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Extreme FinDom Phone Sex

by corkie on October 18, 2015

You lowly pig, you’ve been cruising these blogs, hunting for the perfect Goddess to spoil. Well, you found her. I’m not here for roleplay, fantasy or “pretend” financial domination. I want to financially ruin you, send you into bankruptcy and perhaps even blackmail you a bit to get exactly what I want from you. I’m here for a “Fun Time With Daddy” alright… with his wallet that is! I want to extract each dollar from every account in your name. I will spend your money on my own luxurious indulgences, while you suffer and plunge into the dark depths of financial ruins. You’ve searched high and low for the smoldering hot brunette with a wickedly selfish mind… here I am.

FinDom Goddess CorkiePick up your phone today and have Extreme FinDom Phone Sex with yours truly, and you’ll begin to feel the cash evaporate from your wallet. I will instruct you on exactly how to give me every last dollar you’ve made. Then, I’ll make sure you go to work overtime to see that my needs and demands are met in full and on time. I don’t care if you have to dumpster dive and live under a bridge when I’m done with you, pathetic pay piggy… All your cash belongs to me. You know it does, and you’re aching to have the pleasure of hearing me swipe your cards and spend, spend, spend! Don’t you worry. I’ll take you to the cleaners… and drop off my new fur coat when I get there!


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School girl fantasy phone sex

by Logan on September 27, 2011

Princess of Perv

I know you have that pervy fantasy of wanting those lil school girls you see walking by your house.  I saw you jacking off watching me bend over to get my school book that “dropped” in front of your house.  Like those panties huh?  I would love to get you to my bedroom and show you what a lil school girl princess would do to you!  I’d love to take you and suck your cock clean then fuck you until you beg me to stop!  Being a bratty princess I ALWAYS get what I want.  Daddy will make sure of that!  Yes, daddy will help me make sure I get you in my bedroom to have hard, fucking .sex with you. Daddy makes sure the cameras are rolling so we can have more fun Phone Sex.  He never wants his princess disappointed!  So having a little leverage on  you is what I need and what is better than you in my underaged bedroom on film?  ahahahah Yeah you got your hands full with me!!

Lixx Logan


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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