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Homework Phone Sex

by Vanessa on April 19, 2015

Homework Phone Sex

The last time you called me, you hadn’t done any of your homework phone sex, and now you are going to be punished.  You wanna touch your tongue against my pretty little pussy, but I told you that you could only if you went out and bought a big 8 inch dong.  Then I told you that you had to download the cam program so that I could watch you fuck yourself and suck it. You said you were scared to go into that shop, and didn’t want people to see your car in that little bookstore parking lot. Stop being a pussy!  Let’s have some fun! So, you called me early one evening, a few hours before that shop was going to close, from the bookstore parking lot.  We stayed on the phone the whole time that you walked around the store. Talking to me on your cell phone took away all your nervousness as you described kinky porn and toys to me and we laughed and had a great time! Not only that, but I talked you into some really fun shit!  I told you what kinds of lube to buy, you got anal plug and some anal beads, some midget porn for me because I love looking at that shit, and I talked you into the glory hole… But, ha ha, you chickened out and ran out to your car while we were laughing.  Next call, we will put some of those toys into action.  And don’t worry, we will revisit the glory hole. We just have to work up to it a little bit with some more homework phone sex!


Homework Phone Sex


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