Worship Goddess Terra Phone Sex

by terra on October 18, 2015

There are lots of kinky ways this erotic teen Goddess loves to use and abuse all her playthings. I’ve got toys galore and no naughty fantasy is too taboo for me to explore. My seductive ways will surely make you feel like your balls might explode at my mere touch. I find myself amused with teasing you with my perfect body and making you beg endlessly from your knees to serve me. Worship Goddess Terra Phone Sex is what you were born to do and you can pick up the phone and give me your devotion every single day. I’m here for making you my personal subbie slave!

Some of my favorite ways to take control include your wallet. That’s right, you’re going to be my pathetic pay pig and I’ll live all the happier on your dime. I truly delight in getting you to admit you are worthless and that I deserve your money so much more than you ever could. Financial domination is so fun to me because it hits you where it hurts: your wallet. See, that’s the way to really control a man. And I do control you, don’t I? You’ll find me omnipresent, filling your every thought and enticing you to serve me every day of your measly existence.

Goddess Terra Owns YouI also really enjoy cock and ball torture, making wimps wear chastity devices and blackmailing pathetic little losers who fail to comply with my demands!

::Kisses, Goddess Terra::

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Castration Phone Sex

by Katie on September 20, 2014

0kateExtreme and kinky teens like me love to have their sissies do nasty and unthinkable things like Castration Phone Sex. I know many of you boys cannot even thing about the possibility of losing your cock and balls to a deviant girl like me. But I have many sissies that do not feel the same way. Many sissies that love to be controlled and handled with orders and demands to free their bodies and give me control. So if you are a man, that loves to be submissive to teens, and you know you want to feel the true pain of your released cock, then it’s time to submit to me fully. CBT and castration and even extreme blackmail is what I do when I’m in the mood and we can fully get things to where they were meant to be. Get down on your knees and submit to me and my Castration Phone Sex.

Call Nasty ♥ Katie!!! 1-866-984-2464

♥~Daddy’s Little Slut Phone Sex~♥

EXTREME Teen Slut Phone Sex

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and I think this picture tells you all you need to know about extreme cock and ball torture phone sex. Usually I’m your Sexy Sensual Goddess, but today I’ve been a heartless bitch inflicting pain where ever I can.


I watched on cam as we ruined my humiliation toys cock. This kind of damage required surgical staples and sutures, and I laughed mercilessly while I watched him staple his cock back together.

You might not be looking for something this extreme, but if surrendering yourself to me makes your cock ache to be abused, call me for cock and ball torture phone sex!

::kisses:: CBT Phone Sex

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Domination Phone Sex 

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Tie Up Your Balls Phone Sex

by Drea on May 4, 2014

tie up your balls phone sexGet out the rubber bands and sisal twine because I am going to Tie Up Your Balls Phone Sex and make you moan. I am dressed in a sexy pink latex catsuit and pink patent leather boots.  You will never touch my flesh, but occasionally I may let you cum on the crotch of my catsuit and you lick it off.  You crave my delicious curves but don’t dare to touch me because I will punish you.  

On all fours, groveling I crack the flail against your back and tell you to get up on the table.  The table is too small and your shoulders, head, legs and arms hang over the sides. I let you jerk your dick until your cock is hard while I lean over your face with my voluptuous titties popping out of the top of my catsuit. Again with the moans….

Your dick is hard and sticking straight up.  I slap your hands away and they fall away.  I snap on rubber gloves and hold your hard shaft up with two fingers.  I stretch a very small  rubber band wide and lower it down on the shaft before I snap it into place at the base like a cock ring.  Followed by another and another. Then its time for the biting sisal.  Your cock is taking on a lovely shade of purple but stays incredibly hard.I throw some loops of the spiny sisal robe around your balls at the base and then each each sack is stretched and all the slack is taken out of each sack.  I flick your nuts with my finger.   Your nuts are pressed up against the stretched skin. The little veins look like threads.  I may best a few of them and leave you with purple bruises on your balls before this is over. Your toes are curling.  You are moaning and beginning to sweat.  I paddle your cock with a rubber paddle and your tight balls.  I engage two fingers up your ass and do a figure 8 on your prostate and the pressure of nut that screams to be set free makes you beg.  I love it when you beg bitch.  I love to tie up your balls phone sex

Lose yourself inside…


Tie up your balls phone sex

1-855-229-3732       or     1-855-BBW-DREA

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True Story CBT Phone Sex

by Kellen on October 13, 2013


You call me up because you are in the mood for something awesomely fucked up,

True Story CBT Phone Sex. We will start out simple.

