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Butt Plug Phone Sex

by Dasha on June 8, 2013

the first and most exciting to anal play is Butt Plug Phone Sex. We’ll take it nice and slow and enjoy every minute of this delicious feeling. I’ll have you suck on it and make it nice and wet, then I will start pushing it slowly into that tight ass of yours, one notch at a time. How does that first one feel? So Foreign I’m sure, but your cock is slowly waking up feeling it there. Ready for that Second Notch? Here we go…there, starting to feel even better, lets push it in to the next one, and the next one, til your ass is taking it completely, full of butt plug. Look how rock hard your cock is now, and with me pushing it in every so often, penetrating you, hitting that delicious G spot of yours, I’ll suck your cock into my mouth and start pumping my lips up and down your shaft. Im sure your having trouble concentrating with all this amazing feeling, maybe its time to give me that big load with your ass full of butt plug phone sex.



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Fuck Friends & Phonesex

by Scarlet on August 9, 2011

One of my fuck friends gave me a new toy to try out. He said he wants to “open up and stretch out” my ass hole. So he gave me an anal adventure kit. It had anal butter, an expandable butt plug, anal beads, and a vibrator with different speeds!! Now, I must say that I have a nice tight pussy that’s pretty amazing. But now, I’m gonna take a shot in my ass too… I lubed my tight little ass hole pretty good and got it all ready for the vibrator. Once I got it all the way in there, it buzzed and felt so good that a sudden warmth and coolness came right over me. I came several times in a row! Oh, I think I’m loving this anal play. Call me so you can hear me cum over and over while I play with my little fuck hole and toys and have hot phonesex with you. 

Twisted Slut Scarlet 




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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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