Slutty Cheerleader Gang Bang Phone Sex

by Amelia on September 28, 2015

amelia4I am a sexy little teen cheerleader. Besides sucking cock, my favorite thing to do is shake my pompoms and dance for a crowd. I know that many of those people in the crowd are horny men who can’t take their eyes of my tight little body. I know I look super cute when I dance because I can scan the audience and notice men trying to hide their hardened pickers from their wives and daughters. At my core, I am nothing more than a Slutty Cheerleader. I look to pick men from the crowd to take home with me after the games. Tonight, as I pick my prey I notice that some of the football players on the other time are muttering to each other and snickering whilst looking in my direction. I feel my pussy get wet as I imagine the naughty things


they are saying about me. I have never slept with a member of the opponent’s team before. I wonder if my team’s players will get mad at me if I become a cock sucker for the other team.
My mouth begins to water and all I want is to get on my knees and suck off all those sweaty dirty boys. It makes me so wet to think of them using my hot little holes and tossing me aside like the slutty cheerleader I am. What do you think I should do Mister? Huh? Should I let them use my sexy little body?

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Cheer Time Kinsley Phone Sex

by Kinsley on January 28, 2015


I love when it starts to get warmer weather because you like to perv on me at cheer practice, watching me do all my jumps, back flips and splits, just itching to catch me alone.  You like playing Cheer Time Kinsley Phone Sex with me because I’m that naughty little cheerleader who loves to bounce on your big monster cock!

If your girlfriend ever knew how many times I stop by your house on the way home she’d leave you in a second!  But you like to be sneaky and so do I.  My short cheerleading skirt shows off my cute legs, barely covering my teen ass.  That little tight teen twat of mine gets you ramped up when your dick slides in.  And with me being so flexible and ready to try anything new always has you lusting for more of me.  And I’m not afraid to suck that cock and have you cum in my sweet little mouth of mine.  You love seeing my pretty pink lips wrapped around it while I look up at you, my big brown eyes begging for more.  I’ll always be your kinky cheerleader! I’ll be by later to play Cheer Time Kinsley Phone Sex with you.

Hottest little cheerleader around! Cheer Time Kinsley Phone Sex

Call and ask for Kinsley! 855-553-2339

I’m that naughty little brace face girl you can find at night in our UNCENSORED CHAT ROOM!

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Phone Sex with your Best Friends Daughter

by Avril on November 20, 2014

phone sex with your best friends daghterNever thought you would be so lucky as to have phone sex with your best friends daughter did you?  I grew up to be a naughty little slut and my daddy just thinks I can do no wrong.  But the way I have been looking at you when you come over for poker and football to hang with my daddy… you know I am nothing but trouble.  You can see it in my eyes and the way I dress.  You know daddy says I am a good girl… his favorite.  Well it seems that I am becoming your favorite too. You find every reason to come over and party up or help out my daddy all in an effort to see me, to test me when the moments of getting me alone are most likely.  I offer to get you guys some beers when you are working on the garage and after a minute you excuse yourself to go back into the house because you ‘broke the seal’.   You cut me off at the pass in the kitchen and flirt with me and I show you exactly what a dirty little slut I can be, rubbing up against you, kissing your neck…  rubbing your cock through your pants…You almost  spew in your .  I hand you both the beers so your hands are full and I dig into your pants which just blows your mind… but I am just going for your phone.  I back a few steps away and lift my top, showin’ my sexy little bra and flat tummy and take a pic with your phone.  Then I put my number in there while you look on stuck dumb at the titty flash.  As I put your phone back into your pocket, slowly and deliberately, I lick your neck and them I tell you to call me because we should meet up sometime….   tonight you are going to have phone sex with your best friends daughter and she is such a slutty little tease – I wonder how far she will go?

Xo Avril oX

Phone Sex with Your Best friends Daughter


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Cheerleading Slut Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 14, 2014

When I wear my cheerleader naomi phone sexoutfit daddy loves to fuck me and play cheerleading slut phone sex with me.  He pulled across the crotch of my panties and slips his dick into my wet cunt. He likes it when I shake my pom poms and cheer as he fucks me.  Daddy’s dick fucks me up my ass that’s when he fucks me   hard and fast!” He makes me stand on my tippy toes and continues to rough fucks my ass Daddy says that it’s the best way for his dick to fit better.he loves to take it out my asshole and shove it deep down  my throat. Daddy is always finding new things for me to do like teaching me how to fit a cock in my ass and in my pussy at the same time. So if you want to cheerleading slut phone sex with me, I’m just a phone call away.

