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Cuckold Boyfriend Phone Sex

by terra on December 14, 2015

terra 8

GODDESS TERRA 855-553-2339

You wouldn’t believe half the shit I put my poor boyfriend through. He is a real life cuckold who is under my rule completely. He fell in love with the way it feels to be owned by a spoiled rotten Godde$$ and give up complete control of his life to me! Of course I’m more worried about which giant cock is going to wreck me while Prince Charming watches my holes stretch open! Haha. I know I know it’s mean, it’s wrong, it’s terrible blah blah but personally, I think a woman needs a slew of lovers on the side to keep her happy and young! I mean, we’re not getting any younger here! It’s important to me that the house and bills are all taken care of and I’ve got the perfect submissive cfnm slave boyfriend to help me with all of those things. Spending his money is one of the best perks, he works and I shop. He would waste the money on senseless shit anyways I’m sure, it’s best spent serving me! He adores when I reward him with my favorite kind of surprise – getting dicked down hard in both holes by a sexy big-cock alpha male! Cuck boy gets to see the real waves of pleasure sweep over my face as I’m being pounded and fucked until I begin to cum all over his throbbing cock! As soon as my bitch boyfriend hears me moaning and cumming, he’ll shoot his load all over himself! *Giggles*… When he makes a mess like that, he knows the rule… he has to let his puppy lick it off of him while I call him a dog-molester! I’m humiliating, sadistic and beautiful all in one package… what man could resist Cuckold Boyfriend Phone Sex?

(I’m evil I know! If you believe you’re brave enough to give me a go!)

:Kisses, Goddess Terra::

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Secret Mistress Phonesex

by Malice on April 19, 2015

malice  phonesex

I  am a strict bitch that is into sensual domination and secret mistress phonesex.I am that dominant diva lover you yearn for and your dirty dominatrix. I creep into your thoughts day and night and you are desperate for my kinky touch. I mess with your mind and your body.You want to please me and submit every chance you get. You hide me from your wife and know that you could never really have me but the times you can you run to me and serve. I like body worship and use a strap on to train your ass.You are my secret bitch boy and like being made to lick my perfect ass and be my ass whore and toilet slave. I make you suck big cocks for me and be humiliated but you love it and want more.You like being used and abused like a puppet whore. I will fill all your eager holes. I offer nasty taboo talk. Try me for secret mistress phonesex.

Dominatrix Phonesex


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Naughty Phone sex Boy

by Paprika on December 6, 2014

Paprika phone sex

I kept my Naughty Phone sex Boy home today and not because I wanted to but I had to. So I called his school and told them that the boy was sick and there was no way I could send him,it was just way too cold. After I had done that of course he whined and complained begging me to let him go like the rest of the kids parents. But guess what I told him, I am not like the rest of the mommies out there! And stormed out of the room as I told him to follow me.

When he caught up to me I was in the playroom and he had this look on his face that I wish I had taken a picture of. The boy was terrified and I was more than ready to give him his punishment for snooping in my lingerie and then stealing my cum stained panties. That I am sure he used to sniff while he jerked off.
I started by telling him to remove his pants and boxers and of course this confused him, but he did it without any complaining. Then after he had did as he was told I let him in on what the punishment was going to be for a horny perverted teen boy. I told him exactly how I was going to tease him and make his little boy dick hard and throbbing all day long…

I followed through with it and didn’t allow the naughty phone sex boy to cum even the tiniest drop. Unless he wanted to clean it, with his own tongue.

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Fuck My Filthy Cunt Phone Sex

by Clinton on July 30, 2014

clintondinobite1I saved you something LOSER Fuck My Filthy Cunt Phone Sex. Go ahead put your face right in my cum filled hole.

But you better eat me first from the front to the back if you want to be able to do that .(giggles)

Cause other wise your gonna end up pulling on your own little wiener while you watch me get fucked by a real man.

So whats it gonna be baby dick ?

First you lick my ass and my cunt then I’ll let you Fuck My Filthy Cunt Phone Sex.

Fuck My Filthy Cunt Phone Sex

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Cum Slut Cum Whore Phone Sex

by Naomi on July 21, 2014

I enjoy cum control naomi-12sex taking control of a man’s cock and being a cum slut cum whore  phone sex control  tease.  Taunting him until he almost reaches orgasm and then stopping. Want me to tease your cock? I would love to explore your deepest cum control  fantasy while I play with my wet, hot pussy for you and become your cum slut cum whore phone sex girl.

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Lady Boss Phonesex

by Maureen on June 20, 2014

maureen phonesex

I am a filthy bitch who is into lady boss phonesex. I am very sensual and very strict. I like to surround myself with young men in my office to cater to my every far fetched whim. I am a nympho cougar. I hire attractive men quite simply so we can have sex in exchange for promises of promotion. To move up in my company you need a big dick and an eager to please tongue! I will humiliate you and put you through yote you but your paces. If you have a small dick I will not promote you but you can be my resident ass whore and pussy cleaner. The big boys can go far with me. I am that size queen who is demanding and ready to get wild! I will play with your cock and fuck up your mind. I am a control bitch. I offer no taboo talk. Try me for lady boss phonesex.

Domination Phonesex


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Cum Control Phone Sex

by Gaia on April 18, 2013

Someone is in desperate need of self-control lessons that I offer during a Cum Control Phone Sex session. Don’t you worry short fry I am very aware of tiny tots like you who have a constant need of stroking their pet between their legs. I have had to resort to chastity devises to extreme methods such as chopping off fingers to keep chronic masturbators from playing with their twiggleberry. The obsessive compulsion to play with their tiny tim is common for those born with small penis syndrome. But as much as people may feel sympathy for your peculiar condition none of us want to deal with it, so a Cum Control Phone Sex Call is in order!


1 855 553 2339

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Gigantic Tits Phonesex By Calista

by Calista on November 23, 2011

calista3 207x300 Gigantic Tits Phonesex By Calista

I am that nasty mommy whore you always wanted to take care of your dirty ass.You like being force fed with my lactating huge boobies.I will make you my sexy son that I take advantage of at night.Mommy will creep into your room and suck your little cock.I really get off with young boys and showing them how to please filthy mommy.My pussy is juicy and very hot for my son and his friends too.I am into family fun phonesex and no taboo talk.Cum on mommy’s massive tits.You can email me wild ideas too.I am eager to tease and please.



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