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by Roni on November 14, 2015

extreme roni

I can remember the day mom and dad decided they wanted me in a full time after school program instead of the babysitter they hired to watch me, from monday to friday. I go home from school early because it was only a half day and I was looking forward to seeing my awesome babysitter Cindy, we had made plans to meet up with her boyfriend at the movie theater that I rarely ever visited.
when I opened the front door and called for CINDY it was mom and dad that responded telling me cindy wasn’t there and they needed me in the living room.
Disappointed I stomped my foot then made my way over to where my parents were, and then politely asked if they knew when Cindy would get here because we had a date.
But, they just shook their head and told me cindy was no longer my babysitter and they enrolled me in an after school program they called it, I called it day care.
UGH! Why do I have to go to daycare when I can come home and hangout with cindy and have fun. But, both parents said it would be so much better for me to attend this program.  

The following day I dreaded the thought of this new place. When daddy picked me up he told me it should be a lot of fun. They call it Kids play zone– hmm sounds lame I told him. But, On the way there I thought about it carefully and decided to give this new place a chance and find out why it was called that, would it really be like daddy said”fun“?.

Lets just say this place called Kids Play Zone, wasn’t all my parents believed it to be at all.
It was actually a pedo phonesex playground!

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Little Girl Phone Sex Body

by demida on February 21, 2015

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Busted Masturbating Phone Sex

by Roni on June 24, 2014

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Ever get busted masturbating phonesex?

I was sitting here on my bed still in my cute sundress and my hair done up in sweet pigtails with ribbons.  Waiting on Tasha my BFF to come over and just hang out. When I started to get bored and decided to play with my bald young peach.

I leaned back propping myself up against the wall and closed my eyes as I licked my fingertips and slipped my hand into my tiny cotton panties and began to finger my soft clit until my tight hole was juicy enough to  finger fuck it.

Suddenly the door flung open and I got busted masturbating phonesex playing with myself by my older brother.

I’ll tell you all the juicy details when you call!

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Nasty Gangbang phone sex

by terra on May 2, 2011

Last week I went clubbing with a couple of friends. I ended up, comeing home with one of my girl friends and 5 guys. Can you say whore? Well everyone said they was hungry so we went into the kitchen we started to make a salad when all of a sudden one of the guys started getting undress and the others followed. He ripped off my panties and rambed his big ass cock into my pussy. Then shoved a cucumber up my ass wile he fucked me. Another guy put his dick in my mouth. It was getting kinky for some phone sex callers. I actually ended up eating the cucumber later . I told you i was a kinky whore.


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