Dirty pastor phone sex molestation went like this…

I went to church today with daddy and I was asked by the pastor to stay after church! OH NO  I thought, I HOPE HE DIDNT SEE ME NOT WEARING MY PANTIES. My daddy took me back into his office after the service and he sat down across from me. He said “Demida, I saw you flashing your bald little snatch for all of church to see. ” I looked over at daddy with big eyes, I didnt know what he would do. Daddy got up and left the room. He closed the door behind him and the pastor brought in his son, the youth pastor for the church. He told me that his son David had a surprise for me. He said that I had won a special prize for looking so beautiful and sexy at church and we went into the back where there was a massage table set up with candles and oil.

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The Pastor used some oil to lube up his hard cock and directed his son on how to molest my little girl phone sex body inch by inch. His son rubbed my body from my hard little nipples down to my puffy little peach. He told me how sexy I was and how my body belonged to him and the church. He said I was going to be devirginized today for the sake of religion. I was scared at first, but he rubbed my tickle button sooooooo fast I was shaking in no time! His father, the Pastor, stood over me and jacked his big cock. What a little girl fucker at heart. This story ended with his sons cock inside me. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dirty Pastor Phone Sex Molestation!

Fucked By The Pastor and His Son(molested at church phone sex )

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Twisted Blasphemy Phone Sex with Kinsley

by Kinsley on May 18, 2014

I love the twisted blasphemy phone sex calls I’ve been getting today, after all it is Sunday, the day of worship… in this case, Princess Kinsley Worship. I don’t just get off to one religion either.

Twisted Blasphemy Phone Sex


Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism and even Muslim. Today I had the sickest Muslim rape fantasy. Being fucked for my faith makes me cum so hard *Giggles* Call me for twisted blasphemy phone sex and tell me your sacrilegious fantasies


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Innocent Mary Jane Phone Sex

by Kellen on November 29, 2013

kellen_meowI sit here waiting anxiously for Sunday school to start, wearing my prettiest church dress with my innocent mary jane phone sex shoes. You see, most people would try to pair a pair of strappy heel sandals with this pretty pink dress, but not me. I think there is something to be said about the innocence of mary jane shoes. Flat black shoes with a thick strap over the top. Paired with white socks with lace trim. Just the innocence of it is amazing. It keeps daddy thinking I am a good girl even though I have gone away to college and done so many things that would make his head explode! I still come back every Sunday to church though. I gotta keep daddy happy. So I sit here in my innocent shoes and harmless dress just hoping that maybe a parishioner will see through my guise and fuck me behind the baptismal font today after church! I really hope these  mary jane phone sex shoes work!


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Blasphemy Phone Sex

by Shantey on July 11, 2013

Even Christian fundamentalists like to get off; That’s where Blasphemy Phone Sex with me comes in. I like to preach the Word, then take the Lord’s name in vain while riding a huge cock. I love being a church phone sex slut.It doesn’t matter if I’m married with kids, adultery is allowed here! I also don’t mind us fucking during a religious service.. Wouldn’t that be hot? Imagine us indulging in all kinds of sin. Bless me with your cum when you call me for some Blasphemy Phone Sex!

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Fuck Me for Jesus Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on October 15, 2011

Dating a preachers son can have its advantages… Everyone thinks i am an angel and that their preachers son is a saint. But behind closed doors we are BAD… I love it when we sneak in late at night, and he lays me right in front of the cross… I grab the satin sheets that they have and laid on them. So when he made me squirt it was all over the cross and its fabric. There are a few men that also know me so well… They know that i am a church whore. They like to get their fill of a younger girl too. When no one is around, they take me into the worship room, and stuff me full of their hard cocks.

I love fucking in church… do you want to fuck me in church? Do you want to be the reason i say OH GOD in front of the alter? Blasphemy Phone Sex is to DIE FOR!!!!!

Blasphemy Phone Sex

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