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Cum Eating Phone Sex

by Amelia on August 20, 2016

Amelia 4

Line up boys, This little girl is ready for a treat I have been waiting all day for that creamy treat that comes in all different flavors so line up your Cum Eating Phone Sex Slut is here. Don’t believe me I have been getting down on cum shakes for as long as I can remember you see daddy wanted me to grow up big and strong and what has more protein in it than cum so how far fetched is it that I would grow up to love the taste of yummy cum. Now let make my slutty self very clear hear all cum is not good for heavens sake while I don’t believe in wasting it but I love when its nice and thick and sweet. So I have a few favorites who give me the best that they have every time all the time some would say that I am addicted and they would be right my day just doesn’t start off properly unless I have a cock dangling from my lips with the promise of some delicious cum. There are a few of my guys that are on a specific diet kind of like a recipe if you want the best product than you have to put the right ingredients into it take Jake he has a beautiful cock he works out every day only eats organic and only fruit and veggies. He is not allowed to cum unless I am right their to drink it down I won’t allow that nutrient treat of his to go to waste and that’s why I am a Cum Eating Phone Sex slut ready and willing down and dirty for what ever whenever cum find out. I will be mixing it up in the Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom let’s find out if you have the juice to give me the best jizz around for your a cum guzzling slut like yours truly.





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Bare Back Gang Bang Phonesex

by Scarlet on January 31, 2016

scarlet phonesex


I am a nasty little whore into kinky ageplay talk and bare back gang bang phonesex. I am that good time teen slut you come to for rough sex with no limits. I am a nympho teen that is insatiable and needs tons of dirty sex to get off. I like to be used like a whore and that makes me squirt really hard.I like lots of different men and my mom and dad pimp me out to lots of guys at once. I know that I have dirty eager holes that need filling with lots of hot sperm.I will be knocked up soon if I am not already. I hope that I am because I want to be a teen mom like all my slutty friends are. My mom was also a teen mom when she had me and her uncle is my father.I also have hot sex with him and get so wet when he invites his friends over to join in the family orgy where I am the porn star.I learned to satisfy men with my mouth from my parents. I am a nasty little cum slut that loves to swallow and never spit just like I was taught by my horny daddy.I like rough sex and am a pain whore ready to be used and abused. I am into humiliation games and am a submissive teen slut ready to play wicked games. Cum play devious mind fuck games with me.line up the cocks because I am ready to be pounded!! Try me for no limits talk.


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Milf Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

by Becky on December 2, 2015


BUSTY MILF BECKY ~ 855-553-2339

I’ve told my loyal readers before about some of my slutty milf habits… Well I’ve really outdone myself now. I put up some ads on the internet and found a lot of guys who want to come over and fuck me while the kids are at school. So, I decided I might as well just have a little afternoon gangbang yesterday. I found myself in over my head when all the guys showed up, six of them. I was sure at least one or two would cancel, you know… inviting six so maybe three would show up. No way, they all wanted some Milf Cum Dumpster Phone Sex. I got a chance to use some of my fun toys like the sex swing. I had one of the hunks install it from a beam in my basement… We all did a few shots of tequila and I turned on some music before giving a sexy strip-tease in my most slutty lingerie… I felt like such a whore having all these men getting hard for me right there in my house. Things got so dirty, they lined up and I had some fun sucking off a line of cocks. I loved the range of dick sizes and types, from super-thick to super-long, I had my fill of them all.  I got fucked hard in both holes all day long, getting pumped so full of jizz that it was just pouring out of me. The last guy left just before the bus pulled up outside to drop off my rugrats!

Becky ~ 855-553-2339

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Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex

by Rainbow on November 25, 2015

Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex


Daddy I can not come to you for Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex because I got this pie just right for Thanksgiving Phone Sex! Daddy I had such a busy night last night when all the family started to arrive for Family Dinner Phone Sex. Well I fucked all the family and my pussy was still so hungry! 

When Uncle John got the raging hard on from seeing me bendover for more mashed cocks and tea bagging phone sex, he reached up grabbing my ass, only to pull me into his lap and tell me how hard he really likes drilling us age play phone sex girls whom love Family Fun Phone Sex.

After I milked my family for all they had, I had to resort back to the dick that pleases me best of all, BBC Phone Sex Cock. Well I mean it is so thick, meaty, dark, and sexy that I can never just have one per sitting. Maybe at least 3 phone sex cocks to run a train on me, that way all my holes can be filled full.. To the top of this age play phone sex cunt.

That started a whole rage daddy, so before to long I had every cock coming for me, in me, and delivering load after load of sticky nut filled phone sex. Daddy I know how hungry you get for Teen Cream Pie Phone Sex, daddy your such a Cuckold Phone Sex Sissy!


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Bukkake Bliss Phone Sex

by breen on November 14, 2015

I have always been a cum lusting princess and right now I want more than a phone sex orgy! Boners surrounding my cute body and my little pussy is getting very moist. My panties are starting to drip and my tits are bare for that money shot. These guys are jerking faster and I can’t help but masturbate right in front of them. Sliding my panties to the side and slipping in two fingers…making these bald pussy lips stick together. Jerk it harder baby, rub that dick real fast and splash me with bukkake phone sex. I have a hot desire for as many dripping cocks as I can get to bust all over me! Squeeze your cock dry and make my cum fetish cum true! Watching me masturbate is enough to make you big and sexy for my cunt. Just bathe me and watch me swirl my little ass all around the cum puddle. I will even lick up every drop I can get my dirty tongue on. My cum fetish makes me a whore for dick and I don’t mind being used up just for that salty, sweet taste. You know you like watching my tongue smack your cum around like a piece of bubble gum. Now fuck my mouth and fuck it hard… Hard enough to fill me up more than once. Sticky pre-cum is just a tease to drive me wild and you know I will do anything for a face full of your bukkake bliss. Jizz me up phone sex daddies 😛

