Peep in the barnyard Phone Sex

by daisy on March 28, 2016

To get into the slutty sorority and hang out with some of the most sinful girls.. I had to do it! I wanted to just have one fun night. I wanted to try something new.. Curiosity got me so horny. My little thong was moist and my nipples wanted that long tongue licking and sliding all over my body.. I didn’t think one night of hardcore phone sex would have me doing this now.. But it feels so fucking good. I can’t resist pushing that big cock tip deep inside. They were all watching and I felt so fucking hot, putting on a show with such a big horse.. Licking and sucking off such huge, horse dick was always a fantasy of mine.. I tried to be a good girl, I really did…But how could a horny gal like me pass up big dick fucking. With such a tiny mouth I got a taste of my sweet pony. Bestiality phone sex is making my pussy gape. I know all the horny coed hoes watching were wishing.. They could get a banging,. I invited them to a milking phone sex sesh. . Spreading my cunt lips as wide as I could and prompting myself up on the hay.. Shoving it deeper and screaming louder. I knew I could fit all of that big cock inside my teeny tiny pink hole..The girls took turns sucking up those big brown, dangly balls.. Rubbing their fuzzy little cunts and making the pony push harder.. I could feel the pressure as my pussy bursted with cum..

Cum peep inside the barnyard

Fucking my pony Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Daddy’s Naughty Girl Phone Sex

by Becky on October 4, 2015

Sometimes, I’m a really bad little girl. My Daddy has to spank me, punish me for being so bad! I can’t help it, I’m addicted to Daddy’s Naughty Girl Phone Sex! When my Daddy pulls down my little panties and spanks me, I love the way it feels. I’m the kinky ageplay no limits baby fucktoy that makes you want to fuck her little holes so badly. I go all the way because extreme phone sex really turns me on.

@BUSTYBABEBECKYYou can be my Daddy… what kinky things will you do with your precious baby girl? I always sit on your lap, tease you and give you extreme hard-ons… That’s why I’m in trouble, isn’t it Daddy? Because I grabbed your cock under the table while Mommy was right beside you? You nearly choked on your peas when you felt my tiny hand squeezing your cock and stroking you while she wasn’t looking!

I had to get Daddy’s attention somehow… I can hear him fucking Mommy and sometimes her friends but now it’s my turn and I want it right now! I long to suck your hard cock and feel your hands on the back of my head, forcing yourself down my throat. I will suck all the hot cum, Daddy, draining your balls and asking for a hot creamy load in my tiny pussy too… You make me so horny and I want to be naughty with you Daddy!


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My Phone Sex Masturbation Addiction

by Jada on December 22, 2013

My Phone Sex Masturbation AddictionOk, so I want to fess up about My Phone Sex Masturbation Addiction.  I’m like my own proverbial “Cross to Bear”.  Because, there is no telling when those wrenching horny urges are gonna hit me, and they always do.  But lately, with such a magnitude of force, that I have to immediately drop whatever it is i’m doing, and get to quickly stroking my throbbing aching cock, before I’m buried alive in that rut of dissatisfaction, with no possibility of an explosive escape, or hope of a satisfactory and relishing cum release.  Yeah, I’ve cum to rely quite frequently, on the sheer pleasure power of my hands these days.  Because, the fact that I can’t help myself from wanting to endlessly stick my cock into the first hole I see, doesn’t really help me to fight the cravings to grab my cock and get busy as all “Get Out”!  Hell, my sexual appetite is insatiable, and I am forever reminded of my limited options.  Suffer, or Stroke!  And, don’t misunderstand me.  Because, I love stroking my meat, almost as much as I love those decadently enjoyable orgasms I get to indecently indulge in, as a result of my sweet stroking labor.  Still, let’s face it.  It’s a vicious and undesirable circle that I find myself naughtily navigating. Yes, I’m always horny.  And yes, I’m always stroking and jerking myself off, to make the horny sensations go away.  But, am I really only stroking and jerking because I want to make myself cum?  Or do I cum so fast and readily, because I want to masturbate myself into cumming yet again?    Well, that’s why I know I’m an addict.  And THAT, my dear friends, is why I call it…  My Phone Sex Masturbation Addiction.

My Phone Sex Masturbation Addiction


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Kinky Phone Sex Confessions

by Paprika on December 8, 2013


Kinky phone sex confessions, I want to hear about them especially if they are taboo! I am a nasty mother that likes playing with my younglings. I  Rub and touch all those hot pink naughty spots and watch as they squirm as the good feeling rushes over their tiny bodies. I know you have a nasty incest fantasy that is just aching to be let out!

I am an experienced phone sex operator who not only has real experience, but loves to fulfill all taboo phone sex fantasies. So don’t be shy I want to hear about the extreme fantasies that are taking over your thoughts when you’re horny and vigurously stroking your cock.

Grab the lube and pick up the phone if you are ready for hot no limits no taboos phonesex role- play with me. My pussy aches for some kinky action and I look forward to hearing your kinky phone sex confessions!

Taboo Phone sex with mommy


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Pre-Teen Is A Natural Dominate Phone Sex

by Charity on May 7, 2011


I first started experimenting sexually when I was a pre-teen girl. I was always advanced in my ways of thinking when it came to what I wanted to do. Most girls were just starting to think about kissing a boy and I wanted to get into his pants, lol. Finally I found a boy that was at the same stage with me and it was wonderful. We started fooling around and god I was in heaven, the feelings were just unbelievable. I had always heard about men being the ones in charge so I was kind of surprised when I found myself naturally telling him what to do to me and how. The most erotic and sexual thing of the whole first encounter was the fact that when I told him what to do it did it, without questions! God was that fucking hot. Since then I have never looked back. No Taboo Phone Sex


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