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY(32339)



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Cheerleading Phone Sex Tease

by Shelby on March 14, 2014

Cheerleading Phone Sex TeaseHi cutie!! Thank you so much for opening your door!! I am with the local Cheerleading Phone Sex Tease troupe and we are raising money for shorter skirts :: bends over shaking it:: I was curious would you like to see my G string phone sex panties for a small fee??
Recently donations have been down and we aren’t going to let that cost us new uniforms!! ::does high kick showing lil sweet bald phone sex teaser:: 
Oh you really seem to like my lil routine, since you are being so generous how about you and I reach us a deal where you can play with my little pussy as long as I come by weekly for the dough. You know no strings attached.. I will just let you smell my pretty lips, and take me shopping. ::giggles:: No loser like you has ever been inside my pussy  think you can take on this Cheerleading Phone Sex Tease
Tease and Denial Phone Sex
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Big Daddy’s Cock Phone Sex

by Barbie on March 25, 2013

On my knees, ready to share a  big daddy’s cock phone sex session with you, Daddy. Our play times are the BEST, and I do love to suck your slick lollipop. Yummy. Watching the clock, to Mom goes to work as I run in your room. Jumping on the bed, tonight we are gong to make a baby. At breakfast, you shared the secret, and I have been so excited all day. My own baby created by hot passion and love. My own gift, and now another family secret to keep to myself. Giggles.

Nightly, I share sexy scenes with my all my Daddies! On a recent call,  I modeled several of my uniforms. My cheerleader outfit was the first one, and I do love to shake my poms poms. Smile. Repeating a special cheer for Daddy to get his rod thick and hard. Go Daddy! Next was my little girl school uniform; this one, always seems to make him smile. Cute little white panties that are too small for my butt. Bouncing on his lap, my little girl’s butt does love to tease Daddy. Giggling, I run to change into the last uniform. This time it is my marching band ensemble with a tight vest, and a very short skirt in our school colors. Twirling and marching in place for his enjoyment.

Lets create a special time in our big daddy cock phone sex adventures.

Big Daddy’s Cock Phone Sex

855-55-DADDY, 855-553-2339

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teen phone sexTeen cheerleader phone sex

I am one of those Cheerleaders that you’ve been fantasizing about for years. You go to the High School Game, and you see those flawless long legs and that perfect tight little bubble butt -Peeking out from the Mini Skirt -my white tight panties,moist sweaty that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I may be only be 18,but  still knows the value of a gentle, slow, and seductive tease, and that anything worth doing is worth doing well and i do   that .I need  your cock , I love older men that can bring out my curious wicked side while reliving those boyhood dreams of fucking my barely 18 pussy. Teen cheerleader phone sex – RAH RAH RAH!

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Cheerleader Phone Sex

by Eden on December 25, 2012

Cheerleader phone sex is so much fun.  I wanted to be a cheerleader so bad.  I was a very pretty girl, but I knew that there were a lot of pretty girls trying out for the cheer squad.

I knew I had to do something extreme to get me noticed so I could leap a head of those other girls.  My Daddy always said that if you want something bad enough you would do anything for it. *wink*

I knew that the foot ball team was practicing that afternoon, soI snuck in the locker room to wait until they were finished.  had on a really slutty cheer leading outfit, that showed off all my “assets” completely.

Those boys got a workout more intense than their two practices a day.  I made sure of that.  All those sweaty bodies got off on me in every way you could imagine.  I had so much fun!

I had no problem getting the team’s vote for the squad.  I made sure that they had all full advantage of my enthusiasm after every game.

Call me for Cheerleader Phone sex

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Cheerleader Phone Sex

by Dasha on March 11, 2012

CheerleaderC-O-C-K, and I cant get enough with Cheerleader Phone Sex. I see you in the stands, watching me as my little ass bounces up and down all over the place, how I move my body. Just loving how flexible I am, I bet you’d L-O-V-E me to do the splits over that hard cock of yours. Meet me under the bleachers and I will show you how peppy I am to suck that cock of yours. Lift my leg all the way up and pound into that tight little cheerleader pussy. I’m all full of spirit, and CUM! *giggles* I’m such a cum slut phone sex, and I can’t get enough.

Fill me full of your jizz, really give me something to be peppy about with Cheerleader Phone Sex.



Cum slut Phone Sex 


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Flexible Phone Sex with Cheerleader May

by May on December 24, 2011

mayc 204x300 Flexible Phone Sex with Cheerleader MayEver met a girl who could just bend and stretch into any position like a rubber band? Being a cheerleader you have to be flexible and energetic, why do you think guys love cheerleaders? Just think how hot it would be to fuck me with both my legs behind my head and watching your cock work its way in and out of my pussy. Or licking my pussy while I’m in a full split. Think of me as your flexible phone sex girl, I’ll bend over backwards to please you, and you’ll be cumming in so many different positions your head will spin.
IM or Email me on Yahoo! []
1-866-6-KITTEN / 1-866-655-8836
1-855-55DADDY / 1-855-553-2339

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