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School Yard Phone Sex Pervert

by Rainbow on November 14, 2015

School Yard Phone Sex Pervert

Excuse me but why do you keep staring in my general direction?Are you a School Yard Phone Sex Pervert? Well I men I am old enough to have fun with boys and men, I just come here and find the right guy. You don’t look like most guys from around here. Do you have a car near I think there is a back seat we should be in, and a co….

Did you feel my tongue when it licked your cock, and I promised I was going to be good and make sure your wife never knows or my parents. Well I do not remember turning it on, talking to it, or even asking her how my pussy tastes.  But after having it on my lips I know its deliscious, wild cherry is always best right off the tree. We can fuck right here, in front of everyone, and thats when I see your stash of little black books “Journals”, bet its filled with all the freaky phone sex you have had while you been here huh teach!

Oppsssie, I think I have your Journal and your balls too. Let’s get a shake when you pick me up after school and we can see if I am keeping your secret about you being a School Yard Phone Sex Pervert“.

Rainbow  Cum and Chase Me<<< I never out run you, just run circles around you and bounce up and down! Promise.. *giggle*
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Amputee Phone Sex

by Becky on September 3, 2015

I love getting to explore all the kinky fetishes that I’ve never heard of before. I got to get up close and personal with a hot babe whose leg had been removed surgically a few years back. She has an awesome prosthetic leg and I’ve secretly been fantasizing about her for a while. I thought that was crazy, and started to look up online and found out I’m not alone in finding amputee babes extremely sexy. It’s called Acrotomophilia Fetish Phone Sex and there are lots of people who can’t get enough of sex with partners missing limbs! I told my gal pal that I was a little curious about her leg, and she offered to show me what it looks like. We went back to her place and once inside her bedroom she loosened up and removed the prosthesis. I was surprised by how big and red the scar was there on her nub. She lost her leg from mid-thigh, pretty close to the hip. She told me not to be shy, and I leaned in and touched her scar.

amputee phone sexI guess she wasn’t used to such a sensual touch, and lost herself for a moment. She tossed her head back and a tiny moan escaped her lips. I leaned in and kissed her scar, softly at first, looking up at her to see what her reaction would be, and when she didn’t resist I kissed her from the bottom of her nub up to the V where her leg meets her sweet pussy. She was standing on one leg, and hopped over three small hops to lie down on the couch next to me. Before I knew it, I was lifting her short nub of a leg up and kissing her all the way down to her pussy, this time she was begging me to tonguefuck her tight hole!

Call me to find out what happened next in Amputee Phone Sex!


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Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl

by Hope on August 11, 2015



Hiya! ::giggles:: Are you looking for a cute little blonde slut to fulfill your every wish and desire? A hot little piece of teenage ass with a tight body and even tighter pussy? Then I am the Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl you’ve been waiting for! I am the sluttiest, naughtiest teen you have ever seen and no age is too taboo for little miss Hope! Look at my adorable pig tails, sexy blonde hair and innocent smile! Who could turn down a thing like me?!




Oh yes, I’ve been a naughty daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, neighbor, baby sitter and student to everyone that can handle my naughty, nasty kinks. Fuck my mouth, pussy, asshole, armpits, ears, and belly button and I won’t complain. Actually, I’ll scream for joy when you cum all over my face and hot body, and don’t forget my pussy and asshole! And don’t worry, I’m a good little slut for MILFs too, my mommy was good at teaching me how to suck pussy too! No kink is too crazy for wicked little Hope! Call me and let your wildest, wettest, naughtiest dreams come to life! I promise you’ll love your Slutty Little Phone Sex Girl!! ::giggles::

Slutty Little Phone Sex Hope

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Drug Party phone sex

by Zoey on June 14, 2015


Weed, Blow and lots of alcohol what I have tonight with all of my friends and we’re here to party and have a Drug Party phone sex with anyone who wants to join in. I love my friends and I love all of my hookups that I can get some people in the bad part of town Love to party. These are the type of people that I consider amazing because after one phone call or even one text message I can have a large load of drugs and alcohol in my place before I know it. So since finals are done and school is out I am ready to go nuts and have a great vacation. I’m partying right now with some of my friends and I was looking for anyone who wanted to join me and have lots of fun. this summer is going to be amazing because of the hookups that I have and because of all of the different types of things I will put in my body that make me incredibly horny. Call me and let’s party!

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Ageplay Teen Phonesex

by Rae on June 21, 2014

rae phonesex

I am a wild twisted girl that loves playing kinky games during ageplay teen phonesex. I get off on finding new men to be my daddy. I am a teen pussy whore ready to party and be used by older men who are looking for a good time teen. My body is tight and my pussy feels like it needs some hardcore stretching. i can be used and punished. Make me that daughter you always wanted to teach that harsh lesson. Bend me over your knee and get me to be your incest princess. There is no limit to all the fun that we can have. I am mainly submissive but do switch for a selected few special daddies. I like bdsm roleplay and am a bisexual teen ready to please my daddy in all the ways required of me. I can be humiliated and take pain too. I offer no taboo talk. Call me for ageplay teen phonesex.

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Made My Brother A Slutty Girl Phone Sex

by AnnMarie on March 1, 2014

forced fem phone sexI Made My Brother A Slutty Girl Phone Sex . I made him dress and act like the little girl that he always seemed to need and want to be. He always seemed to walk with a swish and a sway, now we know why.

He just  needed someone to make him be the little sissy slut he secretly wanted to be.

I dressed him in frilly lingerie, made up his face, and put him in the sluttiest  outfit that I owned. I made him the cock whore that he was meant to be. He loved every minute of it. I did too.

He turned into a mean cock sucker and my boyfriend said the way my brother suctioned on his cock was almost better than me! I was jealous, but then I remembered that my brother was such a slut that he just took after me, and I was proud. I Made My Brother Into A Slutty Girl and he worked it~

Made My Brother  A Slutty Girl Phone Sex


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After Daddy had decided to play nice and learned to be good and listen I decided to bring Mom in on the fun, I guess at this point I was barely legal. She was always pretty submissive when it came to Dad and to boot she was a MILF, so I was pretty lucky. I told her that we were going away for the weekend and she really liked that idea. We went to a spa type place and they had individual/couples steam rooms. I told Mom that we should go in there that way neither one would care that we were nude. As we sat down I reached over and started stroking her leg to see what her thoughts were, and from that moment on she was mine and she still is **giggle**. If you want more of the details give me a call. No Limits Phone Sex


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