GILF Threesome Phone Sex

by Colleen on September 13, 2016

Hey Boys I just had to share about the most amazing threesome I had the other day. My daughter called and said that she and her new boy wanted to come over for dinner. When the big night came I made sure to put on my favorite stockings, high heels, sexy black dress and my silky black panties with no bra. Then I started to light candles and put out some of my favorites toys and lubes around the house for a few subtle hints about my plan for a little GILF Threesome Phone Sex. I grab a glass of wine and start to watch a little girl on girl porn when I hear my daughter arrive. My pussy was already dripping from the anticipation of fucking my daughter and her boyfriend I am such a dirty old lady. They come in and I couldn’t believe my eyes my daughter smiled and said “Mom this is John my boyfriend.” A six foot tall, very muscular, strapping young buck with a big black cock! They immediately noticed my hints and my daughter took the lead and stripped right there and then started making out with her mother while played with her perky nipples before throwing her down on the couch. To complete my GILF Threesome Phone Sex dream I needed a BBC so I started to suck his 12 inch cock and once it was nice and hard I stripped and got on top of my daughter and he took his BBC and fucked our pussies and assholes all night long. Now all i can think of is my hot phone sex threesome and I’m dying to do it again if you have a GILF fantasy I would love to hear all about it!
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Revenge Phone Sex

by dallas on August 27, 2014

Revenge phone sexI want to be your Revenge Phone Sex. Don’t cry about how she has a new man in her life and how she’s now flaunting him in your face. I’ve wanted you for so very long and I don’t mind if you use me to get back at her. I can be your rebound girl friend. Let’s show her exactly how lust and fun can really be. I saw you look me up and down more than once while you were with her so I know you want me.

Let’s get out on that dance floor and grind. When we have her attention take me off the dance floor and push me roughly against the wall and grind that hard cock of yours against my sopping wet pussy. Let her see what she’s missing and I now get a taste of. I know once we start you will forget all about her and concentrate on me, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure to look up and smile at her so she knows that I know.*giggle* I can’t wait til we have our Revenge Phone Sex, I love that she will regret letting you go, ‘cause now I have a chance.


Rebound Revenge Phone Sex


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GFE Shower Phone Sex

by Sally on June 16, 2013

Don’t you just love the idea of taking a sensual, hot shower with your girlfriend during GFE Shower Phone Sex? Soapy, silky naked with the hot steam all around you. Watching the water run down her perfect tits. You kiss her seductively. You lather up those perky nipples and feel them get hard. She moans and puts her head back, eyes closed. Her perfect ass just begs for your hands around her, anywhere, everywhere. You kneel down between her legs and as she spreads her legs. She pulls your head closer to her perfect bald pussy. You slide two fingers inside as your tongue licks her clit lustily. She begs for your cock now. Begs for it. You turn her around, bend her over as she places her hands on the shower wall. And you take that big cock of yours, and every inch of you slides into her waiting pussy. You grab her thighs and fuck her again and again until you cum together.  So, call me today and I can be that girlfriend you’ve always wanted for GFE Shower Phone Sex, or any sex (wink).

GFE Phone Sex


No Taboos Phone Sex



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Cock Cage Phone Sex

by Sally on May 20, 2013

I have had my naughty boyfriend  locked in the cock cage phone sex for some time now. He’s never allowed out of the house without it on and is only released as I desire. I just purchased this and have made him wear it at home on the weekends as extra discipline. If he starts to get just the slightest bit hard I can see how much it hurts and he begs to be released which doesn’t happen until I say so. He now thanks me for being locked in the bird cage and knowing if he doesn’t behave along with a good paddling he will be put in it for even longer. He is more submissive to me than ever during cock cage phone sex.

Submissive Phone Sex


Phone Sex Uncensored Chatroom

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Since it’s the New Year, I figured I’d start it out the right way icon wink BadBabyZoey is looking for a Phone Sex Boyfriend! I just broke up my with my boyfriend last night, but no worries, BadBabyZoey is in no way heartbroken! I’m a single taboo teen looking for a boyfriend replacement! Fill out my phone sex boyfriend application, giggles, and see if you could fuck little Zoey!

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1.) Must have a big cock! (I’m not a lesbian, I don’t want a man with a big clitty!)

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Do you fit my requirements? I have 1 more job for you! Do you want to help me cuckold my ex boyfriend? I’d love to take a rock hard cock in my tiny holes, and show that loser what he’s missing, and cum in my ex boyfriend’s ear and tell him how much bigger your cock is, and how you make me cum so much harder!!!

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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