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Cum Eating Phone Sex

by Amelia on August 20, 2016

Amelia 4

Line up boys, This little girl is ready for a treat I have been waiting all day for that creamy treat that comes in all different flavors so line up your Cum Eating Phone Sex Slut is here. Don’t believe me I have been getting down on cum shakes for as long as I can remember you see daddy wanted me to grow up big and strong and what has more protein in it than cum so how far fetched is it that I would grow up to love the taste of yummy cum. Now let make my slutty self very clear hear all cum is not good for heavens sake while I don’t believe in wasting it but I love when its nice and thick and sweet. So I have a few favorites who give me the best that they have every time all the time some would say that I am addicted and they would be right my day just doesn’t start off properly unless I have a cock dangling from my lips with the promise of some delicious cum. There are a few of my guys that are on a specific diet kind of like a recipe if you want the best product than you have to put the right ingredients into it take Jake he has a beautiful cock he works out every day only eats organic and only fruit and veggies. He is not allowed to cum unless I am right their to drink it down I won’t allow that nutrient treat of his to go to waste and that’s why I am a Cum Eating Phone Sex slut ready and willing down and dirty for what ever whenever cum find out. I will be mixing it up in the Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom let’s find out if you have the juice to give me the best jizz around for your a cum guzzling slut like yours truly.





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Cum Slave Phone Sex

by Avril on September 14, 2014

cum slave phone sexI am a total cum slave phone sex!  I will do anything for a hot load of cum to land in my sexy teen mouth.  Want me to beg for it big daddy?  Hard core deep throating action.  Have you seen my incredible smile?  Do you know how wide I can open that sexy mouth?  I can take the biggest cocks and drink more that any girl in my class.  My teachers all know and some of my friends dads do too.  But my uncle found out and now he decided to teach me a lesson!  I have to suck off him and all of his poker buddies and they are all going to deposit a thick and creamy cum shake in my mouth.  He told me that I have to hold it in my mouth as I sit there on my knees waiting for them all to get hard again. Do you really think that I would ever say no to this???  My uncle knows me well and knows what a total cum slave phone sex that I am and just how much I am going to enjoy this.

Xo Avril oX

Cum Slave Phone Sex 


The Phone Sex Chat Room

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Hey quess what i am doing? Yep same thing you are. Masturbating and fuck why do it alone when you have someone as fine and slutty as me to do it with you. Wife doesn’t put out no more huh? Well i do, and i never have a fucking headache!! Cum and get yourself some. I give some good blowjob’s and i love lots of creamy nut right down my throat or wherever you wanna squirt it mmmmm….aHR0cDovL2dhbGxlcmllczMucGV0aXRldGVlbmFnZXIuY29tLzIvcGludXB3b3cvMTIuanBn No Fun Masturbating Alone.... Masturbate with Julie

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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