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Two-Girl Alien Abduction Phone Sex

by Becky on August 19, 2015

Last night I was hanging out on my deck with Terra, having a few beers and enjoying a quiet night! We noticed some lights out in the sky that seemed strange, so the two of us walked a few feet from the porch out into the back yard, and soon a bright light shone upon us. We felt blinded, strangely serene however and within seconds I was suspended in air… I realized we were being sucked up into a hovering aircraft that was shaped like a frisbee! I never in a million years imagined I’d find myself having 2-Girl Alien Abduction Phone Sex but here it was, happening against our will! We couldn’t fight the powerful upward pull of the field of light that was engulfing our hot teen bodies and within seconds we were inside the ship!

abductedWhen I found myself aboard the alien ship I was so worried about what would happen to me. It felt like the aliens were inside my head, hearing my thoughts and communicating telepathically with each other and myself. There were so many bright lights and mechanical sounds, and if Terra hadn’t been taken with me I think I might have just broken down and cried right away.

They strapped she and I to tables and used a funky scissor-like device to cut off all our clothes, one item at a time. Those pervy aliens started with our skirts and panties, then our tops and bras. Terra’s very ticklish, so when the aliens cut her socks off she let out a giggle, which seemed to excite the alien. He kept tickling her for a moment, which made both of us feel less nervous… Imagine that, even aliens have a tickle fetish!

The two of us hot naked babes strapped down to tables, waiting aboard an alien ship for whatever would happen next was driving us crazy with anticipation!

Find out what happened next!! 


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Impregnate Me Phone Sex

by demida on May 17, 2015

I know you have a pregnant teen fantasy dont you? Getting such a tiny little body pregnant with your daddy seed is taboo and naughty! Maybe you want to be my brother, or neighbor phone sex? Well, I am a fertile little thing, and my tummy would look ADORABLE full of your baby, poking out and growing day by day! *Giggles* Oh your baby batter sticking to my tiny womb is sooo hot! Where will it happen? Maybe on mommies bed where I was conceived? I know you dont want to impregnate old wrinkled yucky mommy! I want to give you a baby! It will be so sexy to have a tiny teen pregnant phone sex mom to be bouncing around. Ill be so horny all the time! I will ride your cock when Im pregnant and cant lie on my back anymore. That will be a sexy sight , wont it? demida xxx phone sex daddy phone sex

Come and thrust your hard cock into my tight tiny fertile pussy! My eggs are dropping , and I need you to impregnate me phone sex!

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Little Girl Phone Sex Body

by demida on February 21, 2015

Demida, Little girl phone sex body, pedo phone sex, pedophile phone sex, incest phone sex, daddies little girl phone sexDaddy loves to use and molest my little girl phone sex body. My puffy mound and tiny little clittie are his playground. I want to be a sweet little girl who is taken over by your big fat pedophile cock. I know that my tiny skinny little body makes you rock hard. My dick sucking lips are for grown ups to enjoy. I have always allowed my daddy full access to his babygirl cunt. I want him to enjoy me and fuck me like his little ragdoll . I look so sweet and cute, dont I. I talk in barely a whisper. I am a very willing participant in your most taboo of fetishes. I love to be used and squirted in. My little ass is so small and my legs are so skinny. My tiny rock hard nipples on my flat chest make your cock drip with precum , dont they? I am just a baby girl. What kinds of things do you want to do to a small little fuckable baby doll like me>? I will do WHATEVER you want. I have no limits, and I am so flexible and fuckable. My little girl phone sex body is all for you . Come get off inside my tiny cunt and  baby girl  butthole tonight!

Little Baby Girl Phone Sex Fantasy

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Tiny Dick Phone Sex

by bliss on May 25, 2013

Tiny Dick Phone Sex leaves me giggling.  Whenever some guy tells me he has this tiny four inch dick I can’t help but laugh.  He wants to touch me?  See my body?  Fuck me?  There is no way in hell I would let that tiny dick near my young tight pussy.  I mean seriously, what is he thinking?  Four inches won’t get me off, way to small for someone as sexy as me.  As soon as he takes out the insignificant member I know there is nothing worth even a second glance.  Maybe he can help get a real dick hard for me.  It’s all he is good for.  Or even use his tongue to clean me out once I get fucked real good by a big cock.  He won’t ever be allowed to fuck me, not during Tiny Dick Phone Sex.  

Sissy Phone Sex

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Sissy Creampie Phone Sex

by Carmen on August 17, 2012

Get those panties on – it’s time for some Sissy Creampie Phone Sex!

You know that you will never get this experienced Gilf off.  You know that your place in panties, cleaning my place and taking it in the ass.  You know my sweet pussy is just off limits, don’t you?

But you still want to be near it.  And the only way I am going to let you near my pussy is to lick the cum of a real man out of it.  And let’s face it, since you are a cum addict – it works out perfectly for you, now doesn’t it?

After you watch a real man make me cum, and he fills me up, you need to open that mouth for me, sissy.

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HOPE: Anal Cream Pie Cutie Phone Sex

by Hope on November 23, 2011

1Hope Phone Sex Young Pussy Tiny Little FREE teen porn Anal Ass Pounding Sex Cum filled ass 269x300 HOPE: Anal Cream Pie Cutie Phone SexHello, Big Daddy! I’ve missed you! Guess what your young, tender, juicy, little baby-girl has been up too. I got so horny while you were at work that I let one of the boys from school into my room.

He was ok, but his teeny teen dick just couldn’t make my pink cunny happy! He wasn’t great big like you Big Daddy. So he violated my puckered pink ass hole! Its all drippy with his cummies! Now he’s all done, and I’m as horny as ever! Will you lick me clean and make my itty bitty pussy happy?

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School girl Gang Bang Phone Sex

by Jackie on May 7, 2011

Last I left you I was down on my knees servicing that hot teenage football player cock in that hot steamy shower room filled with raging hard-on’s. I took turns sucking their freshly showered cocks, some of them had me run my tongue up their tight asses. I was loving being a nasty cock-sucking whore! I felt one of them come up behind me, lifting me off of my knees so that was standing bent over having my throat fucked with him behind me pushing his bare cock into my tight wet cunt. I warned him I wasn’t on the pill but that only seemed to excite all of us even more, as he started to fill my tight pussy with his load within a few minutes. I moaned like a good cum slut!  To hear more wait for my next no limits blog! If you can’t wait for my next blog hurry up and call this taboo dirty anything goes 100% phone sex slut!
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