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Freaky K9 Phone Sex

by corkie on December 31, 2015

kinky k9 phone sex

K9 SLUT CORKIE    855-553-2339

I first learned about beastiality phone sex from one of my older cousins. She was an only child, aside from the family pet she was super lonely! I’d go over to her house on the weekends and we’d bring the doggy into her bedroom, that’s when she showed me what she does when she’s all alone with her pet. This freaky little preteen slut had been petting him one day when she unknowingly was actually jerking him off. Her dog’s red rocket came out and he seemed to really like it when she touched it. So, she thought what if she also puts her mouth on it? My dirty cousin had been sucking off her dog almost every day for a month before she showed me how it’s done. Then both of us little girls took off our clothes and started getting the doggy to lick us all over. She likes the way it feels to have the dog lick her nipples. I was really into having it lick my asshole! It felt soooo good. One day we were fooling around and having some Freaky K9 Phone Sex when the dog mounted my cousin instead of licking her. She squealed in delight with that doggy cock buried so deep in her little pussy. It made me so horny watching her get off with this huge pink slippery cock pounding her tight hole, I started to finger my pussy and squirted out hot juice for that doggy to lick off me when he was done with her…


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Underage Pregnant Phone Sex Roleplay

by Emmie on December 2, 2015

Underage Pregnant Phone Sex Roleplay


Daddy started so young playing with me I got knocked up fresh into elementary. So I have been a pregnant slut phone sex worthy of all hard cock wanking guys. My personal preference is all the perverts who like to make these young things scream.

Now do not get to upset I was a little phone sex whore when I raped my uncles and aunts. Family gatherings I always got caught with a cousin or three. Mostly male but bisexual phone sex girls I like them too. Most older men loved my pregnant phone sex body and my curves. They get off on fucking me and making my babies squirm I guess. Not like they touch but you cant tell that to no man, they are just silly.


Last night was crazy, I dropped the kiddies off at mommas trailer, her and uncle bob had a date and that is always followed by night long phone sex fucking. The youngens take care of themselves and sleep no big deal right. Momma and her brother know how to go about things on the down low, they been screwing since they was kids I’d sure hope so.

Anyhow we went over to my girlfriends they had a few guys, and one was a total sissy. So I wanted the sissy boy, and I was going to have him. Well let me take that back, I am going to just use him for my fun and entertainment. Sissy boy like him would give anything to anyone who gave him his first sissy squirt break.


Then I am going to make his daddy fuck him with kinky incest phone sex. My brothers and me was always showed how much we was needed and loved. We are sharing it now this Holiday Season I am getting ass’s ripped wide open before they can shoot me full and get me ready for an Underage Pregnant Phone Sex Roleplay.. Do you like boys too?

PG Mom Emmie’


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Sex Slave Dinner Date With My Dads Boss

by Clinton on August 9, 2014

clintonwhiteteepantiesWhen I was still a Preteen when I had my Sex Slave Dinner Date With My Dads Boss. My mother had died and I was left alone with my dad.At first everything was great until he meet my step mother …..

She really didn’t like me and was already trying to take over.If you were to meet her you would instantly know she was a woman trying to get to the top. She would always throw lavish parties and invite over my dads Boss ,because she wanted to impress him so that my dad would get a promotion . My dads Boss was freshly divorced so she would have her single model friends over for him to pick through.But he would never pick one.

After several parties she noticed that he still hadn’t picked one of her friends but he payed lots of attention to me,and that he would always bring me gifts .Then she knew he was a Pedophile. That’s when she started to pick my outfits for every party and I would hear her and my father yelling late at night about how I was old enough to help the family.

Then one friday night while we were all seated around the dinner table the conversation took a crazy turn for the first time my dad offered me a glass of wine and told me how Pretty I was and how it was time to Pop My Cherry .

Then he looked at his Boss and said would you like to do the honors ?

His Boss rose up and in a Dominate tone looked at me and said get up.

I looked to my dad but he put his head down and repeated what is Boss had said so I stood up.

He grabbed my hand and guided me towards the back room of the house .

Once in the den he told me to strip off my clothes and when I started to cry he slapped me hard down to the floor .

Once naked he told me to get on all fours and he started Spanking my bare ass until I felt Splitting pain . I could hear every one still eating at the table and couldn’t believe that they would let him do this Violent Torture to me while they ate.

It seemed like the more I cried the more XXXTreme he got with me.

Then I must have made him mad because he took my Worn Panties and stuffed them in my mouth . Then he made me give him a Hand Job and he started Gushing white stuff all over my face . When he finished he told me to get on my clothes but leave the white stuff on my face , and I followed him back to the dinner table .

He told me to sit beside my dad and then he told every one that I was a Hot Fuck and as long as my dad let him make me into a Horny Slut he would get his promotion .

I looked over at my step mother and she was smiling then I knew that she was the one behind my Sex Slave Dinner Date With My Dads Boss.


Sex Slave Dinner Date With My Dads Boss

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Girls are For Killing Phone Sex

by Amanda on February 14, 2012

Yes sir, i do believe girls are for killing phone sex. But not before you forcibly rape them with inadamint objects of all sizes. If the rape that i endure is not enough for your secret fetishes, tell my baby sister to come in so you can rape her while i tell her that this is what little girls are meant for. We are meant to be fucked and sometimes even killed. Yes our master has his hands around her throat and is squeezing hard. He is fucking her even harder with that baseball bat while she stops breathing. If that is not enough torture and humiliation, he stands up and takes his hard cock and begins to piss all over her dead rotting corpse. Girls are for killing phone sex, because i cant think of another thing they are good for.


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Accomplice Phone Sex

by Dasha on February 13, 2012

AccompliceI love hanging around the neighborhood playground, and I get so many ideas I love talking about all of them on an Accomplice Phone Sex Call. I like to plan out the perfect way to snatch up one of those cute little rugrats. How I’ll throw them in my trunk and come to a secluded place with you, and how we will violate every little hole on their body. I’ll hold them down nice and tight for you, and enjoy every little tear, sob, and squirm of their body with Child Phone Sex.

Let’s enjoy that young little hole on a hot Accomplice Phone Sex Call.



Child Phone Sex


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ZoeyPhoneSex15 220x300 Phone Sex Victims of Sexual Abuse Play with Zoey!Do you have a bizarre fetish that you’ve never told anyone about? My caller Nick sure does!!! He wanted me to be his phone sex accomplice, but not for little girls or boys! He has a sick fetish for dolls and mannequins… a fetish like this gets me so excited!!! He’s a therapist and works with child victims of sexual abuse, and the easiest way for little girls and boys to tell their traumatic stories are through their dolls, they dolls speak for them.

He likes it when his little girl (Naughty little Me!!!) is sitting on the floor playing with my dolls. He likes to watch me dress them up really slutty, and then after they’ve been bad bad dollies, I help Nick touch my dollies in bad places, just like he helps the other child victims do, it helps them express their rage and sexuality.

Do you want to play with my Dollies? or

BadBabyZoey – Yahoo **I also offer cyber sessions!**


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