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by Ravage on May 25, 2016

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Lets have some kinky nasty cheap phonesex! I am the perfect red headed slut who can make any and all of your fantasies cum to life. Listening to the sounds of my young sexy voice is the only prop we will need to have our huge release together! I do calls all the way from family fun, to ageplay, all the way to xxx hardcore roleplay! Nothing you request will scare me off. In fact maybe my dirty kinky mind might scare you away! Hehe. I’m a dirty red head whore who loves all the kinky and naughty talk you could ever possibly imagine. I’m a whole new kind of phonesex whore. I don’t fake anything. You called me to get your rocks off or maybe to get mine, which ever it may be. I get myself off whenever you ask and there is no faking. I use my young hands and touch myself just like you tell me to. That moan plus my sexy young voice you won’t be able to resist and neither will I. Cheap phonesex with a perfect sexy young voiced slut? How can you beat that?! You’ll enjoy my voice so much that you’ll think I am a Christmas gift! The kicker of it all is I’m get gift that keeps giving all year round! My slim body, perky tits, and fabulous red hair plus my young sexy voice I’d be your match made in heaven! So what are you waiting for? Give me a shout out and see where this kinky fun can lead us together!

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Call me! 1-855-242-8111

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$20 Phone Sex Whore

by Ferrah on December 28, 2014

$20 Phone Sex WhoreLooking for a cheap, but sexually fulfilling “date”?  Then look no further!  Because here I be, your $20 Phone Sex Whore.  And, while I may come cheap, I can still assure you that I will do all of the sick and twisted, cock stimulating perversions you want or desire so you can reach that relieving cum explosion you are in dire need of.  Yes-Sir-reee Bob!, or Joe, or whatever the Hell your real name is… I am gonna set your sinful soul on fire.  I’m gonna suck you, lick you, tongue tease you and fondle your naughty private parts… all the fuck over.  And, when you think you can’t take anymore, I’m gonna lay down or bend over and beg you to ram that fat hard cum dripping cock into whichever hole you want to.   Then when you are balls deep in my filthy snatch, all I’m gonna do is SCREAM your praises, and plead, like a righteous pussy would, for more… more…. more!!  And when you’re done with my “bargain-basement” sexiness, I’m gonna wrap my salivating mouth right around your messy cock, and clean it but good ( and I DO swallow )…. Now get your clothes back on and get the fuck out of my sight.  Got no time to waste, and I got a long night ahead of me, cause I’m just a $20 Phone Sex Whore.

$20 Phone Sex Whore

(855) 553-2339

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Cheap Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 4, 2013

I am strictly iFetish Phone Sexnto Cheap Phone Sex 24/7. I was raised by a mom who was a whore and I got to enjoy family fun at a young age so nothing is taboo of me. As long as I cum, then all the things that are forbidden and unheard of are grasped by me. I spend all my spare time looking for sexual adventures and things that excite me. I am a no-holds barred bitch who enjoys sucking cock as well as eating a hot & wet pussy. Corruption of the innocent is my favorite game. I like to destroy purity and leave my mark for life. I’m built for pleasure and sin & am ready to explore all areas. I can be a submissive slut or a dominant bitch! So if you want to get off with a Cheap Phone Sex slut, CALL ME.




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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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