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by corkie on November 7, 2015

I have been spending a lot of time with my girlfriends lately and when we get drunk things get really wild. We have been partying so much, I’ve been having Pussy Licking Phone Sex every night! I just love the feeling of a smooth shaved pussy and I get so wet when I’m running my tongue up and down that clit, hearing the sexy moans of one of my hot girlfriends… It’s true when they say girls are the best at Pussy Licking Phone Sex... pussy licking phone sexWe know just how a girl wants to be licked I guess! I know that I getso horny while doing it that my pussy juice will begin to drip out of me. I love the way it feels when we all play together and I get to feel a hard strapon slide deep inside me while my face is buried in hot pussy… Now there’s a sight for sore eyes! You wouldn’t believe how kinky we girls get when we’re all alone, you should pick up the phone and give us a call! We love inviting sexy guys into our naughty trysts for maximum pleasure, and can you imagine what it must be like to have no limits sluts like us to play with? Mmm my favorite is when you slide that cock of yours inside my friend and then I can lick her hot pussy juice off your throbbing erection!


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Super Hero Fetish Phone Sex

by Shelby on August 2, 2014

Super Hero Fetish Phone Sex

OMG!! Its super girl! She is so awesome I have to meet her to fulfill my Super Hero Fetish Phone Sex fantasies!! She has the hottest sexiest body, and the biggest bimbo boobs ever..

Well so hot she stole my boyfriend last year, my one true love.. Lets see if she is just naive enough to like me and think I really want to be her bestie and do her hair, go to the mall, yak yak yak..

I just want to ruin her like she did me.. I want to show her what it is like to miss something, I know her weakness and got the combs of Kryptonite made!!!

When I fix her hair after the mall she will be weak, helpless, and my bestie for ever and ever and ever!!! Just watch how I get off during my Super Hero Fetish Phone Sex role play.

Thanks cutie ::kisses::

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Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One

by Avril on May 25, 2014

fucked up little girl phone sex part oneI am a fucked up little girl phone sex part one and I will bring you to your knees.  Your daughter is my friend and your house is my second home.  I basically grew up here with you and your family. You always thought of me as a second daughter.  My family is kind of a hot mess, so you think that being here with your nice, sweet family, is good for me. However, as of late, you can’t help but notice how mature I am getting for my age.  I still play with your daughter, but you can’t help but see the glaring differences between her her and I.

I have started to exude sexual energy and you are just lately noticing.  You don’t think I am doing it on purpose, but its there, in your face and more than once you have had to distract yourself to stop thinking that way.  You correct yourself and say I am just a little girl.  It’s all in your head. You think there must be something wrong with you. One minute she and I are playing dolls, then the next we are having a dance off in the living room.  You keep telling yourself its in your mind, but you can’t keep your eyes off me lately.  I dress way too sexy. I catch your eye a LOT.  Then, one day, you hear her and I in her bedroom whispering and giggling and then the giggling stops….

You peek in the crack of the door and see the two of us, kneeling on the floor, in the middle of her pink carpet, kissing and touching our little pink tongues slow and sexy. She is facing away from you for the most part, but you can make out half of her face and you see the slow sweep of her tongue as it dances against mine.  I am in your house, corrupting your little girl and making your cock rise during Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One.  (look for part two later tonight)

Xo Avril oX

Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One

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Best Friends Dad Phone Sex

by Bryn on March 4, 2014

best friends dad phone sexThe other day I had some HOT Best Friends Dad Phone Sex! I went over to her house to study but when i got there, realized she wasn’t home. But guess who was! That’s right, her DADDY. He invited me in and we sat on the couch. He told me that he would help me with my school work and i was all for it. Then he put his hand on my thigh and ran his up my skirt. Slapping his hand away, i went to stand up, but then quickly realized as much as i wanted to get away, my cock didn’t. Grabbing me with a firm grip, he squeezed me while he started to take his own cock out. Leaning forward, i just did what came naturally. I slid my long ginger cock deep in his mouth. Forcing him to take it all, humping into his mouth slowly. Humping faster, i started to groan. Feeling the sperm boil and bubble in my balls. My cum traveling up my shaft and exploding out of the tip of my cock into his mouth. Oh but that isn’t the end of my Best Friends Dad Phone Sex… So call tonight daddy.




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No Limits Girl on Girl Phone Sex is so sticky-sweet when Lola and I get to play together! 1 thing we both have in common is we LOVE extreme taboo phone sex! We love getting into naughty threesomes with our callers, and sometimes even orgies when YOU bring a friend! *Giggles* We’re all about doing the dirtiest, taboo acts imaginable… but only if it makes your cock squirt!

Whether we’re family fun twins for the Bad Daddies of phone sex, or the bitchy bisexual teens across the street…we’re the girls for you! We’re not shy girls, and our roleplays have to be dirrrty, so if you’re ready to get dirty with us, call Zoey and Lola for No Limits 2 Girl Call Phone Sex!

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My older sister is 3 years older than me and as with most cases we fought like cats and dogs growing up until I was just entering high school and she was a senior. I was “advanced” in the development stage for my age, barely legal, but lot of her boyfriends friends had the hots for me. My sister was fine with this because she was a little slut herself and I knew that she was bisexual. The first weekend after school started she asked our parents if I could go out with her and her friends. My parents were THRILLED they were thinking finally we would be getting along. They were correct with what they thought but they realize what a little slut my older sister really was, and what training they had planned for me. There is much more to come in this story, stay tuned. No Taboo Phone Sex



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