Panty Shopping Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on December 16, 2011

Oh how I do love to shop!! Yes, I know that makes me such a girl. I spent the day yesterday out with girl friends shopping for sexy panties and matching bras. With the assistance of my good friend Jill, I selected a pair of lacy black thong panties and a 1/4 cup bra to match. I just love the way it makes my tits look all popping out and nipples exposed…. Jill liked it too!! Jill got so turned on we had a little girl on girl action in the car.aHR0cDovL2dhbGxlcmllczMucGV0aXRldGVlbmFnZXIuY29tLzIvcGludXB3b3d6ZXJzLzE0LmpwZw Panty Shopping Phone Sex with Julie

We pulled the car to the edge of the mall parking lot and she crawled between my steamy thighs teasing my pussy thru the outside of my panties. It seemed like she teased me forever!!! Then, just when I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, she took my tiny black thong off and licked my clit, tongue fucked my pussy and let me ride her face. God, she really does eat the best pussy… such a great friend to make me cum so hard right in the back seat of her car. When she said she would give me a ride, I had no idea she really meant she would give me a ride on her pretty face. Thanks Jill!!

Panty Shopping Phone Sex with Julie
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Ready to be your New Extreme Dream Girl

by Izzy on August 31, 2011

Hey all you horny fellas out there! My name is Naomi and I’m ready to be your new extreme dream!! Are you ready to be driven to the edge of reason by my hot little body? Do you want to hear about how I am eager to suck and fuck you to the outer limits of ecstasy? I work at lingerie shop, and I like sexy panties and bras. I love to dance around the house in my sexy panties with the curtains open. hee hee I am a bit of a tease to my neighbors. Wait I tease a lot, who knew? I will touch my self with the curtains open just cause some old guys live across the complex from me. I know they are stroking their hard boners as they watch me.



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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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