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Becky With The Good Hair Phone Sex

by Becky on April 30, 2016


Hey bey-hive! Get ready to have your minds blown!! The fucking secret is out! Take one look at my tanned perfect body, long sexy legs and round tits and you’ll know it’s true that I’m the one Queen Bey was singing about when her album hit! I’ve been sipping tea since she made that weak ass Lemonade and now I’m going to take my place on the throne! I’ve been on the fence about coming forward but it’s time I cash in on the #ViralFame that I deserve for all those long nights spent entertaining her man. Yes boo, when you are too busy with your appearances and working in the studio, your man is with me! He loves the way I put it on him more than he’s ever liked your tired sex game. Plus, it’s true what they say about white girls giving head and loving it- no more birthdays and anniversaries only, when your man is with Becky With The Good Hair Phone Sex you’re the last thing on his mind! My head game is on point, maybe you could write a song about the tongue lessons you should be asking me for. Don’t worry, I’ll wait!

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Slutty Phone Sex Wife

by Irma on May 24, 2015

Irma Irma

She was a Slutty Phone Sex Wife and her husband knew it. He first discovered how slutty his wife was when he came home early from work one day unexpected. His wife didn’t work. She was a stay at home mom. They had two kids they were raising. He seriously doubted the paternity of either of their younger children. Both of his children looked like they had nigger blood in them. His wife swore up and down that they were his children, but that didn’t stop the nagging thoughts in his head.

His suspicions were confirmed when he caught his cheating pregnant phone sex wife in the act. He set up a video recorder before he went to work to catch his wife in the act and sure enough, he caught two black guys sneaking in through the fucking bedroom window. As soon as they entered the bedroom, those two black cocks instantly began dominating his pregnant wife. They were treating her like a filthy fucking whore. They were even going so far as to piss in her fucking mouth and when they were done they left that cumslut covered in their piss and cum. The husband couldn’t believe his eyes, but he had the proof right in front of him. He had to figure out a way to use this information to his advantage.

He came up with a plan. He was going to Pimp His Pregnant Wife out. Lots of guys love to fuck a pregnant pussy and from what he saw, his pregnant wife loved to have her pregnant pussy fucked by huge cocks. So, he was going to pimp that pregnant bitch out and make her pay for being a Slutty Phone Sex Wife.


Slutty Phone Sex Wife



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Cheating Wife Phone Sex

by Shantey on October 4, 2012

My little dick hubby is getting on my damn nerves; the only thing that will keep me from ringing his scrawny neck is Cheating Wife Phone Sex. Fucking someone that isn’t my man always calms my temper. I have a couple of fuck buddies who love giving me that long, hard fucking phone sex that I need. To top it all off, they’re hung like a horse too! I love sucking thos big dicks and taking it deep in my pussy and ass. It’s like I’m fucking my pain my hubby inflicts away. A wet, juicy pussy does the trick, too! Everyt time I cheat, I kiss my husband with cum and pussy breath and his stupid, apologizing ass doesn’t suspect a thing! Cheating Wife Phone Sex cums easily to me; call me and get a taste of this married pussy!

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Cuckold Phone Sex

by Dasha on March 18, 2012

CuckoldCuckold phone sex is my bread and butter. Be my boyfriend, You’ve come home early from work and you walk in to find me *gasp* fucking some big black cock phone sex! You so shocked and you can’t look away. I smile and you and tell you how much more satisfying he is than you, how he makes me cum in ways you never could. I’ll have you sit down and watch at he fucks me doggy style, missionary, making me scream for more. and then when he is finished, I’ll have you clean me and him up. *laughs*

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HOPE helps Cuck Husband Get Even, Phone Sex

by Hope on December 28, 2011

x Hope Phone Sex Young Pussy Tiny Little FREE teen porn Anal Gaping Ass Young Face Anal 205x300 HOPE helps Cuck Husband Get Even, Phone SexThat poor abused hubby! He was forced to be a cuckold by his naughty, naughty wife! She rubbed it in his face that she was cheating on him. Until, finally, he had enough and decided to remind her who wore the pants… that is where I came in. And we made that stupid cunt of a wife listen while he fucked all my holes good and hard. I could hear her sniveling after I started screaming his name!

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