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Naughty Phone sex Boy

by Paprika on December 6, 2014

Paprika phone sex

I kept my Naughty Phone sex Boy home today and not because I wanted to but I had to. So I called his school and told them that the boy was sick and there was no way I could send him,it was just way too cold. After I had done that of course he whined and complained begging me to let him go like the rest of the kids parents. But guess what I told him, I am not like the rest of the mommies out there! And stormed out of the room as I told him to follow me.

When he caught up to me I was in the playroom and he had this look on his face that I wish I had taken a picture of. The boy was terrified and I was more than ready to give him his punishment for snooping in my lingerie and then stealing my cum stained panties. That I am sure he used to sniff while he jerked off.
I started by telling him to remove his pants and boxers and of course this confused him, but he did it without any complaining. Then after he had did as he was told I let him in on what the punishment was going to be for a horny perverted teen boy. I told him exactly how I was going to tease him and make his little boy dick hard and throbbing all day long…

I followed through with it and didn’t allow the naughty phone sex boy to cum even the tiniest drop. Unless he wanted to clean it, with his own tongue.

Bad Mommy Phone Sex


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Devious Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex

by hannah on November 13, 2013

Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex

I get so much amusement from ruined orgasm phone sex. There is nothing better than getting a guy all worked up with my tight hot little body, teasing him mercilessly while his dick gets bigger and harder and his balls start to fill with cum. I can tell that you’re right at the edge, your whole body tense, your dick twitching and swollen your balls aching for release. You feel like you could burst at any moment. Then right when you’re ready to let loose I pull my pretty little manicured foot back and slam it right into your balls! The look of pain and surprise on your face is priceless. I explode with laughter as your dick dribbles pitifully and you feel the ache of unfulfilled longing shoot through your body. Oh well, so sad looks like you’ll be left with a serious case of blue balls tonight when we have ruined orgasm phone sex.

Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex


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New Type of Phone Sex Goddess

by Barbie on July 27, 2013

Lately my callers have wanted me to switch up on them creating a new type of phone sex goddess. Let me explain that the hardcore Dom is not the issue here but rather issues like domestic, financial or sexual slave. My first slave was Ken, giggles, and his life has never been the same! Yes there can be extreme discomfort, pain and so much pleasure for me.

My play room has a table that will be used to change your behavior into the positive ones. The table has restraints for your arms, legs and one for your waist. Your legs will be in a “V” position spread eagle! Great access to your butt, dick and balls. Its a win win situation for both of us baby! Let me make you into my own Ken Doll. Giggles. Up to the challenge of a new type of phone sex Goddess?

New Type of Phone Sex Goddess


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Nurse Shantey Phone Sex

by Shantey on June 28, 2013

Hurting down below, honey bunches? Let Nurse Shantey Phone Sex  take care of that! I have the remedy for the throbbing that ails you. My diagnosis is blue balls phone sex which can only be cured by one of three things: oral, vaginal, or anal phone sex.Whatever gets the job done and milks the cum out of your balls, I’ve got the remedy! Let Nurse Shantey take care of you while you suck on my big black tits. Only when you blow that hot cream will you be released with a clean bill of health! How about it, baby?  Call and ask for Nurse Shantey Phone Sex!

Blue Balls Phone Sex



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Ass Pounding Anal Phone Sex

by Jackie on April 30, 2011

What does your ass look like??  Do you have one of those round, plump and phone sex fuckable man asses or are you walking around with a flat, hairy tight ass?  Either way, your ass is one that I would take much pride and happiness in fucking the hell out of.  Taking control of you, bringing you to your knees in front of me and making you suck my strap on is the first step.

The next step is making you lay on your back with your legs in the air like the common slut and then pounding my 10 inch dildo so far up your ass you can feel it in your organs.  Are you a closeted or even open cock whore looking to get fucked??  I think you are, and that means you are ready for me…

Call Ms. Shelly NOW!!!!



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