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Ton OF Fun Phone Sex

by Maribel on December 19, 2013

Ton Of Fun Phone SexLooking for a large in charge bucket of slop covered fun? then your looking for my Ton OF Fun Phone Sex and my fat ass jumping up and down on your face. Don’t let these big tits fool you, I know how to work this juicy body like a snake up on a fat dick worth fucking. However be warned I don’t waste my time sucking jello shots from small man cock. I only want a king sized dick to pop these juicy ass farts on out , before getting down to the sticky icky cum farting nut I have in store.
Plus sized passion comes with a full size appetite for every kink your little mind can ever imagine. Fucking your ass with corn is just the beginning of a long gravy covered cuck session. Endless possibilities aweight you with Ton OF Fun Phone Sex.
Plus Size Nasty Phone Sex Bitch
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Fat Roll Fucking Phone Sex

by Ebony on October 5, 2013

Fat Roll Fucking Phone SexAllow me to introduce myself I am the Fat Roll Fucking Phone Sex princess that is looking for a BBW phone sex lover like you to please me. We both know that creamy cock of yours needs a full figure phone sex girl like me to ride you. When you watch these fat rolls move and wave, you only get more excited.
My rolls don’t provide no love handles!! These are more like fuck grips so feel free to grab on, pop that roll open, grease it up while you raw dog my fat roll and watch my ocean of ass move beneath you.


You know how us fat girls need that dick. Just take a get in groove with me, make this mocha hunny ass move like the seven seas. Get me all greasy and  Ass Nasty.. I am so ready for Fat Roll Fucking Phone Sex.
BBW Chocolate Phone Sex
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Woof Woof Phone Sex

by Barbie on May 10, 2013

Mounting woof woof phone sex with Bear is only a call away. My German Sheppard loves to play, to please all of my partners and his Mommy. The first time I saw that pink head I knew I had to share his special gift. Pulling that sheath back to allow the full growth of his tool. Sure I was nervous at first, concern over his reaction since I did not want to be bitten! But our trusting friendship allows me to explore all of my fury friend’s body.

Stroking and sucking that special cock to encourage that huge knot to appear. His knot can be up to the size of a golf ball and is so solid. Imagine that baby up your tight ass? Once you feel it, you have to have it! Bear uses his power to pump the hell out of you, and will clean up every drop! Kinky no limits woof woof phone sex sessions are waiting on you!

Woof Woof Phone Sex

855-553-2339  (855-55-DADDY)

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Amputee Phone Sex

by Dasha on March 25, 2012

AmputeeCall me crazy but I love amputee phone sex. Tell me how you lost it, and I want you to use that part and rub me all over. From my titties to my pussy, I love how you caress me. Use that missing part and fuck me, stick it in my tiny tight little pussy. I want you to fuck the shit out of me. I’ll get down on my knees and suck that cock of yours too. I want you to explode in my mouth, feel your see running down my throat. This Different Kind of phone Sex is so special to me, it goes beyond the normal everyday kind of call to something more exciting and fun.

So call me today for amputee phone sex, lets have some fun.



Different Kind of Phone Sex


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ZoeyPhoneSex15 220x300 Phone Sex Victims of Sexual Abuse Play with Zoey!Do you have a bizarre fetish that you’ve never told anyone about? My caller Nick sure does!!! He wanted me to be his phone sex accomplice, but not for little girls or boys! He has a sick fetish for dolls and mannequins… a fetish like this gets me so excited!!! He’s a therapist and works with child victims of sexual abuse, and the easiest way for little girls and boys to tell their traumatic stories are through their dolls, they dolls speak for them.

He likes it when his little girl (Naughty little Me!!!) is sitting on the floor playing with my dolls. He likes to watch me dress them up really slutty, and then after they’ve been bad bad dollies, I help Nick touch my dollies in bad places, just like he helps the other child victims do, it helps them express their rage and sexuality.

Do you want to play with my Dollies? or

BadBabyZoey – Yahoo **I also offer cyber sessions!**


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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