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Potty Time Phone Sex

by shannon on August 22, 2015

Had a caller the other day tell me he was a closet human toilet and loved Potty Time Phone Sex. I asked him what about it he liked. He stated that he was into golden showers and brown showers. He loved Extreme Hardcore Phone Sex. When I asked what he meant, he said he was into Kidnapping, Rape, and Snuff.

I asked him what he had in mind. He said that he want to get down and have some Dirty Potty Play Phone Sex. Again I asked him what he meant. We went round and round with this. I finally set my foot down and said “Look, now I want a straight answer and I want it now!” I heard him moan, so this told me he loved women that were stern and cross with him. He asked me if I would Shit in his mouth, while degrading him.  So I told him I would Shit and Piss in his mouth, all the while calling him a filthy pig and a Cunt. When I called him a Cunt, he shuddered. So I repeatedly called him a filthy Cunt and a Whore. I asked him what else he would like to have done to him. He admitted to being a closet Cock Whore, who loved to have big black cocks stuffed in his ass. He wanted to take a Cum Bath from having several big black cocks jacked over him.

I don’t know how we started talking about potty tie and ended with him wanting me to take control of him, but I would love to have Potty TIme Phone Sex with him again. Look for more stories like these and more.

Don’t forget to call me and we can make up our own story. I can be found at and call me at 1-855-553-2339

Hardcore Phonesex

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Abduction and Humiliation Phone Sex

by Eden on January 18, 2013

Abduction and Humiliation  Phone Sex is so much fun.  You had me abduct your skanky wife and your slut of a daughter and bring them to my party place.  You wanted me to “whip” them into shape so they would not be so disrespectful to you any longer.

Now it’s your turn…Pathetic sissy boy that you are. How could you allow these two weak little bitches to gain so much power over you  I will have no idea.  My Daddy would never have allowed my Mommy and I to gain that much control over him.  It would have NEVER happened.  Mommy and I knew our places!

I tell you sissy Daddy that I am now going to teach you a lesson.  I handcuff bent over to the bench. Your ass is up in the air and an easy target for me. *giggles*  I get out my new 10″  strap on,  I need to break it in on something’s ass.  It will be yours….I line it up and slam all 10 inches into your ass without lube.  You have been taking it up your ass without lube for all this time from your bitchey wife and slutty daughter *giggles*.

A well hung black stud with a throbbing hard cock grabs your hair an forces your mouth open.  You will learn how to suck and do it very well.  If you don’t there will be more after that so you can get a chance to practice.

Call me for Abduction and Humiliation Phone Sex

No Limits Phone Sex


NO Taboo Phone Sex Chat room


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Phone Sex GILF Carmen Loves Big Black Cock

by Carmen on May 11, 2011


Carmen LOVES big black cock!  My husband is going out with the boys, tonight, and so I can look forward to some fat cock…There is plenty of cock to chose from at work, but tonight I am hooking up with a black guy I have been fucking for a couple of years.  I can barely get my mouth around his 12 inch dick.  It takes both hands to jack that heavy thing!  He said he has a friend he knows I will like.  I know what that means.  A big cocked black man! In my mouth and up my cunt and ass…MMM…Two at once…I am sore already!  Call Carmen for Big Black Cock Phone Sex and let me tell you what happens.  Imagine the possibilities. 

Nasty Kisses,




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Oral & Anal MILF / GILF

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