Bathe me in Cum Phone Sex

XOXO, Beautiful Breen


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naughtiest phone sex slut

by Kellen on October 17, 2015

kellenpicI’m the naughtiest phone sex slut around! I crave cum eating phone sex all the time! I can’t get enough of rubbing on my pretty pink pussy and massively creaming my panties for horny men just like you! I tend to make a lot of mess! And a another awesome thing about my cum loads is that I can cum over and over in no time! I know just how to rub one out properly. *giggles* You can’t be afraid to pump that hard Cock with me! I know you crave to taste your cum for me! If you want to stroke with Naughty Nola you must follow the rules! You can’t cum until I say you can and you have to eat your man juices all up! That’s right you can’t leave a single drop behind. I must hear you eating it too! I’ll suck my creamy fingers clean for you also! I want to hear every detail of the creamy goodness you’ve made!

This perfect young body and my sexy young voice will have you ready to explode! Guided masturbation at its best when it comes to a phone call to Nola! I know you can’t stop looking at my pictures and I bet you dream every night of my bubble butt and perky tits! So go ahead and give me a try, let’s see how nasty and messy we can get together! I’m hungry and ready to cum and eat every last drop for you! Are you willing and ready to explode your load and eat it all for me?! Ready for me to be the naughtiest phone sex slut you ever met?

naughtiest phone sex slut

855 242 8111


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The Freak Phone Sex

by tsmalika on October 3, 2015

The Freak Phone Sex

Well if you will excuse me look at The Freak Phone Sex act in front of you, I am a lot closer to your cock than most girls would be.

That is because I have the short legs to please without dropping to my knees. Little tiny phone sex tits are also a head turner for me. How many sexy t girls you see as small as me.

When you have a liking for a little phone sex girl you can pick me up anytime. Role playing phone sex gets me off, especially when I see you so excited and in need. Well I have to admit I am a total jizz phone sex junkie.

Most the time I go with the circus for a few months and make my money there. Men love to get played with by a short girl, and me having a cock puts me right in side show heaven.

When I am with my freaky friends life just could never get any better, and when I have this dick being used to stir up a closet sissy before he goes home to wifey .

Makes everything in The Freak Phone Sex Act so worth it, everyday.

Freak She Male Phone Sex


Stop by and let us get our hands on your cock, if not we will torture you when under 6 inches. Oh and make sure to ask about my panties, socks, shoes, outfits, and lingerie. We also have she male pussy pops, pantyhose and offer the best phone sex blow jobs around.

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BBC Up My Phone Sex Ass

by Naomi on June 8, 2015

Last night I had a BBC up my phone sex ass and let me tell you it was fucking good. He fucked me so fucking good I came multiple times. There is nothing like an anal orgasm.  

I’m forced to find naomi phone sexall the black cock  I can to satisfy me. I love to have all 3 of my holes stretched by Big Black Cock!  The  bigger the better. While I’m being used as a nasty white whore, I love to spread open my holes, so you can see them gape. Having a lots of black cock down my throat, me gagging and  as that thick clear saliva is dripping out of my mouth, makes me so wet. My eyes watering as I’m looking at that big ass cock going in and out of my white mouth smelling the musk from those big cummed filled balls.

So what’s up my clean up boys where you at? I know your reading this blog and it’s making your little clit hard wishing you can watch and play.

 Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)



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Kinsley Drinks Cups Of Cum Phone Sex

by Kinsley on March 30, 2015


You’ve heard of beer pong right?  The little game with red cups and balls.  Well my friends and I decided we needed a much more naughty game when we do our sorority parties, so we came up with the Cups Of Cum game.  And the frat boys are always ready to lend a cock to fill up a cup, just to see a naughty teen down it.  Kinsley Drinks Cups Of Cum Phone Sex had the whole frat house urging me on.

Our parties are always super naughty, and the frat boys just LOVE me.  I’m always up for a gang bang or cock sucking anytime.  So when we came up with our new game, we were all on board.  The trick was if you didn’t get the little ping pong ball in the SOLO cup, you had to drink a dixxie cup  full of some guys jizz.  I love the taste of spermies floating around so of course I lost every time on purpose.  And when the games were over we counted my cups, and in the end I was the winner for the most cups of cum drank.  I’m just your dirty little jizz junkie who loves to play Kinsley Drinks Cups Of Cum Phone Sex.

Kinsley Drinks Cups Of Cum Phone Sex

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Teen Gang Bang Phonesex

by Salena on December 6, 2014

salena phonesex

I love wicked ageplay talk and teen gang bang phonesex! I am a nasty girl that likes lots of sex. My daddy molested me and taught me to use my body for fun. He always wanted to watch me pick up guys and bring them home so he could jerk off watching me through a hole he made in my bedroom door. I like sucking lots of cock especially big black ones. My daddy taught me to get kinky and dirty. I like lots of guys lined up ready to get a piece of my bald cunt. I rock a party like nobody can. I look good and I squirt hard what more can a horny man want? Lets play games. Bring some men over and lay me down while you jerk off and watch me filled with cum. You can play with my small tits and share some big hard cocks with me like a cum sissy would. I am ready to play nasty taboo ageplay games with you. I offer no limits talk. Try me for teen gang bang phonesex.

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