553-2339

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naughtiest phone sex slut

by Kellen on October 17, 2015

kellenpicI’m the naughtiest phone sex slut around! I crave cum eating phone sex all the time! I can’t get enough of rubbing on my pretty pink pussy and massively creaming my panties for horny men just like you! I tend to make a lot of mess! And a another awesome thing about my cum loads is that I can cum over and over in no time! I know just how to rub one out properly. *giggles* You can’t be afraid to pump that hard Cock with me! I know you crave to taste your cum for me! If you want to stroke with Naughty Nola you must follow the rules! You can’t cum until I say you can and you have to eat your man juices all up! That’s right you can’t leave a single drop behind. I must hear you eating it too! I’ll suck my creamy fingers clean for you also! I want to hear every detail of the creamy goodness you’ve made!

This perfect young body and my sexy young voice will have you ready to explode! Guided masturbation at its best when it comes to a phone call to Nola! I know you can’t stop looking at my pictures and I bet you dream every night of my bubble butt and perky tits! So go ahead and give me a try, let’s see how nasty and messy we can get together! I’m hungry and ready to cum and eat every last drop for you! Are you willing and ready to explode your load and eat it all for me?! Ready for me to be the naughtiest phone sex slut you ever met?

naughtiest phone sex slut

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Catholic School Phone Sex Girls

by Naomi on September 7, 2015

We all know that Catholic School Girls are the biggest sluts ever. Parents send us away to school in hopes thatnaomi phone sex god will keep us on the right track, but little do they know, we are the baddest ones out there. Stuck in a school with all girls, and a couple of Priests, who do you think your kidding. Once those gates lock, the real fun begins. My parents sent me to a Catholic boarding school to teach me how to be a proper young lady, but all I learned was how to lick pussy, how it’s not a sin to suck off a Priest if he says a blessing as he is cumming down my throat, and that if you masturbate in church, the holy water washes away the sins.

I am the barely legal school girl who secretly does it all. I can’t let my parents know that I am a little whore or they will cut me off, but secretly, I will be the dirtiest little cum catcher in the class. Will you be my Teacher? Or maybe the Priest. I love Blasphemy and it’s so hard to find the sick Men who crave it like I do. Don’t worry about going to hell, you already are. I know your cock just got hard thinking about this. Besides, the Devil has all the sluts playing in his lair.

Hurry up. My panties are wet and my fingers need to explore. Let me cum for you and make all your fantasies cum true.

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)



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Tight Pussy Phone Sex

by Becky on July 1, 2015

You don’t just want any old average pussy; you want the best, the wettest, the tightest… There’s only one perfect tight pink hole that can quench your thirst! I adore having Tight Pussy Phone Sex with you and will be certain to rock your world!! Slide your finger inside and feel for yourself just how tight my precious pussy is…

Do you crave to slide your cock inside a hot Barely Legal Teen? My tight cunt will squeeze your cock in ways you’ve only wished your wife’s could… She’s all loose and dried up and never has the time or energy for you. It’s sad really… But don’t worry. You’re in luck because I love to have hot Cock Worship Phone Sex and I’ll make you feel like a stud again. I’ve got everything your wife is lacking… Let me help you drain your balls!

Barely Legal Teen Becky

You’ll beg for more when I climb on top of you and put my perky teen tits in your face as I lower my juicy pussy onto your hard throbbing cock. A little is never enough, I know you want more more more of the Cock Riding Phone Sex magic… and since I’m the horny teen slut who never grows bored of fucking we can go all night!

Will you pull out and cover me in your hot creamy cum or will you indulge my secret little fantasy of Creampie Phone Sex? I want to feel your hot load exploding inside me, filling me with all your cum. I won’t waste a drop!

Your naughty tight pussy teen…

Becky ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Gang Bang Phonesex

by Calista on November 18, 2012


I am always up for filthy sex and into gang bang phonesex! Men just love me because I have a body built for sexual sin. My boobs are huge and I give hardcore titty fucks and nurse my men like babies if they like to be taken care of. i also have hot lips ready to suck and give you a blow job that drives you wild. I dress up like a kinky slut and I like lots of cock in all my eager holes!! I am a pleaser and cock whore. Bring your friends and line up because my pussy is ready to squirt and you can watch your friends fuck me. I enjoy double penetration and move my pussy so good. Use me like a fuck doll and humiliate me because I will beg you for more.I like rough sex very much and lots of black cock too. I do it all and ready to squirt for you. I offer zero limits talk and love gang bang phonesex.

Insatiable Pussy Phonesex


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Black Cream Pie Phone Sex

by Shantey on September 13, 2012

Who’s in the mood for some Black Cream Pie Phone Sex? Who wants to cum deep inside me? My legs are wide open and my kitty needs to be fed. Bring that huge hunk of man meat phone sex here, baby. Ram that cock deep in my cunt and make me squirt cream all over you. Let me know when you’re cumming so I can put the squeeze on your cock. Drain those balls dry in my tight twat. Cum get your Black Cream Pie Phone Sex, baby boy!

Man Meat Phone Sex



Ez Phone Sex

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Huge Cock Sucking Phone Sex

by Shantey on May 24, 2012

I’m hungry for some huge Cock Sucking Phone Sex this evening. I want to suck a cock at least 8 inches and thick like a coke  can. I want to slurp up that big dick like a melting ice cream cone. After I slob on your huge knob, I want you to dick me down phone sex. Bend me over and bang this big black ass. I will work my pussy all over that big dick until you blow a gigantic load deep inside my cunt. Call me for a Huge Cock Sucking Phone Sex experience you will never forget!

Dick Me Down Phone Sex-Shantey


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Pregnant Lil Phone Sex Slut Julie

by Julie on October 25, 2011

Daddy loves fucking his baby girl Julie. He comes into my room every night before bed and makes sure he gives me a nice big load of baby making cum. He knows he wants to get me pregnant. Well the other day, i couldn’t buckle my size 2 jeans. I snuck into the local pharmacy and found a pregnancy test. I hid it under my shirt and went home with it. While mommy and daddy were gone, i took the test. I cant believe it… My daddy got me PREGNANT!!!!!

If you want to get your girl pregnant with phone sex then call me now…

10 week pregnancy belly picture 725x800 Pregnant Lil Phone Sex Slut Julie

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