My list of demands for what you need to have are,

A 30 minute call

Rubber bands (3 regular size)

1 q-tip

1 jar vapor rub

1 plastic grocery sack

2ft yarn

2 canned items.


Lets start you off simple. I want you to take the first rubber band and stretch it between your index finger and thumb like you are going to flip it at someone. Now place it right on top of your cock and with your other hand draw it up until it is stretched up to your belly button. Now let me hear it snap that pathetic cock of yours.  You like that sting? I like the yelp you let out! Now take another rubber band, and loop the 2 around your useless testicles until they are wrapped around them 4x so that they are nice and snug.  Next I need for you to pick up the q-tip and dip it into the vapor rub. Stick the q-tip into your dick with a nice glob of vapor rub on it. Make sure you swirl it all the way in until you cannot see the cotton part anymore. Now pull it out. Lovely burn isn’t it? Look down at those balls. What color are they turning? Are they purple yet? If so  place the canned goods in the bag and attach the yarn through the handles  and tie the string around your ball sack. Now lift the bag up and DROP IT. You sound so lovely when you scream. I want you to spread your legs apart at the ankles. Placing your feet at least 3 feet apart so you have to squat. Thrust your hips so that bag swings, the weight of the bags using its centrifugal force to pull down on those soon to be destroyed balls. Such lovely pain isn’t it. Aren’t you proud to take this all for your Mistress? You heard that I would go easy on you, you never realized when Miss Kellen does True Story CBT Phone Sex she doesn’t  fuck around does she.


True Story CBT Phone Sex.




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Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex

by Sally on June 9, 2013

One of my very favorite calls with naughty boys is cock and ball torture phone sex, also known as CBT. As you can tell, the boys get off from having their hard cocks manipulated in a painful way. Daddy and I started it when he told me to hurt him because he deserved punishment over fucking his own daughter. I gladly obliged. One of my callers, M., loves for me to use anything on him I choose. Ranging from a chastity belt, cock ring, my hairbrush, a metal ruler, or a rubber band, just to name a few. I have endless things to use, depending on my mood. With M., I can get creative with kitchen utensils, gardening tools, or office supplies *giggle.* If he has been a bad boy, he has to keep whatever contraption I bestow upon him until our next phone conversation. The key to CBT is the more pain, the more pleasure, and hell, I’m all about pleasure, whatever, however. So don’t be shy if this is you. Call me and submit to my power over your measly manhood during cock and ball torture phone sex.

CBT Phone Sex


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I know I look super sweet and innocent, so I’m probably not the girl you’d think to call for teen cock and ball torture phone sex, but don’t let my sweet looks or young voice fool you, I can be vicious *Giggles* Justin called me today with rubber bands, q-tips, ice cubes, candles, close pins, a metal hairbrush, a wine glass, and icy hot… everything I need to make his cock writhe in agony!

If you’re new to torture porn and you’re looking at that list, and you probably understand the need for everything except the wine glass, right? Well that was for him to cum into. When I finally let him cum, he ejaculated into the glass and I made him drink his own cum, I even made him gargle! Humiliation and domination are fetishes that make my pussy ache with control. I love masturbating when you’re whimpering in pain. Call me for teen cbt phone sex, I’ll make you beat your meat like it owes you money 😉

Bad Baby Zoey

Public Humiliation Phone Sex

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Phonesex Training w/ Colleen

by Colleen on October 22, 2011

colleen21 207x300 Phonesex Training w/ Colleen

How far are you willing to go? Carefully consider this before you call. I like extreme phone sex  and I don’t mess around. I like CBT, and dildo training…. Can you handle that? Would you be willing to penetrate yourself for me? You need to know the answer to that before you call. I will hang up on you if you refuse to do what your told. Just how extreme are your desires?




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Ass Pounding Anal Phone Sex

by Jackie on April 30, 2011

What does your ass look like??  Do you have one of those round, plump and phone sex fuckable man asses or are you walking around with a flat, hairy tight ass?  Either way, your ass is one that I would take much pride and happiness in fucking the hell out of.  Taking control of you, bringing you to your knees in front of me and making you suck my strap on is the first step.

The next step is making you lay on your back with your legs in the air like the common slut and then pounding my 10 inch dildo so far up your ass you can feel it in your organs.  Are you a closeted or even open cock whore looking to get fucked??  I think you are, and that means you are ready for me…

Call Ms. Shelly NOW!!!!




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